Monday, December 15, 2008

House always, or at least usually wins

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So, I went out with all the female co-workers Saturday night for the first time. Destinaion - Hard Rock in Tampa. It was supposedly pre-Christmas party, but I don't think it was. It was more like a gambling party.

Honestly, I really had a blast. It's been well over five years since I gambled. I love Vegas and I used to love going there pre-baby times, but it's kind of hard these days because I have two little girls.

Anyway, I played Mini Baccarat (which of course is my favorite card game). I had $400 to start with (four of us chipped in $100 each and I played for everybody) and it went pretty good at first, bringing it up to $2400 for playing 2 hours. Okay, here is the thing. If you're a smart person with decent brain would grab that $$$ and go home. Honestly, that's what you should do or would do.

Now, Maki and the other girls with alcohol in their system decide to take a break, go to a fabulous steak house in the hotel comped by casino, go back to table thinking we can win some more $$$.... Ding Dong! A HUGE mistake.

I was debating at first whether to go back to play or not, but I chose to play some more as my co-workers watched from behind. I played for another hour and in the end, $2400 was down to $1200. I was pissed. So I decided to grab that $1200 chips and cashed in.

In the end, me and the girls didn't lose money. Actually we had $300 extra in our wallet than we started. But if I had thought straight and had not being greedy, I would have $500 more in my wallet. That would have been so much better.

If I think about it, I was more a cautious player before. Once I start to lose, I used to be able to pull myself out from the table.

JT told me before I went out, "make sure to leave the table when you are ahead." I should've listen to him!! JT hates to gamble. He doesn't believe in it although I am thinking he doesn't like it because he tends to lose $$$ when he plays. I am sure if he wins, he'd love it!

Anyway, what I always realize while playing at casino - you play for fun. I can totally see why people get addicted, but I think money is too important for me to waste like that. It's nice to be able to go to a casino and play once in a while. Tampa Hard Rock ain't Vegas, but it was kind of close enough. I really enjoyed the night with my co-workers and I feel like it brought us closer than before (may be it wouldn't be so, had I lost their money. Haha).

So, do you guys love gambling? Have you won or lost any significant money? What is your favorite game???


LBluca77 said...

I LOVE to gamble. Usually I end up with about the same amount of money I come with. I also am not very brave and only play like $5 hands so I can't lose that much, but also that means I can't win that much either.

Bayjb said...

I've actually never been to a casino before, but I follow my parents rule if I do go, go in with no more tan $100 and when that's gone, you're done.

Nicole Marie said...

i ALWAYS ALWAYS lose!!!!!!!!!! its terrible! i'm terrible! but yay for winning!!

Kaitlyn said...

I'm only 19, so I can't gamble (legally) yet. I do love poker though-- mostly 7 card stud. I like nongambling card games, like Hand and Foot most. Yay for being (a little) richer! :) Maegan said...

yep, it is about the fun ...or else you just get too mad about losing a possible new pair of shoes :) I like black jack ...5$ tables ...because you can play for a long time and not lose too much. I never expect to win.

*Sounds like you had a little deserved freedom.

Laura said...

I can't stand to lose money! I only play the penny slots. You don't get very big wins or losses there!

Áine Caitríona said...

I've never won money on anything I've bet on. Where I grew up harness racing was really big, and I was notorious for picking the slowest horse. One horse I plunked $20 on actually turned and ran the other way when the gate opened.

I also made an ass out of myself by not understanding the concept of "win, place or show". When the bookie asked me I answered "like, win. Like, obviously."

Stupid Daredevil Sahabra. I want my $20 back.

Penz said...

I agree that money is too important to waste. My MIL lives in Vegas and we go often. Hubz likes to gamble and I'm like, why am I giving the casino my money? That is something that could be used to buy something for the kids or maybe for once, myself. Then again, i do get into poker...that is so my game... have a good day.

Carrin said...

I used to work as a casino dealer. I loved the job but hated the thought of the money. After a while you get a lost sense of money. People tend to forget that those chips aren't just plastic play things they are worth something. I would hurt my heart to see people every single day losing all that money, especially around the holidays.
I think if you have a good plan and you stick to it, gambling can be fun. Just be sure to bet with your head, not over it.

Momma Chae said...

Wow! I'm so jealous! We go to a local casino every now and then for the phenomenal crab dinners, but every time I get excited about the possibility of winning some cash, I'm disappointed. My greastest profit - one cent. Literally. I made them give me my one cent pay out because I thought it was funny.

Alev said...

I never gamble really.. But it is fun playing some card games like blackjack with my bro sometimes, I have a coin collection, we play with those as if we are betting with money, it can get so funny. :D

Maki said...

luca: It's funny, my boss told me today at work if I want to make money gambling, then I have to be brave = gamble w/ ton of money. But I don't have ton of $$$. I prefer $5, but the casino offers only $25 - $50 for minimum. Isn't that crazy??

Bayjb: I believe it's a very good rule which you should follow at all cost because casinos are dangerous!

Nicole: You're so cute... Having fun is the most important thing I think.

Kaitlyn: 7 card stud, huh? Poker is fun. And yes, "yay" for being a tiny bit richer. lol

Maegan: Yes, it's very important = not to expec to win. I lose once I tense up.. $5 is the best!!!!

Laura: You're really cute!!! I feel the same way - I can't stand losing money, too. But I love to gamble..

Catrioana: The hourse and bookie story is hilarious!! Really made me laugh:D

Penz: I think that's the thing - people know it's not good to gamble, but the attractiveness is too great not to ignore. I LOVE VEGAS:)

Carrin: Oh my, you're a dealer??? Wow! I hear what you're saying though - even when I was there the other night, I saw some people win money and lose money. It's scary how blind all of us can be.

Momma Chae: That is so funny!! I was lucky that is all and I need to learn that it was pure luck to win that much money.

Alev: I love blackjack too - but I don't play at casino though. Too much brain work = responsiblity on my part. lol

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