Monday, November 10, 2008

I have a confession to make vol. 1 "Congratulations Mommy!"

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I have a confession to make, my friends. Yes, I have a dark secret that I haven't told you, well, actually it's in the past tense now. But really, I haven't discuss this matter here on my blog. So, please read with caution, especially this warning is to you boys!

I have breastfed both of my daughters. I have enjoyed every minute of this special bonding time with them. It has been indeed a special way to connect with my girls and I couldn't be happier those time that I had with them while gazing at their cute little eyes when they look up straight in my eye.

I weaned my oldest Ju Ju when she was 22 month old. I could say that she weaned herself off when she realized it's time to stop when I started to show my pregnant belly with her soon to be sister Soapy. Everyone around me thought that I would never be able to wean her, so that was an accomplishment. Ju Ju has shown that even though she is my no. 1 baby, she can still be a big sis = big girl.

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Then there came Soapy. My apple of my eye. She loved my tiny boobies. She couldn't have enough.. And I loved to hold her and breastfeed her. I couldn't be happier when she was holding on to me and eating her lunch or dinner or snacks. But that was when she was baby. When she was a tiny baby.

The problem with her was that she had never, NEVER wanted to be weaned. I mean, her 2 year old birthday passed and no sign of saying "bye-bye" to mommy's boobies. I had tried to wean her off for the past three months and it never seemed to work. And she's getting bigger and bigger.

I managed to got it down to breastfeed her only before she was going to sleep. She usually fell asleep while on my breast - and I tell ya, she was happy! But I wasn't so happy. It's not because I don't love her. I love her to death of course, but I knew enough is enough.

Everytime I told her, "Soapy, it's time for you to stop, darling. No more Mama's milk. Mommy is getting tired. You're a big girl now," She cried and cried and said, "no, mommy, i the baby. i the baby, mama. no stop..." When she cried like that, how could I say no???

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JT has been such a supporter when it comes to breastfeeding. He's always told me, she would quit when it's time for her. I didn't think so, though. I thought I had to breastfeed her until she's 3. Oh wait, maybe 4... That would be something. I mean, that wouldn't be good. I was getting nervous.

Then today, I told myself, "This is it. I can't go on. It's for me, but for Soapy, too." As I lay next to her, she tried to reach my shirt, so I held her hand and said, "Soapy, I am so sorry, but no more," (her face start to show sign of "i am going to cry, mommy")

Me: "Soapy, listen, I love you. But you are almost three (well, not quite, but close enough). Can Mommy rock you to sleep? How's that sound? Mommy sing your favorite song.."

(she looks at me with the cute little eyes.. Then she pointed the floor with her tiny finger..)

Soapy: "ok, mommy. you wock me to sweep (she can't quite say SLEEP yet)."

Me: "Oh my god! Good girl, Soapy. Thank you so much for trying. I love you..."

Soapy: "no pwobhem, mama, i love you too~"

So, I held her tightly and started to rock her, singing her favorite Sade.. Then she was asleep in 10 minutes. Huh!! I did it!! I couldn't believe how easy it was... It was a long long road, but in the end, JT was right. She was ready to stop....

When I came out from the girls' room, JT was standing right in front of the door with huge smile on his face. Apparently he was peeking through and saw what was happening. I looked at him and he said, "Congratulation, Mommy, " and gave me a HUGE hug. Now I am free, but also it was a bitter sweet.

Thank you, Soapy, my little baby... Mommy is sooo proud of you!!!


Not The Rockefellers said...

This is beautiful and so tender.

Peace - Rene

Franco said...

yeah 2 is too old to keep breast feeding her.
such a nice tale.
she's so cute!!

MJ said...

Good for you! Stand strong momma!

Jess said...

Soapy is going to be really embarassed if she reads that when she's a bit older. And she reads our comments.
Still, very cute, and great determination on your part!

Rachel said...

I am glad she took it well. I only breastfed for 6 mos...your strong girl. My mom on the other hand breastfed me until I was 2.
Congrats to you!

LipSmacker said...

Aw this make me cry, what an important milestone in a mother and child's life. You will be able to boost her confidence in years to come when she thinks she is not ready for things or needs to hang on too long to something, you can tell her how brave and "ready" she was for this!

There are so many medical and psychological theroies about breastfeeding but I think it all comes down to your own relationships with your children. She will be a healthier and happier child because of how well you took care of her! ;)

LBluca77 said...

You must keep this story for her first date. She will be so happy you did. HA!

Those pictures are adorable.

Finding Normal said...

It was bittersweet to end, wasn't it? Maegan said...

oh, I'm about to cry ...big sigh* that is the sweetest ever.

Maki said...

Rene: Aw thanks for saying that..

franco: Awkward! LOL. I have warned you, right? Yes, she is cute.

mj: Hey you! I missed you - I will stand strong(barely.. hehe).

jess: Hahaha, probably she will hate me when she reads this. LOL

rachel: I'm glad she took it well, too. Thank God, I'm sooo relieved!

lipsmacker: Aw you're so sweet!! I agree with you. Although she was too old to be nursed, it was great for both me and her. We're so close and she's so healthy and content. I don't regret any of it.

luca: Honestly girl, I am so saving this story. I'm going to be nosey mama showing it to her future boyfriend. LOL She's gonna kick my ass!

finding normal: Hey! It's so nice to see you here! Thanks so much for stopping by:) Yes, it was indeed bittersweet to end. I'm relieved, but then kind of sad...

maegan: Oh no, don't cry because that will make me cry... xoxo

ka1t_lyn said...

Hey, good for you! My mom has told me a hundred times how hard it was for her to stop breastfeeding! So really, "congratulations mommy"! :)

Maki said...

ka1t_lyn: Aw you were, too? But I am sure your mom had enjoyed and loved every minute of it:) Thank you, girl!

The Rambler said...

yippee mommy! Good job. I know that must have been hard, but you did it... (((hugs)))

Joanna Goddard said...

i loved this post. you are so sweet.

Maki said...

the rambler: Yippee me!! It was really hard because breastfeeding is so rewarding. But I did it! :) *HUGS*

joanna: I'm so happy you loved it! Thank you~~~. xoxo

Diamond said...

Aww, thanks for sharing such a special moment :-).

Queenie Jeannie said...

That was a lovely story! Thank you for sharing it!!!

Alev said...

Awww, this is ever so sweet! :D And the photos are cuuute. ^^

Poetica said...

Your baby girls are so very pretty

Michelle said...

I love this post and I love when breastfeeding women blog about their positive experience.

I breastfed both my girls for 18 and 19 months. I loved every minute of it......even getting over the tough first weeks.

Your girls are beautiful and thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I love meeting new bloggers.

Maki said...

diamond: Thank you for reading my story;)

queenie jeannie: I'm glad that you enjoy this story! Thank you!!

poetica: Aw thank you~~~~

michelle: Thank you so much:) Breastfeeding is great isn't it???

Bayjb said...

This is really sweet. The breast is best :) And reading it was really touching, seeing how connected it makes you.

Nicole Marie said...

that's such a special story.
what beautiful daughters you have.

Maki said...

bayjb: Yes breast is best, you know Jess!!! Breastfeeding my girls was probably one of the BEST I've ever done in my life.

nicole marie: Aww thank you so much! I always get so excited and happy when I meet new people on here:D Stay in touch!!!

ALEV: Sorry~~!! I didn't meant to forget to comment you back. You know I love you, right? Thanks always, girl:D

colbymarshall said...

Good for you!

Maki said...

colby: Thank you!! I'm happy:)

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