Thursday, July 22, 2010

She Know Which Button To Push

I don't know where I got her from, but my youngest daughter Soapy is a tough cookie and pistol. Every kid has their own mind, but this one, she's funny and says the darnest things all the time. And lately, she loves to test you - she simply enjoys to watch your reaction after you say, "No" and she does it. Oh such an evil girl... LOL..

She knows exactly what you approve and don't approve - and she does it anyway, just to see what happens if she doesn't follow the rules. Everyone inluces my family and friends tell me that "Oh, you better watch her out in ten years - she's going to give you a tough time. Daddy's worst nightmare. LOL." - and I'm starting to believe it. Oh boy, help....

Please don't get me wrong, she's a very good girl. She loves to cook, she loves to help me clean the house - she is my little baby still. But, she just knows how to push people's button - she loves to turn her face away when her grandpa or daddy ask for a kiss - and smile because she loves to see their reaction.

I was loading folded boxes on the car to throw it away at the garbage dump - Soapy asked me to give her the car key. She said, "I want to open the door.." So, I gave her the key and she looked at it as I told her which button to push - she was looking at the middle button which is to open the trunk where the box was resting. I told her, "Soapy, you know which one you need to push, right? Don't push that one (as in the middle one because her finger was aiming for the button for the trunk) because.." - As I almost finish the sentense, she pushed it; the one to open the trunk. Thank goodness the weight of the box didn't allow the trunk to fully open, but if it did, all of the boxes would have been on the ground. "Oops," she said and gave me back the key.
I looked at her and said, "Soapy!" She gave me the evil cute look and open the door and sat on her seat.... Oh my dear angel, I said to her, "Soapy, you're in big trouble when Daddy comes home next week..."

Look at her - I think she did something she wasn't supposed to do..

But then, I adore her and love her to pices. She is just so cute and yes, totally eatable...


Turbo said...

Such a cutie, and she knows it! They learn young. Someday, she will be using that smile to get out of speeding tickets. Hehehe

Maki said...

Turbo: I totally agree! LOL..

Dionne said...

Naughty, naughty, lol. I think at that age, kids like to test their boundaries, and see how far they can get. And it's usually the second child that does it more than the first.

In regards to the comment link you mentioned - it works for me. Not sure what happened.

Anonymous said...

soapy is such a cutie patootie! yes, you're gonna have to watch out for her when she's older! hahaha. she has that cute mischevious look. i love it!

my bf's cousin's baby already knows how to do that cute bat-your-eyelashes thing and she's only 2! kids these days!


colbymarshall said...

Haha! She has to be that cute or she'd be in trouble all the time ;-)

Maki said...

Dionne: Def Soapy is testing her boundaries - she's so funny:)

eri: That's soo cute! She's good to go if she knows how to charm adult at the tender age of 2!! :D

colby: Yes, indeed! LOL.

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