Friday, May 14, 2010

Stop It, Stop It Now!

This is beyond ridiculous. I have no words to describe how angry and frustrated, and sad I am.
I live in West Coast of Florida and this is no joke.
Every day, thousands and thousands of gallons of oil keeps spillng out.

I take my girls to the beach almost every weekend. The beautiful Lido Beach we always go to hasn't seen the effect of the craziness, but what if BP can't come up with the solution to contain the oil? Then what?
What am I going to tell my children, if the oil reaches the land here, they can no longer play at the beach? Or what if we start to seeing the dead fish washed ashore or oil covered Pelican or birds reach the beach? It's really scary and upsetting.
Have you seen the video, how scary it looks?
I feel like our ocean life in the Gulf is over.
And I feel helpless....

{Some images are from AP}


eri said...

:( the oil spill mess is horrible! i can't even imagine what that must be like to be around it and see the effects first hand. :(

stylebyrachael said...

When I saw the first picture, I thought it was a piece of artwork. To know that is the oil spill is a blow to the gut. WTF BP!

Turbo said...

Maki, I'm so with you. I am seriously having so much anxiety about this thing, that I can barely sleep. Have you seen the video of the broken pipe?

Riff Dog said...

It's really scary and upsetting. I hope they figure someout soon because the consequences are already bad enough and could get even worse.

Imperfect Stepford Wife said...

Seeing that picture gives me a different sense of the reality of oil spills.

I hope it gets cleaned up but negligence and stupidity cannot be corrected easily.


Anonymous said...

It sucks for sure. Surely they will get it fixed up. I hope they do anyway being a Gulf Coast cracker myself.

Soft Atmosphere said...

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Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Oh my gosh those images are horrifying! This whole thing is such a mess, I cannot believe it hasn't been resolved yet. It's just so sad :(

Maki said...

eri: Can you imagine if this happened in Hawaii? OMG, I would want to choke myself!!! Horrible!

stylebyrachael: I know WTF BP is the right expression!! I'm pissed!

Turbo: Yeah I've seen it - it's crazy and scary - and I want to vomit because it nauseate me... So sad...

Riff Dog: I know, it's so upsetting, I cry every day. It's so painful to watch this every day on tv...

Imperfect Stepford Wife: So true. I really hope so, too!! xoxo

Souther Sage: Yeah, they will have to find a way to clean it up. You know it by heart - you live close too!!

Soft Atomosphere: Hola! Well, I think I need to look what you said in the dictionary... But thanks always for your comment:) xoxo

Jess: I know, can you belive this? It's ridiculous...

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