Friday, January 30, 2009

This Is Why I love My Mother

I snatched these photoso from my sister's facebook. My younger sis, T went back to Tokyo to see my parents past December. They went to shopping one afternoon (it looks pretty cold) - here is the photo taken by my sister in the tiny alley in Tokyo.. We have these tiny side mirrors rest in the corner of every streets for drivers because you don't want to drive over pedestrian.

The person who is doing the weird dance in the mirror is my mother - This is why I love my mother. Her charm is priceless. She never stop dancing, smiling and loving. Also, I am a goof because she is the original goof. LOL. The "BEST" mother I could ever ask for.

And she rocks - even she is turning 64 in two days, she still knows how to dress.....
And the warmth she has is so deep. I hope to be a wonderful mother to my two girls just like my mother is to me...

I talked more about her here and here

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!!


Bella@That damn expat said...

That's beautiful .. the pictures and the words you have for your mother.

The Rambler said...

Mothers are the best!

And I'm sure your daughters will be saying the same thing when they are our age.

That their mom ROCKS!

Muah! (Both cheeks, cause that's how rockstar moms roll)

Rachel said...

I crave that type of relationship with my mother...that is very beautiful...she seems like an amazing person.

The Eadle Family said...

How wonderful!

Dionne said...

What a fun mother you have! I love that pic of her in the street!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your kind words!

vsm/whirling dirvish photography said...

What a wonderful tribute! I feel the same way about my mother. I talk to her at least three times a day maybe less maybe more... She's more than my mom now, she also a best friend.
If you were that close with your mom I'm sure you'll be the same way with your girls...

freeTeyme said...

Your mom looks so cool and her goofiness shows in the pictures =))
This post made me miss my mom even more =(
have a great weekend!

The Blonde Duck said...

That's so sweet. I'd have a blast with you and your mother. We could all dance together!

Carrin said...

That is a great picture! you should blow it up and frame it. Very Trendy!
I love how your mother has a zest for life. It is very contagious!

Laura said...

Your mom looks awesome and like she is a lot of fun! I'm sure your daughters think the same about you.

Kaitlyn said...

Your mom seems like an amazing, fun woman!

Tara said...

You can tell you love your mom very much:)

I tagged you on my blog:) The I have been tagged blog part 1:)

Nicole Marie said...

oh my she is so cute. and you're right she's an awesome dresser!

my mom is super goofy and silly too. i hope i have her energy when im her age! Maegan said...

awe, so sweet! Your mom looks adorable!

Tessa said...

so cool!!

Maki said...

Bella: Thank you!

The Rambler: You and I are a lot alike - we share Hawaii roots!!

Rachel: Aw thank you.. You'll love her if you meet her.

The Eadle Family: Thanks:)

Dionne: It was my pleasure! Stay in touch:)

vsm/whiring: I hope so too.. I'm sure you understand what I am feeling because you have the same close relatonship with your mother..

free Teyme: My mom is cool and funny. It sucks that we live so far away from each other:( Hope you had a good weekend!

The Blond Duck: Yep, most definitely we can dance together on the street!!!

Carrin: I think I should, right? I mean... it's pretty funny. Thanks Carrin!

Laura: Oh my mom is so much better than me - she has patience and I on the other hand pray for patience sometimes. LOL. Thannk you honey.

Kaitlyn: Oh yes - she is lots of fun!

Tara: Oh, I'll have to do the tagging thingie. Thanks again girlfriend!

Nicole: I'm sure you'll take over your mother's good traits when you are her age:)

Maegan: Thanks gorgeous:D

Tessa; lol... thanks:)

random moments said...

This post is so sweet! And your mother looks so cute and fun.

Maki said...

randome moments: Aw thank you!!!

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