Sunday, September 20, 2009

Have A Dreamy Week!!!

I talked about Ju Ju starting kindergarten and it's been almost a month since her first day at school. she's enjoyed learning new things and making new friends. Before Ju Ju started school, I told myself that I anted to be a very active parent with her school and try to participate as many school events as possible. I though it would be good for my daughter, but also good for me, too. I had always wanted to be an in-class volunteer, so that's what I requested when the teacher asked the parents in writing what we could do to help her with the class work..

A week later, one of Ju Ju's classmate's mother called me. She said she and I were the only ones who said "yes" to the in-class volunteering. She asked me if I was still intersted in helping the teacher in the class. I was very ecstatic.

So, for the past two weeks I have gone to Ju Ju's class from 8:30am ~ 10:30am on Thursday. I help Ju Ju's teacher with many things from preparing class material to watching the students to do class work. And I must admit, I enjoy a lot. Those little ones are precious!! They are so cute and innocent, respectful and still eager to learn. They make me smile.. I think Ju Ju is fortunate to have such great classmates. I can't wait to go back there on Thursday again.


By the way, I saw this clip on my sister's facebook. She found it somewhere else and posted on her page. After seeing this puppy, I had to steal it from my sister and post it on here. Is this puppy cute?? I mean, I can't stand it. I want this dog!!!


null Pictures, Images and Photos

JT and I finally saw the movie "State of Play" the other night. And I am telling you, it was a great movie!!! JT and I've seen many movies on Demand lately and we've been lucky that all the movies we saw have been great. But this film had so many twist and I truly enjoyed it. Russel Crowe was great as always, Ben Affleck played a role that's a little different from previous roles and Rachel McAdams was cute. Side note: I think she is one of women who looks better in brunette than blond.
What do you think? Am I right???
Rachel Mcadams Pictures, Images and Photos
rachel mcadams Pictures, Images and Photos
Anyway, I give this movie two thumbs up, way up!!! Thanks Jess!

I hope you had a lovely weekend - Have a beautiful week!!!!


Bayjb said...

You are such a great mom to go in and help with the classroom. SO CUTE, you should post pictures so we can see it!

rachel said...

I saw that video of the dog recently too and loved it! It's just too adorable :)

freeteyme said...

aawwww kudos to you for helping out in her class!
I always wanted to see that movie now I am even more psyched to see it!

Penz said...

i've been a volunteer at the kids school for the last 3 years now. It's nice and they get excited when your there. At first I would hear...who's mom is they know and its cute when the other kids talk to you. :) I also agree about the brunette color. She looks real and not pretentious. Have a lovely day.

JennyMac said...

that dog is SOOOOO cute! I love that vid.

Maki said...

Bayjb: I'm thinking about taking some pics and post them, however, I may have to use only Ju Ju's, not the classmates.

rachel: I know! The dog is just too cute, right?

freeteyme: You HAVE to see the movie - it was really good!!!

Penz: That's awesome that you've been volunteering at your children's school for 3 years!! I know what you saying, the kids always ask my girl, "is she really your mom???" - aw the look on my daughter when she "yes" is priceless!! And yes, I love the brunette color so much better on her!

JennyMac: Oh the video is too cute! You're a dog lover I see... :)

colbymarshall said...

Cool- have fun!

Kristin said...

I thought Justin Bateman totally made the movie! And I would love to be able to do that in the dude's classroom someday.

The Blonde Duck said...

How sweet of you to help!

Kristin said...

And I totally meant Jason Bateman. ah ha

Maki said...

Colby: Aw how I've missed you so!!!

Kristin: I know exactly what you meant - And yep, he was great in it. I mean don't you love him???

The Blond Duck: Thank you!!

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