Saturday, January 10, 2009

Are You Sure You're Talking About Me?

Many of you know that I have been working at a salon for the past three months. I work as a receptionist and it's been fairly fun experiences. I get to see/meet different clients = different types of people. Most clients are kind and nice. But just sometimes, we get those women who think they rule and own us.

The other day, I picked up the phone as always and there was this client who has been one of the longest client at the salon. I have never seen her yet, but I know her name.

Me: "Good afternoon, {my salong's name} How can I help you?"
Client: "Hi. I want to make an appoint with B either tomorrow or Friday."
Me: "I am so sorry, but B is already booked up through the weekend. Is there any day that you would like to come in next week?"
Client: "No, I want to come in this week."
Me: "Well, B has been all booked since last week, can anybody else do your nail?"
Client: "No, I don't want anybody else to touch my nail."
Me: (Big Sigh in my mind)"I am sorry, then I will need to book you next week..."
Client: Are you telling me to go somewhere else to get my nails done?"
Me: Of course not, it's just that B and K are very popular and sometimes you need to call in a week early to book the appointment."
Client: I've been going there for years and I've never had the problem booking with him.
Me: I am sorry.
Client: Ask B if you could squeeze me in...
Me: {Really really pissed off by this time} Sure.

Now I have to ask my boss.

Boss: "What does the computer(clender) say?"
Me: "Um.. you're booked."
Boss: "Then I'm booked. Tell her that."

I am now in between my boss and his client.

Me: "I've been saying that she's booked, but she is very pursistant about it."
Boss: "Who is it?"
Me: "M.R"
Boss: "{big big sign} give her my lunch spot."
Me: "okay"

So this client got the appointment she wished. You know, this is why certain people think they can call and make a last minute appointment. They think they are special because my boss and another boss try to accomodate their clients doing whatever possible.

On the other hand, me and my other receptionist C look bad because we have to tell them first that our calender is booked.

So, yesterday I go in to work and the next thing I know, my boss tells me he needs to talk to me. I smelled something bad.

Boss: "So you know M.R. came in yesterday right?"
Maki: "Yes."
Boss: "Well, she complained about you that you didn't want her to come in."
Maki: "What!?"
Boss: "I know, I know. Don't worry, we know it wasn't the case. She is a very difficult client and she gets angry when anybody said we can't take her.
Maki: "I told her what I saw on the screen that you're booked. I was nice about it"
Boss: "I just want you to know that you rule the the world in the salon. You book the appointments. Don't let customers tell you what to do. Be firm about it."
Maki: "{I was firm about it} Yes, I understand."
Boss: "Okay, don't worry, we told her that you're the nicest girl on the planet."

So my dear readers, I have been upset about it. I got the first complaint yesterday from someone who thinks she can do whatever she wants and telling a lie that I was mean to her. What? Mean? Are you sure you're talking about me? The other girl C was there when all went down and she told me, "Man, we have no idea what her problem was. We kept telling her Maki is a nice girl, but she went on and on how mean you were.. We laughed."

Yes, I say this. Bitch. I don't usually use this word unless someone really, I mean REALLY makes me angry and I don't get angry easily. I talked to a friend of mine who works at one of Starbucks last night about it and she told me there are ton of those that she deals with at her work. Apparently they even have a black list and they have all the right to kick out customers who mistreat their employees. I did not know that! That's kind of cool.

I was feeling down because of this, but do you know what happens when you're feeling blue? Awards! Yes, my blogging friends have given me several awards. Because I was slow on posting the awards, three of my friends have giving me the same award.

Cloie over @ Orchestrated Destiny
BakerGirl @
An Extended Vacation
Kaitlyn @
gave me the cute Lemonade Award!!! Thank you so much, my lovely Girlies!!! Sorry it overlapped because I didn't post the first time I got the award from Cloie, but still, I'm graterful that you all thought of me!!! You cheered me up!

Now, my dear friend Carrin over @ Carrin's Comments gave me another award. Thank you my Sweet! I like the phrase "Measures Up!" I will treasure it:)

Now I need to follow the rules and pass these two wonderful awards to well deserved bloggers. I have to get ready to go to work now, so I will post all the recepients I will pass these award to tonight, so make sure to check back later when you can!! I poromise I will follow through this time. Thank again, Cloie, BakerGirl, Kaitlyn and Carrin for making me feel better going in to work today!


UPDATE (Jan. 10 @ 3am)

So, I'm done with painting and back to blogging. I am starting from where I left off - I think I need to pass these two awards to my favorite bloggers.

First, for the award "Pink Lemonade" (God, I love that name) - I have to give link love to the person who gave you the award and secondly, nominate ten of your favorite bloggers to receive the Lemonade Award.. I will pass this on to..

1. Rene over @ Not The Rockefellers
2. Colby over @
Spittin'(out words) like a Llama
3. Sara over @
Blogging in Bed
4. Needsleepy over @
I barely survived yesterday and it is today already!

Second award's rules are:

Rule 1 - Say a nice thing to a man in your life.
Rule 2 - List at least 6 ways you measure success in your life.
Rule 3 - Assign 5 other worthy blogs

So, I told my husband that he is becoming a better father each and everyday. He was afraid to be a father before we had Ju Ju, but I see so much change in him. He tries and helps me more with the girls and do stuff around the house for me. He was very happy to hear it from me.

At the end of the day, if I know that I am a great mother to my daughters, wife to my husband, sister to my younger sisiter and daughter to my parents, then I think I am successful. Teaching my daughters the meaning of "Love" and the importance of "kindness" and "honesty" weighs a lot in my book as well... Success is not about money (although it looks like it some times), but to become a decent human being, at least that's what I believe.

I will pass this award on to...

1. Alev over @
Bad Seed
2. LadyStyx over @
LadyStyx's Blog
3. Hollylyn over @
If I were really skinny

I am sorry, it's 3am - I can't nominate total 15 people all at once.... I tried and I will have to post more deserving friends later on. Wait, I've been saying the same thing to the other awards that I had received also. I'm in trouble! But, sleep is important, too! Goooood nigggghht!


Aicila65 said...

hey the next time she calls in be like ohh hiiii how are you? well im sorry but he is super booked and you will have to reschedule or call in before hand. I am sooo sorry..haha scew people that think the world revolves around them..they need to realize it does not we are all equal.

vsmphotography said...

Oh man! What a difficult woman! You were a lot nicer than I would have been!
Congrats on the awards! They always bring smiles!

Penz said...

Sorry to hear about that love. Sometimes people like that need to get slapped in the face! (being dramatic here) No, she is just a miserable person and wants everyone else to be too. You keep doing you and let it roll of you know. There are many other things in life that I'm sure you could use you energy on, like those beautiful little a game with them and let them know they are loved. Maybe thats what the woman was missing in her life. take care.

Diamond said...

I get that all the time at my job. I work for a major utility, and customers think that we have servicepersons and trucks just waiting around for them to call every time they need/want something. We are very firm, but professional with them, but some think that they can bully or push their way into getting what they want. And most times, and also because I work for a regulated company, the supervisors give in, or are forced to give in because of rules. So, it makes us look like we have no credibility when we put our foot down and say, sorry but no. Next time you get that customer and the person she wants is booked, stand your ground. Be as sweet as sugar, but be firm. She can call you what she wants, but she can't call you unprofessional. It's YOUR world, girl! :-D

Nicole Marie said...

uuggg i can't stand people like that!!!! I wanted to go into the hotel business but realized I could not handle people getting upset and angry over something ridiculous. I just couldn't handle it.

That's interesting about starbucks. I never new that either. that lady needs to be blacklisted from your salon! But I know how the customer service industry is. Some of my moms patients are just ridiculous sometimes and everyone has to bend over backwards to accommodate them!

ok longest comment ever. sorry :)

Kaitlyn said...

Oh, I just hate it when things like this happen at work. Be firm next time, and require her to make an appointment that's reasonable!

Laura said...

I can't stand people like that! The saddest thing is that they always get their way because they know how to complain and whine the loudest. They know how to get to the people up top. The people up top always say they are right and the customer gets what they want and us little people have to deal with them over and over again with no one on our sides. AGGGHHH

I just think rules should be rules and the higher ups should support and back up their employees when they are following the rules.

Savvy Mode SG said...

oh i am sorry maki... some people think they can do so because they are the customer and they are always right. in her normal world, she will never be this way. she is doing this b/c she knows she can get away with it. my friends tell me the same thing about retails stores too.

The Rambler said...

Maki...I HATE people like that. They drive me insane. ((sigh))

Have a cocktail after work and toast yourself with a big..."SUCK IT lady."


Alev said...

Whaaat!? That's like the nicest conversation you can have with someone especially acting like that. These people need to grow up really, you are right, she was being a bitch and you surely don't deserve that. But for always you know there will be people like that, it's like a necessity for the sector you work in, don't let it get to you, just remember that it's their pathetic nature of trying to get some attention and laugh about it! These things aren't worth getting upset over; you know who you are and it is obvious that the people you work with does, too. So it doesn't really matter, just forget about it. =)

Congrats on the awards!

Maki said...

Aicila65: Yes! We are all equal - exactly right!

Vsmphotography: I try to be nice, but it's really hard when you meet woman like that or man. Thank you!

Penz: I honestly believe what you said - you're so right. Some people are just not right in their heads.

Diamond: My point exactly! If my boss also agreed and told me to tell the client she has no choice, but book next week, then everything would have been fine! It's just not fair sometimes, right?

Nicole: Honestly, customer service is one of the most difficult job in the world I think. I've never realized how hard it is because you always have to smile and be nice. And it is difficult! I think you should stick with education:)

Kaitlyn: I will try, but I am afraid that I'm going to make her angry again. Oh well, so be it, right?

Laura: Thank you, thank you! Yes, higher ups = my bosses should also be firm and back us up. Otherwise, it would seem like I'm being mean.

Savvy: Yeah, I think some people just don't get it. I hate it..

The Rambler: You know exactly what I am talking about, right? Yep, Kanpai! I'm gonna get drunk! lol

Alev: Yes, I know I should be positive. I will and I will laugh at the woman!

Cape Cod Gal said...

Congrad on the awards!

That woman was a bitch! It's a good thing your Boss stood up for you!!

Betsy said...

This is exactly why I don't work with the public. Way to keep your cool lady. :)

Jerrie said...

It is interesting. In every public service there are those people who believe they are entitled. Sometimes the nicer they are the angrier they get (which is kinda fun!). Just keep smiling - those people are not worth getting upset over.

Martha said...

Congrats on all those awards and lots of work paying it forward. The rude person at the salon is a Lo$er and needs to get a Life and a grip if she thinks she can be such a Pain in the derriere! Really cute blog, SITSta, thanks for sharing.

Kelli said...

Stopping by from SITS; congrats on your special day!!
I worked in the restaurant business in the past and there were ALWAYS guests who thought they could do the same thing... be demanding and rude and then end up being accomodated. It infuriated me each time it happened. I just had to ask myself each time, "In 5 years will this person or moment in time even matter?". That always helped me to calm down and focus on what really means something to me... my hubby, family, friends, business, passions, etc.
Try not to let this bitchy woman get you down!

colbymarshall said...

Thank you, ma'am!

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