Thursday, November 13, 2008

One Fine Day

I thought I should post something happy because several of my previous posts have been a bit sad and downer.

So, today was very busy day at my work. We had 15 girls came in for a Bachelorette party at 5pm (as in having the party at the salon), so we had to close the whole salon for them. They were getting pampered by our people, getting their mani/pedi's done and hair done drinking champaign and wine.

The bride-to-be brought several CD's that her friend had made for her. She asked us to play it - the songs were all love songs that are popular for wedding. I was talking to the bride-to-be. Her face was all glowing and she was so happy although she remained very cool and calm (her friends were more excited and acting like high school students). I was so happy for her. I just kept on looking at her and thinking, "Wow, how exciting is this? She is going to be someone's wife. She is going to say "goodbye" to single life!"

I am always infatuated with the idea of people finding the ONE that she/he wants to spend the rest of their life with. Meeting someone, then being with him/her, then they fall in love. Now they can't seem to stay away and live without each other. So they decide to say "I Do." The whole process just amazes me. Every couple has differnt love story behind it. JT thinks I am weird, but I think it's just fantastic!!!

As I was listening to the bride telling me how she planned the whole wedding and the only thing that stressed her out was having all the friends and family fly in from NY and NJ (apparently she is from NJ). I remember I had to fly many friends from Japan and JT's friends and family from NJ. That was really stressful indeed. That's when the song I love start to play from the bride-to-be's CD. It was my first dance song. "At Last" by Etta James. My whole body became euphoric!!!

I remember how happy and excited I was the day I got married. I felt like I was dreaming. So, I decided to post some photos from my wedding in Hawaii. (The pics below were taken by our friends. The ones taken by pro photographer were in photo negatives, so couldn't post here..)

It looks pretty nice wedding. Yes, it was, but there were few things I want you to know about my groom that day.

I married to a guy who:

1. Buy himself a pair of black pants that he's going to wear for the wedding "4" hours before the ceremony.

2. Forgets to get a haircut, so have his youngest brother who "has no clue what to do" to trim his hair. That's why his hair looks like Elvis.

3. Keeps telling his fiancee he'd ask his friend to be the MC for our reception, and totally forgets about it and never bother to tell his new wife until after the photo session. Good Lord, our pastor (my former English teacher) had agreed to do the honor for us the very last second! Honest to God, he saved our wedding (and it turned out wonderfully and funny!).

So, ladies, if you're going to get married soon, make sure to tell your fiance to do his homework!!! And today's bride-to-be, Congratulations and have a gorgeous wedding Saturday!!

Before the bride's enterance

You may kiss the bride Someone was cracking us up!!!
JT's bud "DL" & my girls in Hawaii

Mr. & Mrs. JT
First Dance (and this trick was solely for entertainment"At Last" By Etta James (why this clip, don't know why.)


The Rambler said...

I know where that is...I know where that is...(your wedding.)

How can you not feel the love and get in the zone when you hear that it.

ka1t_lyn said...

Great song!

Franco said...

omg Maki you look so gorgeous!!!!!!!! you are gorgeous!
so happy,
and yes your posts are often sad but that's what keeps it real!

Jennifer said...

Oh that looks like a beautiful wedding! I love your dress! Great song choice too.

Thank you for stopping by my blog!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Ahhhhh! I LOVE WEDDINGS!!! And I always cry too. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos!! It looks like your wedding was awesome!

Thanks also for stopping by my blog!

Joanna Goddard said...

you are too cute!!!! i love love love your dress. xo and i love all your posts, happy and sad :) you are totally authentic and charming.

Nicole Marie said...

oh it's beautiful!!

everytime i look at anyones wedding pictures i get choked up. something about it just makes me so emotional!

Carrin said...

I love love love weddings! I hope I can be lucky enough to get married again someday. So I can go through it all over again, with the right guy this time!
You were a very BEAUTIFUL bride! and JT was pretty handsome too.

Franco said...

I gave you an award!!!!!!!!!!!! wooo!

Bambola said...

What a beautiful wedding! And your dress is just gorgeous! Men have such an easy day for a wedding. =) thanks so much for sharing those with us x

Maki said...

the rambler: I know you know where that is:) hehehe.. Yes, I agree - that's why I chose the song.

ka1t_lyn: Yes, that's why I love it!

franco: Oh franco, you are so nice. lol. Thanks so much!!!! I'm glad to know how you feel about my blog:)

jeffifer: Oh thank you so much for stopping by - and congrats on SITS!!!

queenie jeannie: I love weddings, too and I always cry, too!!!!

joanna: Aww thank you so much - you're soooo sweet!! I can't wait for your wedding (the pics and story, etc)!!! You're going to be a lovely bride!!!

nicole: I don't know why but I get emotional, too.. I think it's just wonderful event:)

carrin: Honey, you will have your chance again to be the perfect bride!!!! How lucky that you get to fall in love and start all over for better!!! And thank you, I will relay the message to JT:)

franco: Oh My! Thank you so much!! I'm so excited!

bambola: Yes, Men have such an easy day for a wedding, especially mine did. lol. Thanks always! xoxo Maegan said...

awe, your photos are beautiful!!!! I loved your story as well. So funny. I would have been far too freaked out to plan a wedding ...which is partially why we eloped :)

Just beautiful!

Savvy Mode SG said...

you look so gorgeous maki. bf and i are talking about wedding recently and you are right, it is hard to let go of the single free life.

MR style said...

that wedding looked awesome !!

Not The Rockefellers said...

Oh Maki, That song is one of my favorites! We seem to have the same taste in music. It must be the Jersey connection! :)

Peace - Rene

Maki said...

maegan: Thank you, Maegan! Aw you guys eloped???? I always wanted to do that - it's soooo you!!!

savvy: Aw thank you, sweetie! Yep, it's hard to let go, right? But it's all good! LOL

mr style: Hey mr!!! It's good to see you again:) Thank you!!

Rene: Oh yeah? I agree, we seem to like same songs:) Yup, gotta be NJ connection;)

Anonymous said...

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Alev said...

Awww, Maki, it looks like it was SO niice!! It was your day, I hope it was really good.. You look beautiful, btw.. ^^

Maki said...

wow power leveling: Ummm I really don't know what's going on here, but I guess I should say thank you for stopping by...

alev: Aww thanks so much my girlfriend!!!! xoxo

Sarah said...

Your wedding pictures look great! And of course you looked so happy and darling!!
The story made me giddy with excitement. My day is coming up next summer. ;)

Maki said...

Sarah: Aw that's wonderful!!! You must be so excited - you'll be a beautiful bride! Enjoy all the planning:) xoxo

LipSmacker said...

OMG! You look SO Beautiful! I love your dress! What a beautiful day! Where did you get married? It looks so much like when my brother got married near Makena Beach in Maui!

Boy oh boy did he get lucky to have you!! I've seen grooms do a lot of stupid stuff but forgetting to get the MC and his pants! Oh wow!! ;)

Maki said...

lipsmacker: Yes, you kinda guessed it right. The wedding was at Kahala in Oahu. Hawaii is where I grew up.

Speaking of my JT, yes, I could have either totally fainted or killed him.. I was so mad!!! LOL

Momma Chae said...

:) Awesome!!! My husband isn't the only procrastinator in the world! I feel better. My husband wanted me to trim his hair the morning of our wedding. I was in a hurry.... so it doesn't look the greatest and is now recorded in pictures for the rest of time... :)

Maki said...

Momma Chae: YES!!! I am glad I'm not the only one!!!

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