Monday, November 3, 2008

Who knew I was 13 years old?

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I have "facebook" as well as "myspace". The other night, my sister in law up in NJ sent me an invitation to take "The True Age Test" on there. So, I tried and gave all 30 questions the best and honest answers I possibly could (I swear to God!). They gave me all kinds of stress related questions as well as family medical history, etc. I even said that I have a seasonal asthma which I thought would contribute a huge minus to my test result.

My sis-in-law's true age was 24 (although she is 33). She has a pretty stressful job working for Merrill Lynch which is going through a lot of change and she commutes 2 hours every morning and evenings, so I thought 24 isn't bad at all. I was thinking if I could get 22- 26 (because I don't have a lot of stress at work or at home), I would be very happy.

Well, after completing the test, I was really excited, smiling and clapping my hands, talking to the computer saying, "yeah, give it to me, baby!!" They gave the result to me alright. Are you ready everyone? My true age is......"13"....

Seriously, my friends.. I don't think I am happy about this. I just turned 35. I don't think I want to be 13 again. Yes, I am happy that I am young at heart, but "13" is like a little girl.

I don't even know if I should laugh or question my true inner Maki. Let's think.. 13 year old girl in 35 year old woman's body or 35 year old woman acting like 13 year old. Which is better?Either way, it doesn't sound good at all. Not attractive and it's really sad. And conversation with JT went like this;

Me: So, Sis S sent me the invitation to take "the true age test" last night, so I took it.
JT: Oh yeah?
Me: You wanna know how old I really am?
JT: (Started walking towards me, huge smile on his smile being very curious) - so, my lady how old are you?
Me: 13
JT: Bahahahaha! (almost falling to the ground and he did not stop laughing for about 5 minutes and said..) That's funny...
Me: Funny isn't it. That's right. I am 13. So sexy...

Oh well, I guess I get to be 14 next year when I turn 36.

If you are interested, you can take similar tests when you google "True Age Test". Most sites give 5 - 1- questions and not as detail as "facebook", but I think it's fun to find out your real/inner age. Let me know your result!!!


Poetica said...

I think that's awesome! It shows that you are innocent & precious at heart - not common in today's world!

Franco said...

I think that's awesome as well, i think I might be 12 or 9

Valerie said...

13 isn't so bad. if you got 82 i think that'd be a little worse.

LYDIA said...

I need to take this test when I get home, I am curious to see how old I am!

Alev said...

Ahahahaha, I took the same test a while ago! You wanna hear how old I am? -1.. Yes, it said I was minus 1 years old.. Wow, I'm still a zygote. xD

Maki said...

poetica: Aww you're so sweet. I think it's okay to be 13? Thank you:)

franco: Thanks franco!!! 12 or 9 huh?

valerie: LOL. Yes, I guess you're right.

lydia: Yep, you should definitely try the test. It's fun! I love your new avatar btw.

alev: -1??? Seriously?? Now you made me feel so much better!! Thanks:D LOL

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