Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Bikinis!?!?

{Maki's "it" bikini this summer}

Summer is officially here! I'm jumping and dancing with joy - my favorite time of the year...
I love bikinis and it seems I can never have enough.

I'm extremely in love with the bikini from Victoria's Secret shown in the photo above.
The color is so pretty and the shape is lovely.
It's the perfect bikini for me.
I want that blue handbag with bamboo handles along with it, too...

Have you started shopping for swimsuits?

Do you shop online or do you have to try them on first?
Here are some of bikinis I thought cute and gorgeous.
So girlies, Got Bikinis?

{Victoria's Secret Collection}

By the way, both this stripe and the blue ones on top are on sale for $9.99 each!


Vix always makes gorgeous swimsuits. A bit expensive, but they are indeed beautiful creations.

I love this pair - the colors are absolutely gorgeous amd so perfect for summer..

{L Space}

I realize I really like Bandeau bikini the best...

I really want this top, but it's SOLD OUT already!

Yeah, the Bandeau top is lovely and the bottom is also pretty!

The back is sexy, don't you think?

I really like the top, but of course, this one is also SOLD OUT! :(
I think it's really pretty.

This is me looking at my little Soapy playing with my friend's new baby...
Oh summer, I love thee....


Mrs. Julius said...

I love summer and bikinis too! My fav bikini line right now is L Space. i love their Lola bandeau top...i want one! You're lucky you live in Florida! its like summer all year long! :)

Maki said...

Mrs. Julius: Ahem, I did say "Vitamin A," but atually it is "L Space" - I mistyped it. Yes, I love "L Space" - their designs are gorgeous! xo

Melanie's Randomness said...

Of course I'd like the one that is sold out too. Maybe they'll have it in stores?? It's really pretty!!!

Dionne said...

Pool weather! Woo hoo!

LOVE all of these! So gorgeous!

stylebyrachael said...

You gotta love bikini weather!! And I love the first pic you have from VS, I bought that one a few years ago and now the poor thing is so faded, but still one of my favs.

eri said...

i loooove bikinis! but i'm so not ready for bikini season! yikes! i saw this one in waikiki that i liked but no one else seemed to like it so i didn't get i'm regretting not getting it.

and yes! we should try to meet up when you come back!!!

colbymarshall said...

YAY for hot weather, bathing suits, and pools. Love the purple one with the sexy back! I want that one! I have to try them on first!

Nicole Marie said...

oyyy dont remind me! i ordered a few from vs, waiting for them to get here. but not ready to try them on yet haha

Jenn(ifer) said...

they're cute and all but you won't see this chic in a bikini. ever. :-)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I have that first bikini and I LOVE IT! and always get compliments!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

There was a really cute bikini in the Nordstrom catalog this weekend and I really wanted it. Too bad I'm not made for bikinis :)

Maki said...

Melanie: I know! All the stuff I love tend to get sold out:( I noticed there are some designs at the store that I didn't see online....

Donne: Yes, Ma'am. I love sunny day:) Is houston getting hotter?

stylebyrachel: Oh you have it? I really love it - I want it! xoxo

eri: Sometimes you gotta get the stuff you love, not the stuff your friends love - yes, let's meet when I get back;)

colby: Yes, the purple one is really cute! I think trying it on first is always wiser...

Nicole: Let us know when you try them on! You'll look cute in them:)

Jenn: Don't ever say that - you're beautiful!!!!

Chelsea: Oh you too? Now I need to buy it;)

Jessica: Wait a minute. Did you always wear one piece?

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