Sunday, September 13, 2009

Surprise Birthday Cake & Movie Review

Hello Dolls! I hope you're having a fabulous Sunday!

I wanted to let you know that the surprise visit to JT's work on Friday night was a sucess! Kinda...

I was working in the afternoon - early evening, so JT's mother brought Ju Ju and Soapy to her house and they made a cake for JT. They decorated so cute and the girls did such a great job. And I'm sorry, I didn't take the pictures. Ahem... Sorry, I can be dumb at times. But everybody forgot to bring the camera, even his mom - I think we were all too nervous and excited to surprise him and all our minds were on the cake! LOL. However, the guys sitting next to our table who happened to be regulars at the bar had camera and one of the guys offered to take the photos for us. JT's brother gave his email, so we may be gettng them in the email.

Anyway, JT's shift starts from 6pm to 2am. I decided to go to his work when the dinner rush is over which is usually around 10pm, so that we wouldn't interfere too much with all the people who work there.

So Friday, JT left the house at 5:45pm as usual. Remember I told you about Ju Ju's mouth slipped about surprising him? So, he was susupicious that we might show up. But I played it cool and told him that we'll see him when he comes home. He called us at 8pm when I was bathing the girls. Now he was beginning to believe that there might not be a surprise for him at work. Then he calls again around 9:30pm. I said I was busy taking care of the girls. I was actually busy getting ready to go out because his mom was supposed to pick us up to bring the cake at 9:45pm.

I called JT's brother and he was on his way to the bar JT works at. Mom in law came a little past 9:45pm and we finally headed there. Oh my goodness, I was getting very very excited and kind of nervous at the same time. Once we arrived at the entrance, the hostess who knew about the whole thing and the manager who also knew about it came outside and we finalized our plan. The hostess was telling me that JT was keep looking outside from the window, acting like he knew something was up. She said, "Does he know you guys were coming? Because he wouldn't stop looking and I was like, oh my god, he's gonna find out - he made me so nervous!"

So, the manager told me that he's gonna tell my husband to help him doing some stuff in the back, so that he wouldn't see us walking in. But here is the thing, JT's brother had already walked in and saying hello to all the people in the bar. I was so hoping JT didn't see his brother.

The hostess brought us to our table and everybody in the bar saw the birthday cake and they all started to cheer. We sat down and waited for the manager to bring JT.... And there he was, all confused and puzzled seeing his two daughters, mother, brother and me and several friends waiting for him. And the next thing we know, everybody who works with him surrounded the table and started singing Happy Birthday and then all the patrons at the bar were singing too!!!

JT and his brother were standing next to each other and put arms around each other's shoulder and huge smiles on their faces - It was such a beautiful scene. I'm so grateful that JT's co-workers and managers were all so kind and nice people. JT really enjoy working with them.

After the song, JT's brother cut the cake and we all ate it. We also had some cocktails and beers and we really had an awesome time. Too bad, JT had to work. Hehe. By the time everything was done, it was already past midnight. Yeeess, it was way past the bed time for Ju Ju and Soapy. So we all decided to go home. Oh I hope it was a good birthday for my hubby and I hope he was happy to see everybody, even though it was at his work (cause he begged me not to come.. LOL.) Happy birthday JT and I want to thank everyone who helped me plan this little get together. Thank you soo much!


Oh, yes, I wanted to talk about the movie JT and I saw on Demand last week. "I love you, Man" - It was hilarious!!! Some parts were kind of whatever, but Paul Rudd and Jason Seigal were awesome. I laughed through most of Paul Rudd's cheesiness. JT's favorite guy was Barry (John Favreau) - He couldn't stop laughin every time Barry shows up and said something mean. One scene where Barry said something at the engagement party, JT keep rewinding the part over and over again and I saw tears overflowing his eyes because he laughed so hard. I hadn't seen him laughing at movie like that in a long tme. Also, we liked the fact that Rush was featured in the movie. JT and I love Rush. I think this is not a movie only men enjoy, but girls can enjoy sitting next to their men. So I must say, we both liked the movie and give two thumbs up! BTW, do you believe there is man like Peter (Paul Rudd) who doesn't have guy friends, but great with girlfriends????


Body Of Lies - cover Pictures, Images and Photos

Next, JT and I also saw "Body of Lies" last week. I'm always fascinated with all these films about CIA/FBI/Military Special Forces. I will never know what realy is going on in their worlds. I think that's why I'm intrigued by it. Can you imagine what it's like to be a field officer for CIA, especially working in Middle East? It's so cool, but you put your life on the line to get the bad guys and protect your own country.

One of my English teacher back in Hawaii once told me his younger sister married to a CIA agent. She really didn't know anything about his job until he retired from the postion. Intereting! Anyway, if you're interested in working for CIA, there are many postions that are available.

I also give this movie two thumbs up!!

What have been your favorite movies lately? Jess over at Everyday Adventure recommended the film "State of Play" which JT and I have been wanting to see, so we're definitely going to sit on the couch with popcorn and order it on Demand.

Now we're off to Sunday dinner! Enjoy the rest of your day!


Bayjb said...

Yay so glad to see you post! I LOVED I Love You Man. It was totes magoats funny

Dionne said...

Oh this sounds great! How sweet of you to include his bro and mum!

And I really enjoyed Body of Lies too, I agree with you - those sort of movies intrigue me.

Maki said...

Bayjb: Aw I'm trying to get back to it!!! Yep, the movie was awesome!

Dionne: I think I was happy more than JT was - it was not my birthday. LOL.. I know - I can't get enough of those kind of movies..

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