Thursday, December 4, 2008

Help Me Decide My Hair Color!!!

Cameron Diaz Pictures, Images and Photos (I kinda like this color)

Ok, I need your help, everybody!!!

I am thinking about changing my hair color next week although I like having my hair colored lighter than my natural color which is jet black. I mean, I am talking real BLACK like squid's ink.

My sister called me last night from Hawaii and asked me when I am going to chage it because she is getting tired of looking at my brassy hair. Well, my original color is black, so my BFF/Hairstylist D has to use blonde color to make mine brown. It's natural that my hair goes brassy in time. I hate it, but there is not much I can do to change it. I envy people who can have beautiful blond or brunette using the help of good hairstylist!

Anyway, so I asked JT's opinion and he told me he likes my hair dark. Oh no. Now I'm down to two... Now I am totally torn. Therefore, I have decided to ask your opinion. I couldn't find photos of me when I had black hair. But you can see my dark brown hair if you scroll down to the bottom three.

Which Maki do you like; brown hair or black hair??? Should I go back to my natural black or just color it to darker shade of brown or should I stay auburn? Oh BTW, going blond is out of question. LOL.

I put up the poll wideget on the left side of my column, so cast the vote when you have time. Please help Maki out. Your comment/input would be greatly appreciated!


This summer with my BFF J

This August with JT
My Birthday with J
Two Years Ago in Hawaii, My Home...
Me with Dark Hair

This is almost a year and a half ago in NJ

In NJ - Dark Hair.


The Rambler said...

My faves are the pics with your BFF and the Birthday photo....

Girl you looking hot! :)

And I love the pics of the girls!

Dorkys Ramos said...

I love jet black hair, which is why I refuse to ever dye my own!

CL said...

I think you look great with jet black hair!

I also have jet black hair. I get tired of it sometimes but a lot of people compliment me for it, including my fiance, so I guess I'm not changing.

Rachel said...

I love the color of Cameron's hair; that would look FAB on you!

whoissecretdubai said...

a humble request...(for anyone not allowing this post through--not spam--)

Anyone happen to know who Secret Dubai (the blogger: is?

Laura said...

I really like the color in the picture at the very top of the post!

Penz said...

I have recently had this dilema also. I was paying a fortune to get the highlights and all and I just said forgt it. I went with an all over color of a medium reddish brown. Its almost my normal hair color, but when you get it done it always looks shinier and healthier than normal locks. I even did it out of the box with sectioning my hair and combing it through. I do like the top photos. And agree with Rambler. Let us know what you do. :)

Riff Dog said...

Truthfully, I like them all. Each one I see, I say to myself, "Yeah, that's the best one there." Seriously.

But if I had to choose, I'd go for the top one. The comparatively lighter color with the highlights (I'm not sure if "highlights" is the right word. Sorry, being straight, I'm not so good with hair terminology!)

Riff Dog said...

Oops! By "top one," I meant the picture of you with your BFF J. Not the Cameron Diaz shot, although I like that color too.

Carrin said...

I like the darker shades. it makes your skin tone pop!

Nicole Marie said...

I like Birthday and Summer with JT!

But you're beautiful whatever your hair color! Maegan said...

I think I like the natural black or the auburn the best. Isn't it funny we always want what we don't have? I am always wishing I had a dark exotic look ...always!!! I feel so plain and boring. So funny. *Oh, also, my husband informed me last night that he thought you were hot* lol. ...and this was before your gorgeous photos today :) and now I'm hoping he doesn't read this ...ahahaha

LipSmacker said...

Ok beautiful girl, as much as I LOVE the pic of you with dark hair, I think you look best with the color you have in the B-day pic with "J". SO CUTE! Go for that! :)

ka1t_lyn said...

I love all of it, but I think the very dark hair looks the best!

LadyStyx said...

A friend of mine had really jet black hair and many years ago decided she wanted to color it. She ended up using eggplant which looked ok in the shade or inside. It was different enough to give her pizzazz. However, when outside, she had purple highlights...

Angie said...

Thanks for your comment! :)

I would suggest the dark brown if you really don't like your natural hair color. I'm a fan of keeping hair natural, there's so many ways it could get messed up! And you're adorable without changing your hair color, so I wouldn't change it too much.

Diamond said...

Maybe just some warm highlights...I'm a natural brunette, so I love dark hair!

Maki said...

The Rambler: Thanks so much girl!!! So, you like brown on me:)

Dorkys: You look great with your natural jet black hair!!!

CL: My sister loves when I have jet black with tanned skin:)

Rachel: I really like the color on Cameron also ;)

whoissecretdubai: umm, alrighty then..

Laura: Hey girl! I will definitely take it to consideration:D

Penz: Ok, I will definitely let you know what I decide and will post some pics with new hair color;)

Riff Dog: LOL. Thanks sooo much for your input, my dear. Yes, "highlights" is the right word, and acutally I love the hair color of me!!!

Carrin: Oh I will so listent to your advise - cuz you're my favorite! LOL

Nicole: You are so nice - thank you! xo

Maegan: I always envy people who have what I don't have; blond hair, beautiful white skin, etc... It's so funny indeed - I would never expect you to wanting dark exotic look because I dream to have what you have!!! You're damn gorgeous!!

Well, JT was reading your comment and blog last night - he was smiling and thinking you're super *hot* - you and your hubby are too nice! xoxo

LipSmacker: Honey, I totally cherish your opinion:) Luv you~.

ka1t_lyn: I really appreciate your input, my girlfriend!

LadyStyx: Actually, black and purple are my favorite combo!!! That might work well for me..

Angie: Thanks so much for stopping by - it was my pleasure to swing by your blog. Thank you for your opinion:)

Diamond: I really like the idea of having dark hair with some highlights:)

LaMimi said...

My first time on your blog, but I definitely like it :) hehe
Since it's winter time, you should definitely go with a darker, bolder color. I'm thinking something along the lines of chocolate brown. :)
Good luck!


Alev said...

I think black looks great on you! I'd say go for that color. :)

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Sorry but your hair looks so good in all of them I can't decide. Maybe it's the photos. Can you just come over so I can look at you in person and maybe decide? I have cookies!

- Margaret

Bayjb said...

I really love Cameron Diaz's color. She looked great with dark hair. I would love to have that coloring. I can't wait to see what you decide!

BakerGirl said...

Love the darker hair!! Change it up! You can always go lighter! :-)

Brooke Hughes said...

I like the color you had in your birthday picture...i do think the camron diaz color would look good on you too.

Maki said...

Mimi: Hey!! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I will totally take your advise into consideration!

Margaret: LOL. You always know how to crack me up!!!! Maybe I should come over because I want the cookies!

Jess: I am so thrilled to get all these opinions on here!!! I will def. let you know when I decide!!

BakerGirl: You're sooo right! I can always go lighter...

Brooke: Hey hey!! I REALLY LOVE Cameron's hair too:)

Anonymous said...

Your babies are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm going to subscribe to yours! :-)

Maki said...

Tres22: Hey! Thank you sooo much:)

Anonymous said...

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