Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Love in Mute....

I've been talking about my relationship with my husband for the past few days. Well, we have not been getting along and every time we talk, ends up in disagreement or argument. Therefore, him and I are not talking to each other, especially today. We're totally in mute. He's watching TV and I'm typin this blog. Why???? Yes, yes, we fail to communicate each other, that's why. He often times blames my ability to understand what he says/asks just because I'm Japanese (I'm originally from Japan.) Is that fair? I mean can he speak Japanese? No. So, I want him to be more understanding of my shortcomings when it comes to English. I did pass my proficiency test before graduating high school though.

This is so frustrating and depressing. Good lord, I have my two daughters, they save my sanity...

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