Wednesday, December 3, 2008

If You Have Headache, Take Tylenol..

I watched Mrijuana Nation on National Geographic Channel with JT last night. They talked about medial marijuana and how it's used, misused and how much it would benefit many sick patients if we use it correctly.

Many of you know that JT is a recovering addict. He was a major pot head and marijuana was his drug of choice. He could not live without it. So, it is kind of miracle that he is clean after all those years of love affair with weed. He used to tell me to justify his addiction, "God planted the seeds. They have purpose.." -- that kind of make sense, but still, smoking weed is illegal, ok?

Me and JT were glued to Lisa Ling's report and it reinforced my humble opinion about medical use of marijuana.

So, the program talked about how many people are trying to take advantage of medical marijuana. It's happening everywhere, especially in California where people can get prescription from doctors and buy it like they would buy candy.

I have a friend who used to work at one of those stores in Oakland. She had a legal license to sell marijuana. As crazy as it may sounds, she worked, had a prescription herself, and sold many diffferent kinds of marijuana to those so-called patients who NEED the grass to treat their pain (what pain one might ask?). I asked her once before why it is so easy for them to get Rx's from doctors. She said, as long as you have a legitimate reason for pain, the doctor would write it for you. So I asked again, "please define the pain you're talking about?"

Her answer was just amazing. Her reason was a severe pain during period. It was unbearable. So she told the doc, all of the over the counter medicine wouldn't work. There she got the Rx for marijuana. And she told me most customers who came to the store had the prescriptions similar to hers. I was amazed how ridiculous the whole system is.

But, I must admit, I am all for medical marijuana as long as it helps terminally ill patients who go through tremendous pain during their treatment. Cancer patient? Check. AIDS patient? Check. MS patients? Why not!? Those patients do not need to go through unnecessary suffering if they could prevent it. They deserve any treatments to make their lives comfortable and pain free. And if marijuana helps those patients, we all should support medical marijuana use.

Now, the goverment and many city officals are trying to track down those stores and labs and make it illegal for patients to prescribe medical marijuana - just because of those who abuse the previlege, those who go to the store to buy their candy just for fun. Because of them, the people who REALLY NEED it can't benefit from it? That upsets me.

And the doctors who write Rx to teenagers and all the pot heads, their license should be taken away.

If you have a headache, take Tylenol. If your crumping is killing you, take Advil. You do not need marijuana to ease your tiny pain. There are others who go through real pain who really need it. Don't make their life more difficult and painful.

That's enough for tonight - but you might want to check out the program if you have nothing to do. It's quite interesting!

marijuana plant flowering

Legally grown marijuana at a university.


BakerGirl said...

Sounds like a really interesting program. I'll have to check it out! Don't you hate it how people take advantage of opportunities not meant for ends up hurting the people who really need it.

Franco said...

ah, the wonders of pot.
I'm going to be compleatly honest here, I try it every once in a while when I get the the right friends, but I'm not addictive.
ACCAULLY last time I did it was 3 months ago, i don't get how people can get addicted but they sure do.

Rachel said...

Sounds interesting; I was watching the tree lighting last night and we were rockin out to Rock Band. I will check it out if its on again.
I heard that Mary J is legal in Denver Colorado; you are allowed to have a minimum amount for personal use...crazy!

The Rambler said...

Crazy, crazy!

Your right. It sucks that the people that don't need it but want it, are going to affect the ones that really do...i.e. Cancer patients...

ka1t_lyn said...

I've got the same opinion as you-- if you NEED it take it, but try your hardest not to. It's like Vicodin-- I COULD get a doc to prescribe it to me for a sinus infection (it's happened without even my request) but I can deal with the pain so long as I have ibuprofen to take the edge off.

Also, period cramps are not an excuse to use it. And that just plain irritates me. Without birth control, I can't get out of bed on the first day of my period without falling down (literally) in pain. I still don't take anything. You're a woman, you've got decades to live with Aunt Flo, learn to deal with it already!

Meds are for extraordinary circumstances, not ordinary pain. Patients and doctors should both adopt that philosiphy. Maegan said...

But why is Tylenol or Advil better? They are chemicals and Marijuana is natural.

Also, if they legalized hemp to make paper, etc., it would save billions of trees being cut down and help the environment ...and the economy.

I understand though, it must be a sore subject because of JT's past with it. And you are right, people should not take advantage of it because it really does help sick patients. However, the only reason the government is trying to shut down stores is because they are making a profit. ...and again, if it were legal, it would benefit the economy in a big way.

Nicole Marie said...

wow thats interesting. All this legal pot is way more common in the bay area. I hear people talking about it alllll the time up here. I think vicodin and vodka and meth are the drug of choice in orange county

LBluca77 said...

I have never been a fan of pot. Makes me tired and paranoid. Plus I normally don't have any problems eating my weight in food so I don't need the added help of pot.

Maki said...

BakerGirl: Yes, I think people should not take advantage of a great system that would help so many in need.

Franco: Oh believe me, I'm no saint either. I've done it before. I don't know either how people can get addicted, but just like you said, they sure love it!

Rachel: Oh yes, it is legal in Denver. I think they can carry one ounce or less. Very interesting and crazy isn't it?

The Rambler: My point exactly. Want and Need are totally different thing. It would be sad to see medical marijuana go because of it.

ka1t_lyn: You're right. I just hate to see people use excuses to take any type of drugs. Maybe it's just me, but I try to avoid any sorts of meds including cold meds or pain meds when I had c-section. It's so much healthier that way..

Maegan: The only thing I could say is that if I have a headache, then I take one hit, I wouldn't be able to stand or function. lol. If I take a Tylenol, my headache would just go away without me falling to bed.

I totally agree with you about Hemp. I think industrial hemp is legal in this country as long as you have a permit to operate the business. Hemp could solve so many issues around the world. And people should use hemp products more - JT loves hemp products from Body Shop:)

Nicole: Yes, I know how serious drug problems in the Bay Area or other counties. It's scary!

Maki said...

luca: I am exactly the same way - I have never once enjoyed the effect of pot. I get super paranoid. I don't even know how JT could smoke everyday all day every 20 mins. I'm glad he's done with it.

Savvy Mode SG said...

sounds really interesting. well, people take an advantage of the best intention and ending up making life difficult for those who really need it. ie our housing crisis now...

Maki said...

Savvy: Really, that's how our system works. I really hope to see those who need medical weed get to benefit from it.

Alev said...

I totally agree with you.. My bro has MS, and hearing they just hand out that drug like that, pissed me off. I say get a life people, you don't know what real pain is.

The Unhappy Waitress said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. I would love any stories you have. I like hearing other peoples experiences when it comes to the "industry"!!

Thanks for reading!

Maki said...

Alev: Aw I'm so sorry about your brother. It must be so hard on everybody in your family.. That breaks my heart:)

The Unhappy Waitless: It was my pleasure!! I'll definitely be back because I enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...


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