Monday, September 14, 2009

The Last Day of Your Life

It all started this morning when I heard the news about the missing Yale student's body being found in the wall at the basement of school laboratory. I get really scared and nervous when I hear about freaky murders or accidents on news. It really makes me think and wonder how I wll die.

Funny thing is, that's all we talked about when I was at work today with the clients, my boss and I. The truth is, no matter how hard we try, there is nothing we can do to change our fate. When the time comes, that's it. And it scares me. I'm not so afraid of dying, but I know I'm afraid of not knowing how I die.

Then I was reading Women's Journal and it featured an article about phobia; what's healthy fear and what's unhealthy fear. I think having fear is a good thing; it alarts you and makes you think before you act - it's like a defense system. But if the fear prevents you from having a normal activity, then it becomes a problem.

Anyway, today was the day I thought about my life - the end of my life to be exact. Do you have any fear, darlings? Are you afraid of dying?


Also, I want to pay a tribute to Patric Swayze who just passed away this evening at the age of 57. Many people loved him in Dirty Dancing (I do admit he could dance!!!). Two of my favorite movies that he was in it were "The Outsiders" and "Ghost" - He was so great it these movies.. I am really sad that he's died - He was definitely one of my idols when I was a young girl.

Patrick Swayze Pictures, Images and Photos

OUTSIDERS! Pictures, Images and Photos
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Rest in Peace, Patrick.....


Karen said...

I, too, am saddened by Patrick Swayze's passing. I'm posting something on my blog tomorrow about it.

The story of the Yale grad student is just so distressing. I'm with you. This kind of thing can just happen at any time. I don't spend my days fearing how or when I'm going to die, but stories like this do make it a little more of a reality.

Grand Pooba said...

I need to watch the Outsiders, I've never seen it, but Dirty Dancing will always be a fav of mine.

I've never really thought about HOW I'm going to die really, but I have thought about what if I die tomorrow? I will have lived life without having children, that would suck. I know, very deep.

My husband and I were talking about the Yale student and how it had to be a professional because they managed to stay clear of all the cameras and get into a secured building and know where there was a removeable panel to hide a body in a wall! Seriously, this stuff only happens in movies right?!

Carrin said...

I too have a fear of the unknown. I am not afraid of dying but rather the not knowning when or how. I hope that I am a terribly old woman surrounded by family and friends but God has a plan for everyone. You just never know what He has planned for you.

Dionne said...

Annie Le's story broke my heart. Her poor fiance, only days away from their wedding.

And Patrick Swayze was awesome. Pancreatic Cancer is so terrible. I knew 2 people who lost battles to that horrible thing.

Brian still hasn't seen Dirty Dancing, maybe we can watch it this weekend.

Bayjb said...

I was really sad to hear this news. I mean, I know he didn't look good the last picture that he released wasn't helping me think he would recover so I held out hope. Sadly I was wrong

Maki said...

Karen: I'll definitely stop by your blog to read about Patrick Swayze. It's true, the news about the Yale student is so scary and sad...

Grand Pooba: You have to watch the Outsiders!!! It's such a good movie - very classi old story.

I think many of us feel the same way; you just don't want to die having regrets. I always tell my sister the same - she's been married almost 9 years and still no children. It would be too late

Also, I agree! It has to be an inside job where the suspect(s) has to know how to get around the facility and everything, and yes, this stuff only happens in movies!!!

Carrin: You're so right, Carrin. I hope when I die, I'm a real old grandma surrounded by all the people I love. I would be so happy to have the ending..

Dionne: I know, that poor fiance, can you imagine losing someone you love right before your wedding? It's so sad - she seemed a nice girl, too.

Also, I remember you talking about the people you know lose battles to pancreatic cancer. I'm so sorry..

You and Brian have to watch Dirty Dancing together! Let me know if he likes it or not. :)

Bayjb: I hear you.. I was kind of optimistic about him, too, ever since he was on Beast. I knew he was sick, but he made it sound like cancer was in remission. I think many people are sad and stunned by it.. I'm gonna miss him a lot.

Kristin said...

I was so sad to hear about his death. He was fighting so hard.

freeteyme said...

it was sad to hear about his passing. I saw his Barbara Walters interview and he was amazing and so brave.
Just another reminder that life is too short. Have a nice day!

Maki said...

Kristin: I know.. He was a fighter to the end:(

freeteyme: So many people are suddenned by his passing. I'm gonna miss him terribly...

Dorkys Ramos said...

I'm also worried about how I'll kick the bucket. Sometimes I'm terrified I'm going to get pushed in front of an incoming train and other times I'm scared it'll be a mugging gone horribly bad.

The Yale student story is beyond depressing. I feel so badly for her family and her fiance :(

Maki said...

Dorkys: I know exactly what you're saying. It just scares me to think about it!!!

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