Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Noisy Neighbor Part 3. Update

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Well, many of my old readers know that I have a noisy neighbor upstairs. She is pretty famous among my old readers and I talked about her here and here.

Well, some miracle happened, everybody!!! No, she hasn't moved yet. But she has been awfully queit. Isn't that great???

She was in Miami again for about a month and came back right after Thanksgiving. I was so dreaded. I honestly thought that my holidays are sure to be ruined. But one night she didn't make any noise even when I knew she was home. It turned out her son was visiting her. I saw her outside of our condo and she said "hello" to me. She was really nice and friendly - Miracle #1. We talked and she was on the way to drive her son to the airport. I asked when will she go back to Miami and she said end of January. Big sigh.

Then JT and I spotted a blue Yamaha motorcycle in the same parking spot where she parks her car a few days later. We were like, "Oh, new boyfriend... Now how long will it last??" We were betting that it would last a week because she was a serial dater.

To tell you the truth though, when we first time saw his blue motorcycle, my husband and I liked the idea that this guy has enough respect for others to park his ride in her parking stall (they double park in her stall) and not having to take someone else's parking spot even where we have plenty empty spots. I thought that he was another guy that she brings home to just kill time.

Well, my dear readers, I must say, we were wrong.

Ever since we started seeing this blue Yamaha, she is staying home with him. He goes to work in the morning and comes home early in the evening. And I don't hear her coming home late in the morning at 3am drunk or arguing or throwing a party - Miracle #2! I am thinking she makes enough money in Miami that she doesn't have to work when she comes back to town.

She does still play loud music, but as long as it stops before 9:30pm, we are okay with it.

Now, JT and my conversation the other day went like this:

Me: "So, JT, don't you think she's been really queit ever since the Yamaha guy showed up?"


Me: "Right? Right?"

JT: "Have you seen the guy?"

Me: "No.. but I must say he is doing something great for her and us!!"

JT: "I can't believe she can be this quiet...."

Even now, it's really quiet upstairs. It's almost scary. We may be louder than upstairs - wouldn't that be funny? LOL.

I remember someone said that maybe only thing she needs is someone who is special enough to tame her wildness or someone that she can fall in love with. And it may be true... Really true.

Everyone, you don't even know how grateful I am and my family are for this new boyfriend of hers. I look up the ceiling every night when I go to bed, thanking him, "Thank you! Thank you soooo much!" Now, I'm knocking on wood and praying that they stay together as long as she is living upstairs. I would like to meet him in person and shake his hand.

So, there you have it. 2009 is looking good so far!


Rachel said...

That is great news; hopefully she realized what a nuisance it was causing and remains to be respectful.

House Wife said...

Yea!!! Hopefully this year keeps getting better for you and your family!

Penz said...

How wonderful for you...I hope the peace and quit lasts for a long time..

Chloie said...

I guess some people can change with the right partner. Hope it will last, so you'll have peace and quiet. Anyway, I have an award for you at my blog!

LadyStyx said...

Oh that IS wonderful news!!

Carrin said...

That's great Maki! Somethimes all it takes is a good man to tame a wild woman!

dddiva said...

Sounds like things are working out well for you- and for her. Good deal.

Laura said...

Haha - maybe your problem has been solved!

By the way - I like your new blog layout...I've been contemplating something fancier myself!

Nicole Marie said...

haha that hilarious. i have to go back at read the stories about her before!

Kaitlyn said...

What good news, I am so happy for you! Lets hope it lasts :)

Momma Chae said...

yay! It's amazing how annoying a loud neighbor can be. I remember it clearly! When I was in college and lived in a tiny apartment in Seattle, I had some super loud neighbors upstairs. One school night, after a couple of fruitless calls to the manager about a loud party, I snuck to the apartment laundry room, found the circuit breaker, and turned off their power... :)
The party was over, at least for that night.

Savvy Mode SG said...

I love your new layout. look fab... congrat on the neighbor part.

Cape Cod Gal said...

Yeah! Peace and quiet! I thank God everyday that I have a house and not an apartment. I would go crazy!!!

LipSmacker said...

Oh, have you thought about inviting them down for dinner or BBQ so they can get to know you and the girls and you can meet the guy? Then you can "casualy" mention how things have changed and it's "so quiet these days..." She might not realize how much noise she used to make and it may surprise her and keep her from doing it again. Also, it would make it easier for you guys to live next to each other if you knew each other better...

The Rambler said...

Thank goodness!!!

Mariah said...

Heres hoping that she stays quiet

Bayjb said...

I really hope she keeps seeing this guy and giving you some space and relief. Whatever you can do to keep this guy around, go for it!

Maki said...

Rachel: Do tell my girlfriend!!! I'm praying that this stays the way it is now.

House Wife: I hope so too!!!!

Penz: I hope the same.. Really. We need it.

Chloie: Aw Chloie... Thank you so much! You made my day - I will check it out now:)

LadyStyx: Isn't it, my dear?

Carrin: I know right? He has really changed her at least for now.

dddiva: Yes indeed. Good deal is the right word.

Laura: I hope so. I like my new layout as well - visit the gals who made the layout. They're cute.

Nicole: Yes, you should read how she was before. Your eyes would roll out. lol

Kaitlyn: Thank you!! Let's hope it lasts!

Momma Chae: Damn, I wish I could go upstairs and turn off the powerbreaker... That would have helped me big time.

Savvy: Thanks much honey! I like it too:)

Cape Cod Gal: This is why I want to sell my condo, but Florida's housing market suck... Aww headache..

LipSmacker: Well, I don't know about BBQ, but I would definitely strike up a conversation if I see the girl again. You're so sweet you know that???

The Rambler: Thank goodness alright!

Mariah: We sure hope she stays quiet as well!

Bayjb: Yeah we will!! I mean he is like a real saint to us!

!llegally blonde said...

Hi there!Thanks for dropping! I've added you to my following list, and I'm hoping to get to know you better this 09 :D

Alev said...

That is just awesome! I sure hope it'll last at least until she moves away. :)

MJ said...

I HATE noisy apartment neighbors. I was so glad when I moved out of my apartment.

CrYsTAL said...

Your little ones are adorable, and, I think that is great your neighbor is being quiet. LOL. we have a neighbor who vaccums @ 10:30 almost every night, never fails.

Bon Don said...

You know, it's the little things in life that are fabulous! :)

*Bon Don*

Sara said...

Don't you wonder what she's doing being so quiet up there??? I'm curious...

Zen Ventures said...

Now that's great miracle for ya! I hope everything goes well FOR GOOD! Anyway, I would like to invite you to a social network I created which I believe you can give great contributions to : http://toastybrown.ning.com/ -It's still on beta but I hope to make it up and running full throttle soon :)

btw, visiting here via SITS


Maki said...

!llegally blonde: No problem - feelings are mutural:)

Alev: Yes that's what I am hoping!!!

MJ: Don't we all hate it??? I'm done living in my condo - is there anyone who wants to buy it from us?? lol

CrYsTAL: 10:30pm vaccuming that never fails? Pretty close to my noisy neighbor! Thanks so much for your comment:)

Bon Don: I definitely agree with you - the little wonder..

Sara: I think they watch tv, eat dinner? I have no clue cuz all I know about her was to create terrible noise! I'm curious too:)

Zen Ventures: Thank you!! I'd love to visit your network - Thanks again:D

BakerGirl said...

Congrats on the quieter side of your neighbor!! What an awesome way to start the new year!

Btw I passed on a blog award to you! Check it out!


Franco said...

HI maki! it's been too long! i have problems with loud upstrairs neighbors too! omg the wake up in the middle of the night and do jumping-jacks or somthing! I see your readership has grown, keep it up :) and hope you had a happy x-mas and new years.

Diamond said...

Keeping my fingers crossed, hope this one's a keeper! :-D

Island Girl said...

That's wonderful news! Hopefully he sticks around for aloooonnnggg time :)

Happy SITS day!

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