Monday, July 28, 2008


I realized that I really haven't come here to let out all my thoughts... So many things have happened; good and bad, but I'm always busy running around the house, chasing my two little girls. I also have been trying to set up my own website --- that has consumed all my time at this moment.

The reason I'm writing this blog today is because I have had the chance to see the most incredible and courageous people on TV last week... My husband and I were watching Dateline on NBC ; the topic was human trafficking in Cambodia. Hidden camera was showing all these little girls sold to breothels as sex slaves. 5, 9 or 11 year old girls who are subjected to have sex with men, mostly coming from Western countries as tourists. It was plain disgusting and shocking. I felt this anger that filled my whole body.

I have two little daughters, 2 and 4 year old. All I saw was my daughters' face on TV, those poor little girls'... their innocence were lost long gone... How could this awful thing happen??? Adults are supposed to protect the little souls, not to harm them.

When the program finally introduced those incredible people who have been trying to help the girls in Cambodia, rescuing them from the brothels, I could not help, but cry. Mr. James Pond and his family left sunny California to Cambodia, so they could at least do something, something to help the girls. Not many people are as courageous, selfless and heroic as Pond family. But Pond family also made me realize that maybe, I, too, can change the world, little by litte, one step at a time.

I want to give a standing ovation to Mr. James Pond and his family, and all the people who are doing everything they can to stop the child sex slavery... Thank you so much!!!! You are true heroes!!!!

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