Thursday, January 15, 2009

City vs. Country

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For the past several months, I've had 4 - 5 hours of sleep everynight and that's average. Blame it on blogging and raising kids at the same time. I knew I was not getting enough sleep when I suddenly get so sleepy around 4 - 5 pm every evening, feeling my eyes getting heavy. Then something weird or funny or interesting happen which would brings back to my real world..

So, I tried putting the girls to bed at 9 pm last night and next thing I know my husband JT is telling me that I need to move to our bed. It was 11:30pm. If this is my usual self, I get up, clean the house a bit and go straight to my beloved computer. But last night, I somehow found myself walking pass the living room and straight to the bedroom. I remember taking off my socks (did I just say socks?) and putting my head on the pillow. I remember thinking, "Oh I need to take my makeup off..and brushing my teeth..and....."

When I woke up, it was 7:20am!!! That is over ten hours of sleep! But I am still tired as I type this.

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Anyway, I had a dream about back home, Hawaii. I was hanging with my sister and friends by the beach. Gosh, I miss that place so much...

I think that's why this question came to my mind after I woke up: Am I a beachy/country girl or city girl? It's winter and it's ridiculous to think about beach, but I am in Florida (although it's very chilly here today!!). Seriously which one am I?

I used to love living in the city. I grew up in Shinjuku, Tokyo which is just like living in Times Square, NYC. Stores open late and you get to eat and drink 24/7. Everything is so convenient. So I chose to live in town (that's what we call "CITY" in the islands) when I lived in Hawail. When JT moved to Hawaii from Tahoe and started living with me, he could not stand the noise - the sirens and cars.

When we moved to North Shore of Oahu, I couldn't believe myself how much I loved being in the country. Stores there close by 7pm which kind of sucked, but I really loved living there. Everything about the place, I loved it.

I enjoyed the silence, fresh air, hearing waves while you sleep and surrounded by hills and ocean. I loved visiting farm house with my girls. People are so laied back. Kids running around bare feet. Cars drive really slow and let each others right of way all the time. Happy People. I lived in paradise that's for sure.

I still love some aspects of city life which is: SHOPPING!! I love going to nice stores and shop. But I don't mind driving 50 mins to the city and shop now. I rather live in the suburb. Maybe I am getting old?

Now, I live in Florida. Beach is close which is good and the town I live is fairly quiet. We have stores and restaurants are really close and open late, so I can't complain. But I still miss Hawaii. Hawaii has best of both worlds. City and Country living only 40 minutes apart. All my friends and my sister are there waiting for us to come back. Every time I talk to them on the phone, all they ask me is when we're moving back there. Believe me when I say I want to raise my girls in Hawaii, so please be patient. We'll be there soon.

So, everyone, which one are you? Are you a city gal or a country girl?

Hope you're having a beautiful day!!

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I've received so many comments yesterday. Thank you sooo much! I am try to visit all of you although it may take a while. Thanks again so much for the comment love!


Tiffany said...

I am def. a city girl. I've never actually lived in the country before but I know I would hate it.

I love being in the middle of everything and being able to walk to all the places that people are fighting parking spaces for. Plus my husband and I eat dinner at 9pm or later and love that we still have so many choices of where to go since we live in the city. Out in the suburbs the restaurants are closing at 9!

colbymarshall said...

I am a suburbs gal, lol. I don't want to live away from EVERYTHING, but I don't want to live in an enormous city either. That's why my town is perfect for me :-)

melanie @ don't expect much said...

I prefer a healthy mix of both... if I had my way, I'd have two homes... LOL The country is great for raising kids... until they turn 15 or so and need things to actually DO... I live in the city now and love all the museums, zoo, etc. I'm sure I'll bore of it in a year or two and want to move back to the country... Maybe when the kids are all grown... ;)

vsmphotography said...

Country girl thru and thru... I can't fall asleep without the crickets and absolute silence...

LadyStyx said...

Im kinda split on this. I'd much rather have the quiet of the countryside however, I'd miss being able to get to a store when I like (travel time 10 minutes or less!). In Texas, many of the stores I go to were 24 hours ones and I never realized how much I'd miss being able and just get up an go when I wanted to. Here in Manassas, the stores in the strip mall behind us (a 5 minute walk) close by 8 or 9pm and the restaurant around 10pm. Top things all off, we used to have a 24 hr Super WalMart in Texas...a great thing to have when the husband works night shifts as one still must put food in the house (and the stores are so nice and quite at that hour!!).

Penz said...

I am mostly country with city wants..I like living out where things are not too populated but lov ethe convienance of the city for the malls and food places. Luckily I live in small town and to get to a bigger city and shopping is 20-30 minutes away...

Cape Cod Gal said...

I am totally a country girl! The Cape is a beautiful seaside paradise and I never want to leave!

Laura said...

I'm like you - there are good aspects of both. I prefer to live in the country near the city so you can have easy access to things, but also have peace and quiet when needed.

Nicole Marie said...

i'm lived in both. for now im definitely a city girl but who knows how things will change when i have a family

Kira said...

I agree - I like both. I love all the aspects of the city but the people & peace of the country seem to be so appealing.!!

visiting from SITS

Bambola said...

I'm a city girl through and through. I love the shopping, the variety of restaurants & the cultures within different suburbs. Travel half an hour & you're privy to a whole other world.

I do like to escape to the country for some quiet time though.

Bayjb said...

I'm a die hard city girl but I do like to retreat to the country for some time away and clarity. It's a nice break. OMG you can survive on 4-5 hours of sleep. Insane. You are my hero.

Star Forbis said...

Thank you so much for visiting my Blog today & Laughing with me.
Come back anytime.

Maki said...

Tiffany: Oh yes, the restaurants close really early in the suburbs, but the city I live in is pretty good - most restaurants close 10pm and around 1am on weekends. Bars open until 2am! lol. And if I drive to Tampa, then we have Casino:)

Colby: Yes, the surburbs are great aren't they? Bigger homes, bigger yards. I love it!

Melanie: ODefinitely two homes would nice:) When I lived in NJ, it took about 35 minutes to go into NYC. I loved the city life also - but I am starting to like the mellow atomosphere also..

vsmphotography: You know what?? I love the sound of crickets and absolute silence too!!! Gosh, I miss those summer nights:)LOL

LadyStyx: Yeah, I think in the end, having the both world is the best!!! I can't stand restaurants closing early though.. Our town is getting better at it and most of the restaurants close at 11pm.

Penz: Yes, that is a good distance to get to places. My city is surburbs, but we're building this huge mall right now (Nordstrom is going to be in it), so that would be a huge help. I won't have to drive 50 minutes to Tampa mall.

Cape Cod Gal: Seriously, if you lived in the Cape, I don't think many people would want to leave. Lucky you, girlfriend!

Laura: Yes, me too!!! I love to have the options:)

Nicole: I must say though, I LOVE SF. Gorgeous city!!!

Kira: Hello! Yes, I love both worlds - city and country. I can't totally give up on the city life:)

Bambola: I was just like you!! Really, I used to get bored for not being able to do anything. LOL. Now.. I guess I'm old, I love being surrounded by greens! Ha!

Bayjb: I know you're a city girl:) And yes, I did survive with 4-5hr of sleep until last night. I totally crushed!

Star Forbis: It was my pleasure! I hope you enjoyed it! :)

Needsleepy said...

Hey sugar...I have to say that I am a country girl at heart. I love nature! BUT...I am a night owl, so the city is GREAT for the evening fun...not somuch when out in the country. Everything closes so damn early! IN the city, at least you can have a life after it gets dark. I live in a medium size town outside of a city...perfect for me...but I would rather be camping at the lake! lol

Kelly said...

I grew up a country girl with a country western songs as an attitude. I then married a man from a city . He corupted me, now I am a city girl!! It took me a LONG time to adjust :o) I like being a little bit of both. More experiences!!

merc3069 said...

LOL A friend of mine, Missy, just blogged about being from Fl and hating the 8 degrees we have here in VA today! ;-) I am happy to live in the country, as long as it is driving distance to the city

Rachel said...

I miss Hawaii and I have never been there; I have always dreamed of visiting and can't wait for the day I can!!! I will enjoy the long plane flight because I know i am on my way to paradise.

The Blonde Duck said...

You can be both!

My goal is to live in the country but close enough to the city that my kids (when I have them eventually) could still have good oppertunities and be close to a hospital.

I just hate being around tons of people. I couldn't do a city. I could barely do a college dorm.

M said...

I enjoy visiting the city, but I'm a country girl at heart.

I like being able to walk outside & grab something out of my car in my underwear if I so choose.

You just can't do that in the city :)

Kaitlyn said...

So sorry that I missed the last post-- things are crazy around here! I'm not sure what kind of girl I am-- I've lived in the way country (I'm talking 40 minutes to the grocery store) and in a town but I'd have to give a big city a try before making a choice!

Tessa said...

i am a country girl, i hate living in big cities, i don't like having neighbors so close.

i know how you feel about being tired, it seems like i can never get enough sleep Maegan said...

I really kind of feel the same. I love the city. I preferred it when I was younger and live in a watered down version of it now - somewhere in between a city and a suburb I guess. But often I long to live in the middle of nowhere or on the beach especially ...but I never move out of the city.

♥georgie♥ said...

I am a combo of both...does that count??? you have such a lovely blog!

Jennifer said...

I used to think city, but now I would say country.

Grand Pooba said...

I would say I'm a city girl. I work down town (meaning in the city) and I love it! But I do live in the suburbs.

My dream life? Live on the beach! That'd be the cake!

Becky said...

Def. a country girl! I love nature, and hate the busy, dirtyness of the city. I live in the suburbs of Ohio....but Hawaii sounds perfect!

Bluefish said...

Hello there, new to your blog. I have Shinjuku...amazing place with tons of people.

I think I'm a suburban girl but loves to go to the city once a while. I can't stand living in the city with tons of noise.

Ann said...

Hello Maki,
I'm visiting you from a comment you left for Jennifer at Rundpinne.
I'm Ann Again... and again and I hold a Virtual Girls Night Out on Friday nights.
If you would like to come over and join us we would be MORE than happy!
Hope to see you!

Debbi said...

I'm exactly like you. I am both.

LBluca77 said...

I am a city girl all the way. I laugh now how I grew up and lived most of my life in (gasp) the burbs.

Oh how I miss Hawaii too. I have only been twice in my life but I just love how no matter what you can't help but to be relaxed while in Hawaii.

House Wife said...

In my dreams, I am a beach gal! In everyday life I am a country gal who lives in the suburbs. :) It's nice... I'm still adjusting from the normal hustle of city life I once lived. I think city life will make you grow old fast trying to keep up with it.

Maki said...

Needsleepy: I think that's good to live in the midsized town where you're accessble to the city life!!!

Kelly: WOw, a country girl to city girl!! I'm sure it took a long time to adjust! But it's all good right?

Merce: Really, living in Hawaii or FL make people a whimp when it comes to cold weather!! This week has been really chilly, but I enjoy it - it's only 30 something at night, not so bad. But 8degree? I would complain too. LOL

Rachel: I'm sure you miss Hawaii. They miss you too. LOL. You'll have one of the most wonderful time in you life. You will not want to come back!

The Blond Duck: I totally agree! I want space now, house or people where I used to get so excited around ton of people. I still do, but I get really tired being around them after awhile..

M: My point exactly! LOL.. Being the countryside is pretty cool, isn't it? So much privacy compare to the city life.

Kaitlyn: Yeah, 40 mins drive to a grocery store is kind of....real country living?? I would want 5 - 10 mins to a grocery store which where I am now and we have decent size mall in 20 mins distance. But if I really want to shop, then I have to drive 50mins to Tamapa which is north of us. You should def. try a city life - it's good!

Tessa: Yes, I haven't had a real good night sleep in a long time. I hope you're catching up on some sleep.

Maegan: I really love beach and that is why I want to move back to Hawaii... We're not that far away from it here either, about 20 mins drive, but it's not the same.. I love shopping and Hawaii offers that too. Gosh, I miss the islands:(

georgie: Oh yes, most definitely! I"m a combo too! And thank you, I'm glad you think so:)

Jennifer: I used to LOVE city life. I still do in a way, but I'd miss the quiet..

Grand Pooba: YES!! I love beach too!! Beach house is my dream girlfriend!

Becky: Yes, Hawaii is good... really, good.. LOL

Bluefish: Yes, that's my problem now that I am hating the noise even though I love city living. I'm getting old. I'll visit you blog!

Ann: Aw that sounds fun!! I'll definitely visit - thanks for the invite!!! Excited!

Debbi: Oh yeah, you got to have the best of both worlds!! xo

Femin Susan said...

The city is GREAT for the evening fun...not so much. I like being a little bit of both...

Nicki and Mathis said...

Thanks so much for stopping by... I can imagine it would take forever to visit everyone's sites after your big day earlier this week!! That's so sweet of you to return the favor.

And as much as I love visiting the country, I'm much too spoiled to go without all of the shops and great places to eat that cities provide. :)

rebel said...

I am a country girl through and through. Always have been and always will be.

bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

I'm both. The city keeps me awake, and the country awakens me.

I love the convenience of city, but not the noise and pollution.

I love the quiet of the country, because I can hear my thoughts and smell the earth.

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