Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daddy Is Home!!!

My husband has been home since Thursday. Our daughters and I are very happy he's back and we get to spend Father's Day together. He's flying out again tomorrow and starts another week of work in NJ... But I think he'll be able to commute more often soon, that's great news!!!
My dad is in Tokyo, so I don't get to tell him how grateful I am for all he's done for me and my sister. He is the best father I could ever ask for and I'm so fortunate to have him as a father... I love you, Daddy!!!
And to all the Dads out there - enjoy your day!! You definitely deserve to be treated like a King today!!!
{Enjoy the images of dads in the world, famous or non-famous}

Happy Father's Day!!!!!


eri said...

YAY! glad your girls get to be w/their dad on father's day! have a wonderful day!!!!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Aww I'm so glad your hubby is able to be home with his girls for Father's Day. Yay!

Laura said...

Great news for you! Lovely photos you chose, as well.

Dionne said...

I am glad that he was able to come home to spend Father's Day with you guys, that's sooooo special. And how exciting that he will be able to commute home more often! Fantastic news!

MJ said...

Awesome post Maki.

Maki said...

My lovelies: Thank you so much everyone!! The girls and I were really happy to spend time with him! xoxo

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