Monday, October 13, 2008

Pay It Forward

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Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to do the guest blog to fill in for MJ who had gone to the vacation with her then BF, now fiance for their 5th anniversary. It was all because I won the contest MJ had put out in order to do the "Pay It Forward" thing that's been passed along.

Now it is my turn.. I thought about it a lot, really. Well, I realized that I work for a beauty salon, so I decided to bring home three O.P.I nail polish to give away. I haven't decided exact what colors, but they will be fall colors: dark red, dark brown and dark purple.

Also, I have summoned my oldest daughter Ju-Ju, the best artist ever to draw some stuff for the winners. I don't know if you want her art work, but you could probablly sell it for about a million dollers if you wish... Lucky you!!! LOL.

In order to participate in this contest, you need to leave me a comment and the color you wish to have. In the comment box, please include your most proud moment that you helped others (ex: you gave your seat to an eldery person). This doesn't decide the winner, but we will have the chance to learn all the good things that the other readers have done in the past.

This coming Friday will be the deadline for entering the contest. Then I will write down each contestant's name and my daughters will pick three winners randomly. Then winners have to pay it forward with three things.

Good luck and looking forward to hearing from all of you!!!!


Brooke Hughes said...

wow, that sounds like a great idea...hey, how was your birthday? How is your job going?

Franco said...

lol, nice Idea. I'll play, but don't want the nail polish, (don't use it) but I'll take ju ju's art.
the last time I did someting nice is yesterday when I donated blankets and toys for a ferret shelter.

merc3069 said...

I deliver for Meals on Wheels monthly and think it is great that Noa will grow up knowing there are people who need help in this world.
mmm, maybe the dark purple?

Rachel said...

Cool...hopefully I will win!
I would say the dark purple...purple is my fave color!

When I didn't have the Epass system (prepaid tolls) I would pay for the toll for the person behind me so when they got up to pay it was already taken care of.

I helped a lady in a wheel chair in Walmart last week; she dropped something and I told her "don't you worry I got it".

I try to do little small things know pay it forward!!

Jess said...

I don't want anything thanks, just stopping by to say what a lovely blog you have!
I really like the layout.
Last time I did something nice was... (what qualifies are appropriately nice?) erm, I asked my ill friend how she is now on msn? I would think that's pretty nice if some did it to me. That was about half an hour ago.
Great blog! :)

MJ said...

How wonderful! I'm glad you found a creative way to pay it forward :)

colbymarshall said...

Ack..I want some artwork! Plleeeeassee pick me!!! I need someone to draw me a good portrait of one of my ninja squirrels!

Maki said...

brooke: Hey! My birthday was great regardless of my emotional roller-coaster. I will post some pics this weekend :) New job is going okay - I feel bad getting paid so much for just sitting and getting pedi-manicure at the salon.. lol.

franco: Okay, I will count you in! Aww come on! You can use dark purple nail polish for going out!?

merc3039: Good going, my friend!! You're so right - so many people are in need and we have to do our part to lend our helping hands...

rachel: Yes, doing little things count!!! You are so sweet:) Let's hope you'll win!

jess: Thanks so much for stopping by! I really appreciate your complement:D Stay in touch!!!

mj: I'm so glad that you like the idea...

colby: I think your odds of winning Ju Ju's artwork is good!!! I have to tell Ju Ju about your ninja squirrels. No nail polish my dear??

Meaghan said...

Okay my most favorite color is purple! Its a healing color and i just love it:)

My pay it forward is my blog: On there I share my very personal-3b cervical cancer diagnosis at age 28 and the battle since that fateful day. I do everything in my power to help other women avoid cervical cancer, fight cervical cancer, support someone they love who is fighting etc...I open my blog to other cancer fighters to share their stories as well.

Cancer fights hard but we can fight harder! If we all get together and fight i know we can win! Its' not easy to open my heart and tell my story but its worth it if it just saves one life :)

Thanks for the opportunity to share my story on your blog and what a great contest :)

Dorkys R. said...

Well I guess my moment was when I became a resident advisor at my undergrad for 3.5 years. During that time I suffered through fake fire 4 in the the winter...before some project was due. Oh and got my driver's side window smashed in with a beer bottle for solo-busting some drunk residents on our dry campus.

But!!! It was all worth it when I remember helping those freshmen who were having trouble adjusting, a gay resident who kept getting taunted by intolerant people (who then decided to transfer), residents who were affected by the attacks on 9/11 (and how proud I was when a group of my guys went to Ground Zero to help out any way they could). And I also helped some realize they were leaders themselves and so they became RA's as well.

I still treasure that position because it gave me the chance to help so many during my time there.

Dorkys R. said...

oh, and I'll take dark red please (and I could totally use some artwork for these bare walls!) :)

Maki said...

maeghan: Hey there! I like your new profile pic:) Yes, you're right. Your blog is your Pay It Forward... I hope you're doing well!!!

dorkys: Wow you rule, girl!! The winter in North East is brutal - I was there last year so I know!!

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