Monday, May 4, 2009

Little More About Maki


Well hello! How are you everyone??? I have been really busy with everythings that's been going on with my life and I barely had time to sit in front of my computer until now... There are few things I need to do for my upcoming posts.

First, I was tagged by my lovely Dionne over @ City of Dionne last week. I enjoy playing tagging game because I get to learn more about you girlies and you get to know more about me. So, let's begin! (sorry it took me forever to do this, Dionne!!!)

*What's your current obsession? - Christian Bale (Salvation - I've been waiting for this movie for a year now) and Gym.

*What's your weirdest obsession? - Cleaning inside my ears with my Japanese ear cleanig wooden stick.. It may sounds "Eww" to you, but it feels sooooo GOOD! You should try.

*What are you wearing today? - Victoria Secret's grey tank (ton of heart prints) and blue shorts.

*Why is today special? - Pay Day! Yes!

*What would you like to learn to do? - Cooking. I love to cook, but I would like to be better at it. Also learning Italian language and sign language have always been on my mind.

*What's for dinner today? - Cheese ravioli in tomato sauce w/ Italian sausage and my salad (romain, cucumber, red onion, red grape and orange) Yum!!!

*What's the last thing you bought? - Stila's oil free tinted moisturizer.

*What's your favorite weather? - Current weather in FL - not too hot, but hot enough for tank top and flip flop. Nice breeze and bright sun. 85 degree.

*What's your most challenging goal right now? - to have an uneventful day. I just want to have one day of stillness and a quiet day without worrying about what's going on in everyone's life.

*What do you think about the person who tagged you? - Dionne? Gosh, she's beautiful. She's kind and charming. She knows how to cook and draw. She is perfect! She is one of my favorite bloggy friends!!

*If you could have a house totally paid for, full furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? - Hawaii. I will be so happy to move back there to be close to my family and friends.

*What would you like to have in your hands right now? - My mom's hands.

*What would you like to get rid of? - ton of paper/bills/documents that need to be tossed but piling up on the desk instead. They got to go!

*If you go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? - Italy.

*What's your favorite thing about the city you live in? - Very laid back and close to beach. Small city, but big enough for a little action. I could use more entertainment, but it's a nice place to raise my children...

*If you have $150 now, what would you spend it on? - I think I need a new flat iron.

*Do you admire anyone's style? - Cameron Diaz. Her style is effortless - she can be cute or pretty and I really like that about her.

*Describe your style. - I can be sexy or boyish - it depends on my mood that day. I wear sneakers or high heels totally depends on the weather or hair or makeup.

*Who's fashion show would you want tickets to? - well, well, well... Paris Collection with my sister.

*What are three live shows that you have seen? - Phantom of the Opera in Honolulu, Cirque De Soleil's "O" in Las Vegas and Michael Jackson in Honolulu.

Now I am tagging 8 people



Elizabeth Marie said...

Ohh I love this! I love getting to know more about you!

"My moms hands" awww girl you are too sweet.

Thanks for tagging me, I'll do it tomorrow for sure!!

Miss you, love you...gonna text you! YEAHHH CRACKBERRYS! haha XOXO

BakerGirl said...

Super cute!

I wish it was pay day too and that I had 150 dollars right now... I need new shoes that won't kill my feet!

I'm sorry I haven't gotten a chance to e-mail you- Work got REALLY crazy and I've basically worked everyday for a week+ and haven't had a day off. I PROMISE when I get a chance to breathe I will do some research on coding and e-mail you about what pictures you like!!!

PS I've never been to Hawaii and have never wanted to go until I started reading your blog!

Dionne said...

Thanks for your kind words! You're too sweet!

OOoh - I never thought of sign language. I would love to learn that!

And your weird obesession made me laugh. I googled the stick you mentioned because I was imagining some huge scary-looking ice-cream scoop looking thing. It actually looks quite harmless :)

Alisha said...

Loving this!

First off, I can't WAIT to see Terminator!

Second of all, I love cleaning my ears! lol..

PS - Make sure you check out the annual Tuesday F. Whitt Blog Party, going on till the 12th! Let's kick pediatric cancer's butt one dollar at a time! Go to

Always a Southern Girl said...

Enjoyed reading your list! Have a great day.

Riff Dog said...

"To have an uneventful day." I hear that! Twists and surprises can be fun, but sometimes enough is enough! ;-)

Nicole Marie said...

hahah a wooden stick??

B said...

I don't even know you and I loved reading through this.

Bayjb said...

Hey! Thanks for the tag. I am also obsessed with Christian Bale. Hot and an amazing actor. Did you see the trailer for Public Enemies? AMAZING.

The Blonde Duck said...

How neat!

Savvy Mode SG said...

we know that much more about you. cool! i really enjoyed O and phantom of the opera as well.

freeTEYme said...

It' getting hot in FL now but the evenings are just perfect. I wondered about your ear cleaning thingy and googled it. I learned that Japan even has Ear cleaning parlors for it! Interesting! Anyway, fun post and its good to know more about you. Stay gorgeous!!!

Tiffany said...

sorry i'm so late on this but thank you for tagging me! I loved reading your answers! Maegan said...

I'm with Tiffany! ...Thank you and I'm sorry :)

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