Wednesday, November 5, 2008


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What a night folks, What a night... I am speachless(although I have a lot to say). I just witnessed one of the most dramatic and historic moments in our history.

Did you see the amount of people gather at Grand Park in Chicago waiting to hear our elected president's winning speech? I felt the tears flowing down from my eyes. It was an extreme moment which I was moved by the image on TV, the people gathering, waiving American flags and chanting. Today is the day people showed that they believe in something.

I have never seen so many people being so passionate about something. I have never seen so many young people wanting their voices to be heard. This election is not about which side you are on; whether you're a democrat or a republican. This election is about the passion and hopes that people have, the desire to change the situation we are in now.

I believe both Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain fought against each other very well. And I think people in both sides fought well for their own cause. As so many people are happy and excited, I know some people may not be as happy as Obama supporters. But I want to say this; Now is the time to move forward and make a difference in our lives, together hands in hands. It's time for us to believe in ourselves that we can, too, change the world we live in.

I am not going to say much because I don't want to talk politics on my blog. But I hope and pray that what we witnessed tonight will bring prosperity and happiness to each one of you and people of the United States of America and the world!!!

The most moving and powerful speech I've ever heard. (part 1)

(part 2)

The most graceful and beautiful concession speech I've ever heard.


Franco said...

did you hears the boos to mccain? i was like omg!

Dorkys Ramos said...

It was an incredible thing last night :)

And the boos were not to McCain. They were to Obama's victory.

BakerGirl said...

Last night was amazing. Just saying that and typing it seems like an understatement after all of the emotions that surged through me last night! I am so proud of my generation for getting out and voting! It was amazing to finally have your voice heard.


Rachel said...

History was made that is for sure!

LBluca77 said...

Watching that again made me cry. It is so amazing to witness this victory.

Savvy Mode SG said...

i agree with you, we need to move forward as a nation. Maegan said...

I couldn't take my eyes off of the television ...all night! This was the first time I felt anything resembling passion for my country.

I look at Obama and just melt. He is amazing.

SimplyEverything said...

I couldn't believe how soon we found out! Very historical!

Riff Dog said...

So historic. I'm still excited.

colbymarshall said...

We are in history now. I am proud.

Maki said...

franco: I heard the boos, but they were to Obama. But McCain told them to stop. McCain was very gracious and his speech made me cry, too.

dorkys: It was indeed an incredible event - how lucky are we to witness it?

bakergirl: You are so right - you can't even describe what it was like typing it. It was amazing.

rachel: Yes!!

luca: I know! I have been crying since last night. I feel so fortunate to witness what happened last night:)

savvy: I know Obama alone can't solve the problems we have today. We have to work together and help him succeed! ps; i like your new photo:)

maegan: Right? I mean I didn't even want to miss a minute of what was happening!!! Obama has a great way to reach out to people and he is just amazing!

simplyeverything: I know! It was pretty quick!!! It was great!

riff: I'm still excited, too!!!:)

Maki said...

colby: Aww I love the way put it - we are history now... Gosh, I'm so proud, too!!!

Brooke Hughes said...

I agree with you...I also dont like to talk politics, but I have to admit, last night was a historical night!

Song of Style said...

i though mccain's speech was bittersweet but genuine.
sarah palin looked like she was going to cry tho.........
btw, u don't look 30 at all!

Maki said...

Brooke: Yes indeed. I am so glad to see something incredible happened right in front of my eyes.

Song of style: I honestly though McCain's concession speech was sincere and gracious.. Thanks so much for stopping by:)

Diamond said...

I had tears in my eyes. It was really a beautiful, historic night :-).

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