Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vlog - This is What Happened to My Condo (Guest appearence by Firefighters)

Two posts in one day, what do you think about this? Ha!

So, I was at work while this was happening to my condo almost two weeks ago. My husband who was at the pool with our daughters didn't know that our place was totally getting wet until he came back to make PJ sandwitch for the girls...

In this clip, the firefighters had to break the ceiling, so the pressure from the water upstairs wouldn't collapse the whole thing. They also had the blue tarp to put on the floor so it would catch the water, but really, it didn't do anything, useless indeed. We had way too much water - well, all the water from above came all down to us, so you can imagine what was that like from viewng this clip... It was crazy and scary!!!

The good thing is most of the things that were in our living/dining room will be replaced by insurance and I can rearrange and redecorate the house. Although I greately appreciate the fact that my in-law's (JT's mom and stepdad) taking us in, I just can't wait to move back and enjoy my own space!!


eri said...

ack!!!! that's crazy!!!

photojoy said...

Oh my! It's so depressing to see them breaking the ceiling. I can't imagine how you've gone through this facing the reality. Now you're moving to the next step. Take care!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

O dear!!!
So sorry to hear about this Maki!
Do take care~

Kristin said...

OH my goodness. I'm so sorry. I hope you're back home ASAP!!

Laura said...

I hope nothing was irreplacable like family heirlooms...if not it will be a blast to redecorate! So sorry!

Dionne said...

This is intense. WOWSERS! I am glad that you're all safe though.

Maki said...

Hey girlies - thanks so much for your support!!! I'm still feeling crappy about this whole thing though... :( I miss my home! xoxo

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