Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Can He Save Our Gulf???

BP has finally ordered 30 machines from Kevin Costner the other day. He came before Congress a month ago and pleaded his case that he could help with the oil spill in the gulf. His machine can seperate the oil and water and bring 99.9% of clean water back into the ocean.

He talked with Anderson Cooper on CNN the other night and explained how this machine works and it's pretty amazing. I know there are other companies that have great systems to tackle this catastrophic oil spill, however, Kevin's machines seem to have a great promise... He's such a great guy, you can see it from looking at his various interviews or the talkshows he's been on. He is sincere and very caring. He's also very funny - if you listen to the interview with Anderson, he'll make fun of himself at the end.

I still remember I used to look at his movies or photos in the magazines and think how handsome he was - I was in Elementary School - Middle School. He's aged, but he's still a good looking man. I listed all of Kevin movies I've seen before. Of course he's been in more films, but these are the films that I saw and I must admit, I really enjoyed them all, except Water World. LOL.

My favorite movie of all time {The Untouchables}
Nothing beats this movie. Simply amazing.

This is also a great movie - I cried a lot.

Do you like Kevin Costner? Have you seen any of his films?


the shoafs said...

if kevin costner can save my beaches, i will become a huge fan of his....and will show my appreciation by purchasing not one, but TWO of his movies :)

the shoafs said... the way...visiting you from SITS!

Carrie said...

I hadn't heard Kevin Costner was going to save the world...for REAL??!!

I hope his machines can do something. This oil spill is such a tragedy...

Visiting from SITS

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

At this point, why not. BP has run out of options so why not give Kevin Costner a try :) Hopefully it can do something.

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

I have a movie crush on that man for over a decade. Don't tell my hubby.

Meadowlark said...

Fell in love with him at Bull Durham. Still love him.

Saw you over at "Note to Self".

Maki said...

the shoafs: I think you'll wind up buying his movies - yeah, definitely:)

Carrie: Yes, for real? Can you believe it? But it's true!!!

Jessica: Yep, anything can help - I mean it's such a bad situation, I think it doesn't hurt, right?

Florida Girl: Shhhh, I won't tell your hubby. LOL

Meadowlark: Oh dang it, I forgot to put that movie - It was a great movie.. I still love him too...

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