Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Morning Affair

My work hour starts at 9AM. I usually stop at Starbucks where my friend works and grab a cup of Grande Latte. I park my car at the parking lot in front of my work and that is my routine.

But about two weeks ago, I saw something interesting that adds to my morning routine. So let's rewind it to two weeks ago.

I got my latte, parked my car and got out of the car. I closed the door when I saw a couple fully making out in the car parked in the distance (but not too far away). I was surprised because I felt like I saw something that I shouldn't see. So I kind of ran to my salon blushing.

The next morning, again, I saw the same couple making out in the same car. They are probably in their early 40's. Now I was like, "Okay... do you guys really need to do this in the middle of parking lot where people can see???"

And I see them again and again and again for the next two weeks. My salon is located at a shopping plaza where ton of people come to eat and shop. My salon is facing the major road, but there are huge trees hiding the view of parking lot. Probably that's why the couple picked the spot right across from my work.

Anyway, I totally knew the couple was having an affair. I'm not stupid, I know exactly what was going on. But seriously, couldn't they find a hotel room??? It's kind of sad that they had to make out in the car - so tiny and so uncomfortable. It would limit the things they would want to do each other. LOL.

Me and my co-workers debriefed and speculated what is going on between them every morning. Some say they are just dating and loving the thrill or they just love each other so much that they have to make out before saying good bye before work. But most of us say, "They are cheating their spouses or at least one of them is!!"

Now, past Monday as I expected them to be at their usual spot, I didn't see the car nor the couple. I thought to myself, "Umm, maybe they left already.."

I walked in to the salon and the girls asked me if I saw the couple. I said, "No" - so we're like, "Oh I wonder what happened to them?" It's funny how we felt the attchment to the morning adulterers. Not to be in a stalking way, but if they chose to make out in front of our work for so long, I do expect them to show up every morning. That's their duty!!!

So, my boss's wife said, "I bet they got caught." -- Ohhh, maybe! Or they just decided to change the location?

Anyway, since I talked about the adulterers, I wanted to list some movies I have seen that involve affair/cheating.

1. Falling in Love: Very classic - kind of heart breaking story, but love it.
2. Fatal Attraction: This movie was really SCARY! I bet many guys who were cheating on their wives at the time decided to stop after seeing this movie.
3. English Patient: One of my favorite movies. Such a beautiful film..
4. Derailed: Very suspenseful and who could resist Clive??
5. Unfaithful: What a steamy movie!!! I was like "WOW! are you serious, Diane Lane???"
6. Rumor Has It: Cute movie just because my Mark Ruffalo is in it.

And! No matter what other people say, my favorite couple on TV was Aiden and Carrie. When she cheated on him with Big, I used to scream at screen, cursing! LOL. Aiden gave her another chance and she broke his heart again. I was pissed! But I am happy that Carrie ended up with Big....

So, everybody, what is your favorite movie that involves infedility??? Or do you hate it?


Bambola said...

I loved Derailed! I'm not a huge Jen fan, but the movie was really well done! :)

& maybe they found a hotel room...

...love Maegan said...

cute story ...I actually liked both of the JA movies as well. So funny! Good post!

ka1t_lyn said...

I can't say Ryan and I are the biggest fans of movies that feature adultery-- we both despise it beyond words.

That is so random though, I'm glad for your sake that it's over!

The Rambler said...

I have to say the Unfaithful movie was pretty "Whoa". That was some serious naughty stuff. :)

Your word verification word is chesse. Like someone misspelled Cheese right?

Laura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachel said...

I totally agree with the Carrie and Big thing...I loved Aidan but something about Big...she made a big mistake cheating on him so un cool.

Perhaps that couple were married and wanted to spice it up a lil...hubby and I are guilty of it...ooops did I just type that?

Carrin said...

I loved Unfaithful! The whole movie you felt like you were seeing something you shouldn't. It was so sexy, too.
I also loved Adian! He was the typical "nice guy". You knew Carrie would never choose him for her forever.
Todd and I still like to kiss in the car from time to time although not full on making out! It reminds me of when we were dating!

Holly said...

oooh very exciting, too bad it stopped!! i have to say the hottest is unfaithful, no matter how many times i've seen it, if it ever comes on tv, im stuck.

also, btw, i also LOOOOVED aiden!!!!!

Dorkys Ramos said...

I loved Unfaithful, great (& twisted) movie. And I was also rooting Aiden! He was a total sweetheart, but nooo she had to go with the jerk. Oh well.

P.S. I think you meant to write "Fatal Attraction," otherwise that's just sick.

Oh and I got the polish. Thanks so much :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks for your comment on my interview on http://style.la-mimi.com/ so sweet!! :)


Anna Lorraine said...

i love your comment about the movie Unfaithful haha and fatal attraction was pretty crazy (i dunno if i mean that in a good way lol)

SBW said...

Fatal Attraction! Man was Glen Close scary in that!

PS I love Mark Ruffalo too! So sad that his brother was recently killed.

Penz said...

I liked most of them, hate the cheating thing, but I like to see the drama of it all for someone else...does that make me a bad person? I think that explains my reality tv infatuation...lord help me. :)

Bayjb said...

Wow that is crazy. Personally, I say when you're in your 40s, act like a kid and make out, but not when it's cheating. My dad never forgave Carrie for cheating on Aiden. That cut him to the core.

Laura said...

Unfaithful is a very intense movie!

I work in a strip mall area as well - it's amazing what all goes on out there!

On a different subject, I tagged you in a fun little game...check out my blog post for today!

Franco said...

carrie is such a bitch! yes i said it. I only saw one episode of the series and it was that one!
I love fatal attraction.
and that story you just told, weird, they were prob. cheating cuz I don't know that many almost 40 something couples that make out everyday in the same spot.

Maki said...

Bambola: Yes I agree!!! & you may be right about the room..

Maegan: I don't think it was that popular, but I really liked "Rumor Has It" - wasn't it cute movie???

kaitlyn: I knew exactly how you feel about adultery. And yes - now I don't need to feel awkward getting out of the car.

The Rambler: Right? That was some serious naughty naughty stuff!

Rachel: Yes, you just typed that. I love you cuz you're so cute! lol

Carrin: Aww you and Todd are so cute together and perfect together!!!

Holly: Unfaithful is really good movie regardless the subject. BUT I don't think I want my hubby to see it - he would be upset.. I love Aiden too!!!

Dorkys: I was sooo rooting for Aiden too! He was such a great and sweet guy!! And yes, you're right - fetal is sick.. It was plain typo. Sorry!! lol

fashion chalet: no problem - I really enjoy your blog.

Anna: LOL. Thank you Sweets!!! I know Fatal Attraction was crazy!!

SBW: I did not know about Mark Ruffalo's brother.. Aw that's so sad:(

Penz: No, that would not make you a bad person. I think movies or tv shows are part of art and I enjoy seeing good movies that have great stories including cheating thing.

Jess: You're so right!! I really adore your father by reading your blog:)

Laura: So, you know what's like to see it.. And thanks for the tagg:) That's pretty interesting game and I will definitely do it!!! xoxo

Franco: Oh no Franco!! LOL. You're entitled to your own opinion about her... And two weeks is pretty crazy isn't it??

Joanna Goddard said...

SO interesting!!! that is crazy. those sex and the city episodes where carrie was cheating on aidan were so intense--they were almost hard to watch, my heart was always in my throat!

Maki said...

Joanna: I know! It was soo painful for me to watch Aiden being cheated on.. He was my favorite guy:(

Riff Dog said...

Interestingly, I never thought of what movie on this subject I like best. Hmmm.

Now, since I got the hair "highlights" word right in your earlier post, can I now admit that I watched SATC and not seem gay? Okay, good. Anyway, yes I was so pissed off when she cheated on Aiden. Go figure.

Maki said...

Riff Dog: There is nothing to be ashamed of - I think men who can proudly admit they watch SATC or other chick flicks are confidet with their own sexuality. I totally dig it!! :) Aiden was a good guy right????

LipSmacker said...

Oh I love Unfaithful! I used to catch a couple in the parking garage at work all the time, it had lots of dark corners but I always say the same red van moving and bouncing in different corners!!! Maybe your couple got kicked out of the parking lot by the security!!! :)

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