Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Watch out, a cute boy is in the house!

Yesterday, I talked about me having a night out with my co-workers last Saturday. I also mentioned about us having a wonderful dinner at the restaurant in the hotel, comped by the casino. And the dinner was one of the hightlights that evening.

I was playing the game nearly three hours, so I asked the pit boss if I could get voucher for dinner. Usually you have to play at least three hours in order to get compted there. Since I was winning, the boss figured, "Let this girl eat and get drunk, so she'll lose some money..", so he okayed and gave me a $170 voucher for dinner. The only place that was open (it was already 11:30pm) was a Steakhouse called COUNCIL OAK. The restaurant was awesome.

It was really beautiful inside and candles were lit all over the place. It would have been a very nice romantic dinner if I was there with JT.

Anyway, we were the very last customer there. We ordered a bottle of California white wine called Conundrum which was recommended by the waitless (She was a good sales person and I'll tell you why later) and enjoyed oyster, shrimp cocktail, filet mignon and lobster. Everything we had was fantasic.

We were chatting away and sipping wine how wonderful the night had been, when this guy who's extremely good looking shows up, holding beer in his hand. We were sitting in the booth and he didn't see us at first and I could see that he was just looking around to see what's so great about the restaurant. Then he realized we were right next to him and he looked kind of surprised.

Somehow he looked at me - so, do you know what came out of my mouth?? I said, "Would you like to join us??" with a huge smile on my face (I was a bit tipsy, but honestly joking). He posed for a second and we all thought he was going to say, "No, thank you" and walks away, but instead, he said, "Well..why not, right?" and sat next to one of my co-workers.

I am telling you, he was really cute and lil drunk, just like us! And I can say this for all my co-workers, their eyes were beaming too!! All of us was kind of excited that he chose to stay. His name is Drew and visiting his friends and family in Florida. We talked about silly stuff, but he was genuinly a nice guy. About 15 minutes into it, his cell rang.

Drew: "Hello... Where am I? Well, I kind of decided to walk around and I am at the restaurant next to the bar... I will be there soon, okay?"

I knew then, it was his girl calling him. He said, "Well, it was pleasure meeting you, ladies. I will be at the bar if you would like to join me," and left our table.

All the girls started screaming as soon as he dissappeared from our sight, "We can't believe you asked him to sit with us!!" They couldn't believe it, but I'm sure they're glad I did! The girls were ranting how handsome that guy was - it was like sitting with Brad Pitt, they said. I think that's an overstatement.

But really, I was just joking when I asked him to join us. I didn't think he would sit with us. Besides, three of us are married and one is in a committed relationship, so I thought what's the big deal?

I am the kind of person who like to meet people and get to know them. We live once and our life is too short. I think it is nice to be able to meet random people and have a conversation even it's just for 5 minutes.

When I went to work today, the other co-worker "C" who couldn't come with us asked me, "So, I heard you asked a guy to sit with you guys and he was really cute? K said it made her night!" C is married, too, but she was like, "Damn, I should have come!!"

During our lunch break, all of us agreed that innocent flirtation is perfectly okay even you're married. And I think so, too. I always believe that as long as you're just window shopping, there is nothing wrong with it. And I believe it's quite healthy human nature. But do you agree or would you totally disagree?

When I told JT about the cute boy, he kind of laughed it off - he knows I love him which I hate to admit, but it is true. LOL. That's what it counts; the trust. Without the trust, nothing works in the relationship. And I love the fact that JT trusts me.

PS. The wine we had at a restaurant was $67. I really liked it, so I went to look for the same wine today and I found it, only to realize it only costs $23 at the store. Ha! The hotel serves it for triple of the amount. Isn't it crime or what?

12 comments: Maegan said...

a little flirting never hurt anyone ...this make me giggle! I love it.

It's late here too ...I can't sleep either :)

Rowena said...

Good for you for asking that guy to join your group. I'm with you on that one -- why not?

I heard about the extremely bad weather in the islands too. Fortunately, no disastrous news from my family. Man do I miss the islands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel said...

Flirting never hurt anyone and it's healthy.

It's just like bottle service at a club; some clubs charge you $150/bottle for grey goose and you can get it for $35/40 a bottle...the price we pay to have a good time out!

Carrin said...

I think a little flirting is good. It makes me realize how much I love my man.

The other night at a party they were charging $9/glass for wine. I could buy a whole bottle for $20!

House Wife said...

Flirting is fun for everyone as long as that's as far as it goes. Like you said, "as long as you're just window shopping." Sounds like you had a great time! BTW; Most places have anywhere between a 100% to 300% markup on wine. It's rediculous!

P.S. When I revamped my blog I lost all my followers, so if you would like to still follow, you have to rejoin.

LadyStyx said...

Flirting's a great ego boost and so long as you're still going home to your man, he shouldnt have a problem with it. Besides, get all fired up with a good flirt and there's all the more loving ready for ya man!

Alev said...

Ahahaha, that's just cute. :D

Laura said...

Yes, the cost of wine in restaurants should be considered highway robbery!

And of course trust is the most important well as knowing what works for your relationship! Everyone is different.

Penz said...

It seems that when you drink a bit a fun person arrives..out of yourself. I have amazed myself a few times I have to flirting goes, its human can look, just don't touch...

Franco said...

flirting is nothing, it's when you have sex that makes people mad.
you are a good wife, you dserve some eye candy

Kaitlyn said...

It's fun to flirt but it shouldn't go any further than words-- nothing in your heart or mind!

Maki said...

Maegan: Yeah right? A little flirting is so okay! I'm glad! Did you get to sleep well?

Rowena: Aw I'm glad that you feel the same.. That's good that your fam is okay - North Shore on Oahu is total mess! Stay warm in Italy!!

Rachel: I know what you're saying. I know hotel charges more, but I was dancing I didn't have to pay $67 for the wine at the store:)

Carrin: Yes, that is right!!! You'll always return to your man after a good night out with the girls and a little bit of flirting:)

House Wife: Oh yes I will definitely follow you again:)

LadyStyx: My point exactly!!! :D

Alev: Thanks girlfriend!

Laura: Oh it is definitely a highway robbery!! And yes, everyone is different and whatever works for the couple, right?

Penz: Definitely fun Maki comes out when I drink. And I am all happy about it:)

Franco: Aw thank you for saying that!!! Don't we all need eye candy time to time?

Kaitlyn: Yes, you're right and flirt is flirt, nothing more.

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