Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He would be the only one going to jail...

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One of my girlfriend J called me this afternoon with a big news. Her older brother is going to fly to California to testify in court. And this is why.

J's older brother D used to live in California. There he met his neighbor lady who has two daughters, age 6 and 9. D also has two sons who are close to the girls' age, so the kids spend time together almost everyday. Although it was very platonic, D and the woman grew really close as well.

One night, D's kids and the girl's kids asked them if they could go over to their neighbor B's house for sleepover party that B is throwing for the kids. This guy B is married and has 3 kids and I guess everybody is friend with everybody in the neighborhood. D and the girl said it's okay and the kids went to B's house for the night.

A few days later, the woman and her two daughters came over to D's house crying. D had no idea what was going on, but then they told him that the neighbor B had sexually molested both girls when they're sleeping at his house. They didn't know what to do and asked D for help. He, of course called Police immediately and filed a police report as well as 2 page letters (that he wrote for himself) detailing exactly what happened to the girls.

Because the girls didn't have a father, D had become a father figure to them. D was livid. I mean mad or pissed would not do any justice with the anger he had towards this guy. D watched the girls grow up and treated like his own kids. It was really tough for him. D took a new job and moved to FL this past summer. I think it was very hard decision because he was really concered about the woman and her daughters. But he needed to do what he had to do.

Anyway, the guy B is locked up right now awaiting trial and now prosecutors want D to testify against B. Okay, D is so ready to put the guy in jail for the rest of his life. Can you imagin people; what kind of a monster this guy is???? The girls are 6 and 8. Taking advantage of innocent girls and commit such heinous act? What sickens me the most is that he has a wife and children. I feel soooo bad for the family. How embarassing and hurtful. A father has to protect child, not harm them.

This guy totally ruined the girls' life. They are scarred for the rest of their lives. Their scars may be healed someday, but the scar tissue will always be there.

I have two girls, defensless tiny girls. If anyone ever gets close to my girls and does anything inappropriate or in worst case sexually molest them? I don't even know what I am going to do.

So I talked to JT about it this afternoon which he of course knows the whole story about J's bro D.

Me: So, J called me today..

JT: Oh yeah... What did she say?

Me: D is flying out tomorrow to California.

JT: Oh? Is he going to testify?

Me: Yes, I think the prosecutor is asking for serious sentense.

JT: Serious sentense? The perv needs to go for good. Really, it pisses me off.

Me: I know right? I mean what would you do if anything like that happened to Ju Ju and Soapy?

JT: Not under my watch.

Me: But JT, you never know. You never know.. It really scares me. This guy seemed normal, a family man.

JT: Yep, that's why I won't let my kids go over to strangers' house.

Me: But really, honestly what would you do? I don't even know what I would do. I think I'm going to cry first and then, and then...

JT: Don't be stupid. Okay, I can tell you this. If anything or anyone hurt one of them or both of them, I would be the only one going to jail.

Me: .......(I had to think for a sec) Oh! I get it. That's my man, JT!!! I would totally be right next to you.

JT: No, the girls would need you to raise them.

Me: Awwwww

So I gave him a BIG BIG sqeeze. And he hugged me back.

I honestly believe if anyone touches our daughters, JT would seriously hurt the guy. I have no doubt that he could possibly kill the guy. Maybe not only JT, but his brothers would join.. I am not kidding everyone.

Maybe true, those sex offenders need treatment, not just jail time. But they need to be locked away and get treatment. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if Ju Ju or Soapy was to be the victim of those sick people.

I am a very forgiving and loving person. But when it comes to children, my heart rests in different place. I know that JT and I will do anything to protect my girls. So, hug your children, my friends and don't ever let go!!!!


Franco said...

wow, sick.
what if the molester were a woman,would your Hubby still hurt her. Would you? even tough he doesn't want you going to jail?

Leesa said...

I think people like this are sooo sick, they need to be put away for good. They never seem to get over this sickness and end up getting out of prison and repeating it again on some poor innocent vicitm(s). I would seriously go and hurt someone badly is this happened to anyone I know's kids...
I was a teacher for many, many years in California and teach kids here in France now... if anyone did anything like that to any of my students, they'd have to reckon with me!!

Franco-- I know what you are saying about the female sex offender thing... I does happen, though not as commonly as with men... But, in the U.S., there is a very big double standard with female sex predators/offenders... It's not fair, but true... All of those people are very sick- both men and women... PS... Kids are also sex offenders, as well... That is really scary...
Sooo sorry to hear about this and I really hope the guy gets put away for good. He's ruined to innocent lives forever, PLUS he's screwed up his family, too... Though, in my head, something tells me he has molested his own children,as well...
Sending prayers.... Leesa

The Rambler said...

Grrrrr, Maki! I'm with your husband. I got the tita in me when angry so my husband may need to hold me back first.

My heart goes out to those girls and the man responsible will get his due in jail. Even criminals hate that crap and hopefully someone will take care of him. I'm sorry, I don't have forgiveness for crimes committed against children. It is the WORST possible thing anyone can do.

(((big hug))) for our kids Maki!

Rachel said...

I hate that we have these sicko f*&%s in the world. I teach both my kids at an early age nobody nobody nobody touches them. It's sad we have to have these kinds of talks but it's a reality. I think we need to send them all to one island and let them be together and have someone hurt them daily so they can be constantly reminded how sick they are!

Tova Darling said...

A girl I grew up with was molested for seven years by her own father. SEVEN years. He spent ONE year in prison. I can't even talk about it without wanting to barf.

Prison is not enough punishment for people like that.

Momma Chae said...

Good for him!!! Every parent knows that justice through the system doesn't make up for something like this happening to your child.

LYDIA said...


I don't have children. I can't imagine something like that happening to my unborn children. I would want to kill!

LadyStyx said...

Your man's a keepr...that's for sure. Sounds like something mine would do...extremely protective.

Savvy Mode SG said...

oh my gosh, good for your brother. i don't have kids myself but i have niece and nephew and to think any adult would be that sick is beyond my reason.

Savvy Mode SG said...

oops, i mean for your pal j's brother...

Bon Don said...

Poor baby's, now their whole lives are turned upside down forever :(

that's so sad. but good for "D" for getting invovled! Maegan said...

just absolutely 100% unacceptable! I hope he goes to jail forEVER.

Bayjb said...

Oh my gosh that's a sad story. There are some seriously sick people out there.

Song of Style said...

super sick, gross, fucking gross.
i fucking hate sick men like that.
fuck. im sorry for cussing so much but it just brought up this memory when i was a little kid (like 8 or 9) I used to do martial arts and the shuttle bus driver kinda molested meeh. I didn't know it was sexual molestation at that time, but once i realized i actually got molested and so did other kids at that place, i felt so sick and disgusted.
that guy or any other men/women who sexualy molest children deserve to be molested in jail by other pervs and rot there.

Maki said...

Franco: Believe me whether it's a woman or man, JT or I would hurt the person who hurts our daughters. Florida has ton of those women (and they are teachers!!) who have had sex with teenage students! Horrible!

Leesa: I so agree with you. There is nothing good come out from all the sick guys and women by setting them free.

The Rambler: Honestly, being the parents of small children, we both know what it takes to protect them. This guy needs to go to Halawa or California prison where bunch of scary convicts reside. They can totally take care of him. *Big Hugs* to our kids

Rachel: I hate it too. And it's so sad, but JT and I always tell our girls that nobody, NOBODY touches them, too. They need to know that. We have to protect them because there so many sickos out there wanting to hurt them if we give them chances.

Tova Darling: I am sorry about your friend. And this is what I am talking about the system itself wouldn't do any justice for all these young children if the offender being let go after a year in jail?? Come on. That's why JT would need to take care of it for himself although I home things like that would never happen to our girls..

Momma Chae: Yes! And I think we should pass a new law that every parent whose kids have being molested by those pervs has the right to hurt them legally. What do you think? ps. thanks for stopping by:)

LYDIA: If you feel agner now even when you don't have children, wait until you have a baby of your own. It's not that you would want to kill, you would kill the person... Scary, but it's true.

Ladstyx: Mine is very protective and he'd do anything to protect the kids. And I know he'd do it.

savvy: Yes, it's beyond our imagination that people like that exist, but they do!!! How upsetting is that???

BON DON: I know my hurt aches for those girls who had to go through that - they don't deserve it. D will do whatever it takes to bring the guy to justice and send him to prison for a LOOOOONG time. ps. thank you for stopping by:)

Maegan: YES. ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. They will need to go forever and ever.

Bayjb: There are so many sick people and more than we know..

Song of Style: I'm so sorry that happened to you. I know many of them including you were so little when that happened, you wouldn't even know when you grow older what had happened.. I don't know what to say, I know how hard it is for you to even remember that... I'm sorry..

Bambola said...

God, I would hate to have to contemplate this kind of thing happening to my family, or my kids when I get them.

Just stories like that makes me so upset.

No you don't sounds weird, thanks for the lovely compliment and the award as well.

Have a great weekend :) x

Nicole Marie said...

so sad for everyone. its hard to think about the world we live in these days.

Maki said...

Bambola: Yes I know! It's just really upsetting... And I hope you liked the award. Have a nice weekend to you too!

Nicole Marie: It is indeed so sad for everyone. The world we live in now is so much better in many ways and worst in other ways..

ka1t_lyn said...

It is so terrible that this even happens. It makes my stomach hurt. I'm so sorry that it happened. Karma will be painful for him.

Maki said...

kat1_lyn: It is really beyond words - those pervs will rot in hell and you're right, karma will haunt them down.

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