Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Dinner Date w/ Daddy

It's been a week since my husband left again for work. The day before we had the water damage, JT took us to our favorite Italian restaurant in town called Epicure. I've posted a video clip a few months ago when I took the girls to dinner at the same place.

We've been going to the restaurant since Julia was six months old. JT's grandma took us there when we're visiting FL and we've become a huge fan since.
We love their salad or pasta or pizza.
They use such fresh ingredients that you smile with every bite.

Look at Soapy. The mouth opened wide expression - That's a second one. I think she's just a camara shy sometimes or maybe she is truly a comic. She is so precious.. Julia is such a daddy's girl. Always she says, "Daddy, Daddy..."

We had such a lovely evening - it was during sunset, and the breeze from the beach was so pretty.

JT took this pic from his table - I must say it's one of my favorite pics of us.

Looking at Daddy and my husband, JT's girls are all smiley:)

We miss him so.....


Turbo said...

Very cute!

Mrs. Julius said...

awww precious. it must be hard being away from your hubby. you are one strong woman.

btw, that's a pretty top/dress you have on. beautiful pic of you 3.


photojoy said...

What a sweet day! I like the last one most because you look sooo happy! "Suteki!"

Dionne said...

I am glad you got to spend this time with him. And that photo of y'all is lovely!

eri said...

so cute! i love the pictures :)

bananas. said...

wow lady! you are BEAUTIFUL!!! and your family is equally as good looking. so adorable!

oh and that place sounds delish. now i'm craving pizza.

Mrs Montoya said...

so super sweet. my love is gone this week, too and we all feel it when he's not here. we are definitely better when we're all together. love the post and love the pix of your girls with both of you. so priceless

Maki said...

Turbo: Thanks!

Mrs. Julius: Thank you sweetie:) xo

photojoy: "arigato" - I love the pic, too! xoxo

Dionne: Thank you, I'm glad we got to have this time with him because you know what happened the next day:(

eri: Thanks girlfriend! xoxo

bananas: Did you have pizza??? Thanks! xoxo

Mrs. Montoya: I know, you must miss him, too. But I guess we all grow stronger that way:) xoxox

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Aww what adorable photos! I love the one of you and the two girls. I'm so glad your husband was able to come visit and spend time with his ladies.

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