Monday, May 31, 2010

Sincere Gratitude on Memorial Day

My girls and I were having dinner when my oldest Ju Ju asked me, 'What's Memorial Day?" - So I explained it's the day we pay our respects and show gratitude towards all the men and women who dedicated their lives to this country. Well, it's kind of hard to understand the girl who is only 6.

She asked, "What does it mean to dedicate their lives?" I tried to use simple words and did all I can to explain to her, that many wars have been fought in the past and still today, and that many men and women go to far away to fight for this country and often times, they die to protect us from the bad guys. Her next question was of course, "Why do they have to fight?" - My honest answer was, "I don't know, but if they don't go, who would go to fight it? Would you want to go?"

Ju Ju: "I don't want to go to war, it's scary..."
Maki: "That's right, Ju Ju. War is scary. That's why all the service men and women are there to fight for you, and Mommy, so we don't have to go. And sometimes, they get hurt or they lose their life."
Ju Ju: "Oh.... That's really sad, Mommy...."
Maki: "I know.. So Memorial Day means to be thankful for the people who died for this country and pray for other people to come home safely..."
Ju Ju: "Okay, I'll pray for them too..."

Whether we believe in fighting the wars, I will never stop praying for those who're fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq for their safe return. And I feel tremendous saddness for those who lost their lives. Many of them are so young.. People can say whatever they want, but those guys are there to fight thousands and thousands miles away from their family and friends, and the country they love, because nobody else will.

So I can at least be thankful and pray for them to be safe and come home safely....

On a different note, Dennis Hopper past away Saturday. He was one of my dad's favorite actors - and we'll miss seeing him in the big screen... Rest in Peace, Dennis, you're one hard-core and
charismatic actor....
Have a great Memoria Day my darlings.....


eri said...

juju is so cute! happy memorial day to you and your girls maki! :)

Farah said...

great post!


Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Great post about the importance of Memorial Day! So important to remember the important stuff today. Also, I was super sad to hear about Dennis Hopper too. He was a favorite of mine as well.

Dionne said...

Lovely post. It's a beautiful reminder that this day isn't about bbq and beer - but about honor, respect and sacrifice. Thanks for this poignant reminder, hun!

Kristin said...

I love Memorial Day for the great family QT that it always brings..but I never forget the true meaning of the day. Great post!

Jenn(ifer) said...

Your daughters amaze me!

Happy Memorial Day!

photojoy said...

Juju is amazing and Maki is always sincere to her daughters' questions. I'm impressed.

Maki said...

eri: Hope you had a nice weekend, eri! xo

Farah: Thank you!

Jessica: Not many people talked about his passing, but I really enjoyed watching him. Very sad indeed:(

Dionne: I agree - I know people celebrate as the beginning of summer, but I always try to remember the true meaning of this day... xoxo

Kristin: Thank you - Hope you had a lovely Memorial Day:)

Mara: Thank you! I hope you had a nice 3day weekend:)

Jenn: Really? You're so sweet - thank you! Love ya:)

photojoy: arigato gozaimasu:) xoxo

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