Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Husband Is....

I don't meant to talk about Christian Bale or movies all the time, but hear me out.

JT and I went out for a few drinks Saturday night with his younger brother and some friends. And some of us were talking about the movies we'd seen lately, so I said out loud, "Terminator Salvation!!!" Everybody asked me if I liked it, so I told them that although it was not as great as I exected to be, I still enjoyed it.

Now, my husband who was standing next to me had a lot to say about my comment.

JT: "Oh Maki, give me a break. It wasn't a good movie at all. You are just saying it because you're in love with Christain, whatever the guy's name is..."
Me: "Christian Bale..?"
JT: "Yeah, whatever, Christian Bale. He was horrible and he killed that movie. You know it."
Me: "What? Really, do you believe that? I thought the movie wasn't that bad. I'm just being honest..."
JT: "Oh you know.. You always talk about Christian Bale on your blog. Your credibility is totally shut because your review is totally based on your infatuation with him..."
Me: "Are you reading my blog when I am not around? Wait, are you being jealous that I love Christian Bale? Honey, is that why you didn't like the movie????"
JT: ".......... (big pause), Hey, has anyone seen Star Trek yet???"

JT is so cute sometimes... LOL. I believe I always give fair movie reviews - I do not judge movies based on my favorite actors. Just saying...

I had two Heineken that night. And this has been one of my favorite commercial at the moment.
How cool would it be to have a cab driver like the old uncle in this CM? I totally dig this commercial - don't drink and drive, everybody!!!

Tomorrow is my Ju Ju's graduation from pre-school!!!! I can't believe it!


Elizabeth Marie said...

Awwww! Isn't it cute...usually!...when the boys read our blogs!

Christian Bale is hot though, what I say?! haha!

I miss you love! Oh and congrats to your lil one! Time flys!! XOXO

Nicole Marie said...

hahahahah oh maki you are hilarious!

but hey if jessica alba or someone super hot was in it he'd think it was the best movie ever too!!

michelle said...

congrats to you little girl..time does fly..

too funny....husband are curious fellows sometimes...totally hilarious!

m :)

Kristin said...

The hubs refuses to admit that Justin Timberlake is fascinated because of my not so secret crush on him. Of course I gag at Elisha Cuthbert for the same reason.

Dionne said...

Hehehehe, JT is funny. I am sure that Brian would be the same if I only stuck to one actor hehehehe. The thing is, with me - my crush is usually on the characters, not the actual actors. For instance, I might have a crush on someone in one movie, and then not at all in another movie. I always fall for the sweet, slightyly-nerdy, goofy characters in movies. And Brian is comforted that they're just the characters, not real people, lol.

LadyStyx said...

Arent guys so cute when they act all jealous like that when they know the truth of where your feelings lie?

Kristin said...

Where do you live? Tampa too?

Bayjb said...

Aww Juju's graduation! Pictures please. And you are welcome in Chicago anytime to go drinking with me. I promise LOTS of hugs and kisses :)

BakerGirl said...

AW! The blog is so cute! I'm sorry I've fallen off the face of the earth as far as helping you with the blog design goes... It seems like it is always one thing after another lately! AGH

I promise to be in touch soon!

Maki said...

Elizabeth: I know!!! CB is so hot, I can't stand it... Miss you too honey! xoxo

Nicole: You're so right! I'm telling you, guys are so funny...

michelle: I know - husbands are so complicated sometimes. Thanks sweetie!

Kristin: Hahaha.. I guess I'm guilty as charged...

Dionne: I think I know what you're saying. I could dislike actors for playing the role I don't like or vise versa. I bet you favorite leading role is Brian:)

LadyStyx: Yes indeed and aren't we all as silly as men too? xoxo

Bayjb: Aw thanks honey!! I've never been to Chicago, so I'd love to visit you someday for the hugs and kisses.. :D

BakerGirl: No worries! Hope you're doing well:) xoxo

freeteyme said...

lol so funny!

congratulations to your little angel!

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