Thursday, January 22, 2009

Are You In?

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I was watching Oprah as I was working out at my gym yesterday afternoon. The program was aired from Washington D.C. and they talked about Tuesday's inauguration. Everybody was so ecstatic.

Then Oprah mentioned about Starbuck's I'm In! campaign which if you volunteer 5 hours of your time for community service, you'll get a free coffee. This is another way of Starbucks wanting to join new Obama movement to get all of us involved to change our society.

I had to go to Target to get some toothpaste after working out. There's a Starbucks there, so I decided to swing by and to see what's up with their "I'm In" promotion. I ordered Grande Latte and picked up the "Yes, I'm In" promotional paper that they had on the counter.

Me: "So, can you tell me how this works?"
Barista#1: "Ahhhh..." (he seemed a little confused)
Me: "I heard that if you join for this volunteer thing, you get free coffee. Do I need to sign up or tell you where I intend to do the volunteering?"
Barista#1: "I don't think so...." (he clearly has not idea what this campaign is)
Me: "Oh, so you wouldn't even know if I am really going to vlunteer because there is no way for you to find out that I did community servise...
Barista#1: "Okay, let me ask someone else" (so this kid grabs another barista and she came towards the cash register..)

Barista2: "Hi, how can I help you?"
Me: "Yes, I watched this on Operah today and wanted to know how this works. I thought I have to tell you where I would go to do 5 hour community service."
Barista: "Oh no, you don't have to do anything. All you need to do is to say "Yes".
Me: "What? That's it? I don't have to write down my name or anything?"
Barista2: "No... We take your word for it."
Me: "Wow.."

As I got my coffee and walked away, I heard Barista #1 asking Barista #2, "I didn't know that we're doing this.. Is it popular?" LOL. Barista 2 said, "Oh yeah, it's all over the place, radio, newspaper and tv.."

Okay everybody, I paid for my latte. I didn't say "yes, I'm in!" just for a free latte. I felt like if I said "Yes" to this 5 hour community service and got free latte, but ended up not doing volunteering, that would be bad. Starbucks is proud to say that over 576,600 hours have been pledged to community service. That is great, but how many people of those who got free coffee really are going to invest their time to volunteer? I hate to say this, but I have a feeling many people wind up not doing it because Starbucks does not take any record (name, organizations, etc) of people said "yes, I'm in." After all I am sure many people would say "yes" just to get free coffee.

I would hope that they all take their time to volunteer because it's a great thing. I am thinking about going back today to pledge my time - 5 hours of my time to help homeless people at a shelter.... This promotion is until today, so if you have 5 hours of your life to invest, then go to Starbucks! But also, this doesn't have to be just 5 hours - you can volunteer any time and any where because that is even more beautiful!!!

One of my high moments during the Inauguration was the Reverend Joseph Lowery's benediction. I thought the prayer/speech was beautiful and it touched me deeply (and a good laugh in the end!) Although I hear that many people didn't like or disagree what he had to say, it was very powerful, kind and warm....

I hope you're enjoying your week!!!


Rachel said...

I think they should keep a record of it!

LipSmacker said...

I think you should have to bring in some kind of verification or go online and print off a pledge form at least...

vsm/whirling dirvish photography said...

Oh how cool but I think they should keep record of it.. There are too many shady people out there just trying to take the easy road.

Laura said...

Wow - they should keep a record. Kind of ridiculous that they don't.

The Rambler said...

Totally agree...I'm surprised Starbucks isn't keeping track or some kind of record?? It's a good thing, but make people accountable.

I tear up everytime I watch the Rev.'s benediction. My favorite part is when he says when black doesn't have to go to the back, brown can stick around, yellow can be mellow, the red man can stick around man and the white will embrace what's right.

AMEN to that! Amen! :)

Warm hugs back girl...know your cold there in Florida :(

Nicole Marie said...

wow thats so cool! on feb 11 my roommates and i are volunteering at a homeless shelter event thingy. im excited

The Blonde Duck said...

That's cool they take your word, as long as they stick to it!

Kaitlyn said...

So sorry I didn't get a chance to post on your inaugural day post-- but it was wonderful!

I see the fallacy in Starbuck's plan as well. I'm going to assume they don't really care about the volunteering, so much as the marketing.

MIT Mommy said...

Good for you for paying for your coffee. I know a group of people doing Habitat for Humanity in February, I'll have to remind them to get their free coffee!!

Cape Cod Gal said...

It's not fair when someone gets something for nothing. I hope everyone is as honest as you.

Bayjb said...

Happy Thursday. I have to admit, "brown will stick around," was the best quote I heard all day. Minus the important stuff.

Maki said...

Rachel: I think so, too!

LisSmacker: I know! The female balista was kind of skeptical about it, kind of not believing in the whole process....

vsm/whirling: Seriously, that's what they should do at least to keep record..

Laura: Yes, they are giving out free drinks for nothing (almost), right?

The Rambler: Yes, I was yelling Amen with everybody! I love your new profile photo - just like our new president's pic:)

Nicole: Aw good for you!!! That's great that you and your friend will be helping people in need:)

The Blond Duck: I know... I just don't want to see anyone take advantage of a good cause.

kaitlyn: No problem, girlfriend! Yes, Starbucks needs to fully follow through their campaign, I think - otherwise, what's the point?

MIT Mommy: Yes, tell your friend to hurry! The deadline is until tonight..

Cape Cod Gal: Thank you!!!

Bayjb: Happy Thursday Jess! My favorite was "when the yellow will be mellow," because I'm yellow:)

The Eadle Family said...

they should keep a record of it. I just know most of those people just said they were in to get free coffee.

melanie @ don't expect much said...

I loved the Rev too... I thought his words were perfect...

and wouldn't it be wonderful if at least HALF of the people that said yes actually DO their community service? Maegan said...

I mean, that's a good point! They CLAIM all those hours but really, they're just getting people to come in and buy their coffee. Starbucks is poop. Good for you for trying though!

Maki said...

The Eadle Family: I totally agree!!

melanie: I loved the Rev's - it was so perfect for the hopeful occasion. And yes, it would be so if 1/2 of the people actually invest their time - that would change many things for good.

Maegan: Yeah, sometimes I question are they (Starbucks) really in for a good cause or their own cause??? We'll see if they can show any proof that those people really spend their time to the community service.

Kira said...

I went to the Oprah show on Friday last week & she handed out the pledge cards & then asked everyone who would pledge and I wondered the same thing that you did. I already volunteer but there were only a handful that were brave enough NOT to raise their hands. But I wonder how many will actually do the hours.

visiting from SITS

Maki said...

Kira: Wow, you went to Oprah show? Lucky woman!!! But yes, I just don't know how this whole community service works when we have no idea how many people are really making the commitment. It's kind of crazy if you think about it..

Alev said...

I think it's good that they don't keep a record. Because the other way around it'd be too cynical, can you imagine them treating you like a criminal? I'd hate that really. Yeah, I'm very positive that there will be opportunitists out there that will take advantage this, but still.. That's a minority and doesn't really matter compared to the work that does get done! I don't think maybe people would participate if there were records, because that's just demeaning, in my opinion at least.

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