Monday, April 27, 2009

Your Hotness May Not Last Forever..

the outsiders Pictures, Images and Photos
One of my all time favorite movies is "The Outsiders" - It's classic. I have it on DVD and I watch the film time to time when I feel like reminiscing my old days. Seriously, it was my best years when I was in fourth grade - six grade. Looking at those pretty boys made me wanting to live in America! So I did. LOL.

The Brat Pack - all those actors and actresses in the movies in the 80's had something that many young actors nowadays don't have. I still adore those actors! But you know, they can not stay young forever. Let's see who aged well or not.

OUTSIDERS! Pictures, Images and Photos

THE OUTSIDERS Pictures, Images and Photos
Rob Lowe Pictures, Images and Photos
Rob Lowe - He played the gorgeous Soda Pop. I believe he aged well. He doesn't have the bad boy image anymore, but he totally came back as a good father and husband.

Patrick Swayze Pictures, Images and Photos
Patrick Swayze - this photo is from the set of "Beast". He is sick and still smoking cigarett- I love it. Well, he's almost 60, so he's doing pretty good, not bad at all. I still love his voice.

emilio estevez Pictures, Images and Photos
Emilio!!! I always loved seeing him in movies. Now he's a great director.

Tom Cruise Pictures, Images and Photos
I've said this before; no matter what other people say, I'm a devoted Tom fan. He had me at "hello"...

Matt Dillon Pictures, Images and Photos
Matt Dillon - I love him, next to Tom. He doens't age at all. He is sexy and still got it together. Check out YouTube clip - it's cute...

And then.... Well, I have been watching the new TV seriese {South Land} and there is this cop who is kind of annoying in it. The acting is horrible and really, I am so turned off by him. But then, I know I have seen him somewhere. I definitely know him. But I just couldn't figure out until the third episode and it hit me.
The annoying cop is Thomas C. Howell; yep, the little cute kid Pony Boy from the Outsiders. He is looking rough!! Really, everone. He's only 42. He's younger than my husband, but he looks so much older!! I was disappointed!!

Ralph Macchio Pictures, Images and Photos
Ralph Macchio - Mr. Karate Kid. He's clost to 50, so he does look young, but his hair shows his real age. Do you think he's making any money nowadays?

Now, he has nothing to do with this post, but I thought I should mention how much I have enjoyed watching my rebound TV show "South Land" - it's better than I thought although it will never replace my true love "ER". Ben McKenzie from OC plays a rookie cop and he's great in it. Now I know whey many girls were going ga-ga over him on OC...

So, my friends, do you have any favorite actors from 80's????


freeTEYme said...

love Rob Lowe - do you watch Brothers and Sisters? I watch it because of him =)

michelle said...

rob lowe.........for him!!!


Dionne said...

The Karate Kid guy is on Ugly Betty, he plays a counselmen in NY city.

Patrick Swayze was always one of my faves - thanks to Dirty Dancing. And I love Rob Lowe too! But even though these actors are good-looking, they pale in comparison to my Brian, lol.

Maki said...

freeTEYme: Yes I do watch Brothers and Sisters - I love that show! I'm so glad Rob Lowe has a great part in it - he deserves it.

michelle: I still can't get enough of Rob Lowe as Soda Pop. He was gorgeous in that movie.

Dionne: I didn't know that Ralph the Karate Kid is on Ugly Betty! I don't watch that show, but that's great that he's working. I loved Patrick Swayze too - his voice is sexy. Your hubs is handsome and so smart and you're gorgeous!!!

Lalapoo said...

I used to love that know Ferris Bhuler.. oh and you also have a bloggy award on my blog
Take Care

The Blonde Duck said...

My little ponies. :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Who is that guy in Pretty in Pink?!! Matthew something I think? He was also in Mannequin...which is one of my fav movies ever!

I hope your day is better my love...lets catch up later tonight?!

love you!

Bayjb said...

Oh man the Brat Pack. I watch them more now on TV then I ever watched the movies. Crazy! I have to say, time was not kind to some of them. And Tom Cruise went crazyz.

colbymarshall said...

I definitely love Patrick Swayze...he rocks my socks ;-)

Ms. Salti said...

I never saw that movie but I may have to go rent it now! Very fun post!!!

erinleighheart said...

1 <3 ryan atwood. :)

Alisha said...

I like Tom too!

Franco said...

from the 80's sorry gurl I hadn't been born yet, however I love that guy from ferris buler day off, and he scored sarah jessica parker as well!

lbluca77 said...

I didn't even realize that was Thomas C. Howell either. Wow he did not age well. Poor guy. Southland is a good show though, I think I am hooked.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Andrew McCarthy YES!

OMG Maki I love you so so much! I can't wait for MIAMI! :)

Maki said...

Lalapoo: Oh my, thank you!! I will accept it soon:) xoxo

The Blonde Duck: Aw your little ponies.

Elizabeth: I love you, girlie:)

Bayjb: I think some of them are making the comeback which only reminds me that I'm getting old too...

Colby: He rocks your socks? You're the best!

Ms. Salti: What? You haven't seen it? Go rent it now!!

Alisia: I do too!! I'm glad I'm not the only one:)

Franco: Are you serious? You weren't born yet? Damn, I'm old..

lbluca:Yep, he didn't age well at all.. But I love the show - I'm hooked too!

Elizabeth: I can't wait for Miami too - Love you!! xoxo

Kristin said...

Stay gold! Hi from SITS!

A "cheery" disposition said...

O I loved the outsiders! it has been like 7years since I have seen the movie or read the book. I am dying to watch it now!

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