Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Mom Deserves Something So Precious...

Oh, I haven't done this in a while. But Kat is one of my favorite persons on blogsphere and I know I always do her assignment when I'm feeling down. Somehow, when I see her prompts, they make me smile and lift my spirit...

Today, I picked her prompt #1: If You Give A Mom A Moment...

{If You Give A Mom A Moment...}

If I could, I will give my mom a moment to be with my daughters... A moment that she hasn't had for over two years.

A moment that she can sit on the couch and watch Ju Ju and Soapy sing in front of her.

A moment that she can holds my daughters hands and walk around the lake..

A moment that she can talk to Ju Ju and Soapy in Japanese even though they wouldn't understand it.

A moment that she wants so desperately desire, but it seems I can't give...

Many of you know that my mom is on dialysis, so she hates flying, especially from Tokyo to Florida is such long hours. I don't want to say we're struggling, but because JT losing job last year right before Christmas (for 3 months he was out of job) and JT became sick during Easter weekend, we have had tough time with our finances since. We haven't been able to fly back to Hawaii which is a LOT closer to Japan. We couldn't even fly back to one of my best friends' wedding in September. Therefore, I haven't seen my mother for more than two years.

We do talk every day on the phone, and Ju Ju talks to my mother in Japanese. My mom is just happy to hear her first granddaughter's voice and she's very upbeat. But I'm very sad. I know it's like a broken record, talking about her and how much I miss her over and over again in my posts, but I do miss her.

I miss watching my mom spending time with my daughters. I miss every things that I can't share with my mom because she is such a beautiful person who can give so much to my girls... She deserves to see my girls while they are small and cute, running around like tiny bugs. I'm disappointed in myself that I haven't been able to bring the girls closer to my mom.

But, I hope my dad and my mom can fly here together soon - that would be nice...


Momma Michie said...

I understand exactly how you are feeling. I pray that your mother heals well and soon and that you are able to reunite shortly.

My grandmother raised me and is now 85. She is not in the best of health but I moved her to be with me at the beginning of this month. At the moment she is in the hospital (for the past week) for blood clots in her legs from not walking in a month and her kidney but I continue to pray strong and that she will be back in my house sooner than later and walking.

I admire your love for your mother.

God bless.

kisatrtle said...

Here's hoping you get your wish sooner rather than later.

Farrielle Design and Fashionista said...

Oh you made me cry. I really understand what you saying. I am praying that your mom feels better and that God will give her the courage to maybe visit you soon. I live in the States and my mom is oversees, I so wish my kids could grow up having their grandma nearby but for now it is skype where they see Oma or talk on the phone. Sending you a big hug today, hope that you feel better today.

heidi said...

That was very poignant. I do hope you get to see your mom, soon.

Dionne said...

I am sure that your mother will recover and I hope that you will see her really soon! I am far from my mum too, so I miss her like crazy!!

Your mum sounds like such a lovely lady!

KLaw said...

Sending positive thoughts to your Mom and your entire family!

Ms. Salti said...

I had no idea about your mom. I'm sorry about that. I'm glad you get to talk everyday. You may not be able to see eachother but talking is good. I bet the girls can't wait to see their grandma when the time comes!

Bayjb said...

Oh my gosh dear I'm so sorry! I hope your mom gets better and you guys can go visit her soon so she can see those lovely daughters of yours

Grand Pooba said...

That's got to be so hard to be so far away from your parents! At least you do get to talk to her over the phone, I hope she and your dad get to visit soon!

Kristin said...

Don't be disappointed in yourself. You are being responsible with your finances. That's what is best for your girls. I hope your Mom feels better and is able to make the trip soon!

Mama Kat said...

Awwww....I wish I could help you give your mom that dream! Sometimes we take the simplest things for granted. I'm so lucky my mom lives close and can sit on the counch and watch her grandkids!!

Maki said...

Momma Michie: Aw that's wonderful that your grandmother is close to you now. I pray for your grandma, you and your family!!!!

kisatrtle: Thank you!! I hope so too!

Fashionista: It's really hard to have your mom far away, right? But we gotta be strong and I so hope both of our moms get to see their grandchildren! xo

heidi: Thank you very much:)

Dionne: You mum must be wonderful because you're wondeful!!! I love you! xoxo

KLaw: Thanks so much!! xoxo

Ms. Salti: Yeah, at least I get to talk to her which helps a lot.. But still I miss her. xoxo

Bayjb: Yes I know!! I hope she get to see the girls very soon! xoxo

Grand Pooba: I'm kind of used to being away from my dad and mom, but I'm not used to not being able to see them.. It's really frustrating.

Kristin: Thanks so much. I'm trying not to be so hard on myself, but it gets hard at times. But I'm trying to be positive!

Kat: Thank you sweetie:) I'm sure you mom enjoyes every minute of being close to your lil kiddies!! They are so cute! xoxo

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