Thursday, February 19, 2009

This Is Your First and Last Chance...

To see me without makeup or any kind of primping... I'm doing this because I love Mama Kat so much.. It's all her fault. She always brings the best out of me....

Today I picked the prompt #2:

"Take a picture of yourself right this minute without primping and explain to us why it is you have not washed your hair today."

Seriously, it is time for me to bare it all to you guys, right - this is the real Maki! So ZEXY isn't she?? That's why this is your first and the last time to see me without the makeup... I can totally see my true age and it's not pretty. You see the dark spots? Wrinkles? Ewww.

I took this photo 15 minutes before midnight - ahem...what's my daughter doing up this late??? Well, she took a nap very, very late and she's wide awake!!


I so did not wash my hair because it was my day off and I didn't feel the need to get pretty. All I want was to relax and washing my hair or putting makeup was the least thing I needed to worry. I am going to clean myself up tomorrow morning before going to work...

Also, this is my first - I picked second prompt. This is your lucky day! Wooo Hooo!

For my second prompt, I picked #1.

"If you were starring on American Idol TONIGHT and HAD to sing, what song would you choose and why."

I talked about my love for singing. I love to sing. I don't care if I am good or horrible. I just love to sing. If I were starring on American Idol tonight and had to sing, I would definitely pick the song, "It's My Life", "Underneath It All" or "Don't Speak" by No Doubt.

No Doubt Pictures, Images and Photos
No Doubt is definitely one my favorite bands - it has to do a lot with the generation I was in when I listened to their music. I was in my twenties living in Hawaii. No Doubt career peaked in 90's ~ early 2000's and I had the time of my life during those years.

How cool is it to be the only girl in the band, surrounded by the cool boys? It's awesome to be Gwen Stefani!

I haven't gone to Karaoke since I moved to Florida, but I used to sing No Doubt everytime I went to the Karaoke bars with my hubs and friends in Hawaii. So enjoy the songs I used to torture my friends and strangers with.

The real video clip for Underneath It All


Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

lOVE IT!!!

I am a Pink fan myself... Gwen is great too!

thamesarino said...

love love love Gwen Stefani!
you are so super cute without make-up...what are talking about?
great post! : )

Michelle said...

Ok, how funny......I was going to pick a No Doubt song too! :)

Dan said...

Gwen is a good choice. At least you can sing (unlike me).

And I have to agree with thamesarino - you don't need to worry about makeup.

Good post - I came over from Mama Kat's

CJ said...

It would be so nice to have a voice nice enough to sing in public. I like to sing, but I do it in my car when I am alone and the windows are up. Otherwise I might be arrested for noise pollution.

LadyStyx said...

Im with the dont need make-up hun, you're just darling without it!

Becky said...

You are way cute! Don't Speak is one of my favorite songs. Cute little girl... get some sleep!

The Rambler said...

Um, look super HOT even when you don't have makeup on. :)


Anonymous said...

How can you look that cute at midnight with no makeup and unwashed hair? I'm so jealous!

michelle said...

love look beautiful...

m :)

Rachel said...

I too love No Doubt!!!

I think you look fantastic even without makeup!

freeTEYme said...

what wrinkles? where? you look gorgeous even without make-up on!

Penz said...

No doubt has been my fav since they came out, still love gwennie too!

Carrin said...


You look just fine with out make up. You don't look a day over 25!

Lalapoo said...

Girly! I so remember NO DOUBT! now I know what age you are ! exactly the same as ME hi hi! and by the way you look HOT with or without makeup..

Dionne said...

You have such lovely, smooth skin - what are you talking about? You don't even need makeup!!!

And go Gwen Stefani!

Franco said...

MAKI, you look fab witout make up.
Karioke is never good for me, I suck at it.
I like those bands as well.

Paige said...

I would not mind being Gwen Stefani--she is pretty impressive! Maegan said...

you are ADORABLE!!!!

vsm/whirling dirvish photography said...

Um what wrinkles???

Girl your gorgeous!

Gwen is the shit!

The Eadle Family said...


I just shiver thinking what music my kids will be into when they are teenagers. lol

Poetica said...

You look great without make-up, a natural beauty!

The Mommy said...

You are too cute!

Love No Doubt also!!! Gwen Rocks!

kendrasue said...

You are so cute without makeup even! Way to be brave and post it on the internet!

Diva Ma said...

Honey, you look good without the makeup. Not everyone can pull it off. We are our own worse critics.

Laura said...

Your daughter is so beautiful! She must get it from her mama!

Nicole Marie said...

wrinkles and dark spots?? please! you have the most perfect skin!

colbymarshall said...

I think you're gorgeous even if your hair WAS dirty--you can't tell!

Also, I'd just like to point out that the word for my "word verification" is "colbony." Perfect!

Kaitlyn said...

That takes guts, and I think you are so naturally gorgeous-- love your smile!

Bayjb said...

You are so gorgeous! I'm jealous you can look that good without makeup.

Also, I'm obsessed with No Doubt. Underneath it all is one of my faves. Love Gwen Stefani

Maki said...

Saundra: Pink is another good choice - she is such an original.

thamesarino: Thanks so much - yes, Gwen is cool..

Michelle: Really? How funny!

Dan: I don't know about if I can sing.. I just love to sing - and thank you, you're so kind.

CJ: Oh I just love singing at the bar drunk! lol..

LadyStyx: Aww you're so sweet! Thanks:)

Becky: Yep don't speak is one of my fav, too!

The Rambler: HOT??? Gosh, you're too nice - love ya. xoxo

blueviolet: I usually go downhill after midnight - I was haning tough last night:)

michelle: Aw sweetie, thank you..

Rachel: I knew it! I knew you like No Doubt. And thank you very much!

freeTEYme: You know what I should have done? The closeup photo - I do have spots on my skin! But thank you so much for being so nice:)

Penz: I still remember those days when the band was super hot. I can't wait for their new album this year..

Carrin: I love you - thank you:)

Lalapoo: hi hi!! LOL. Yep, No Doubt = our generation, right???

Dionne: Girl, you're too nice! I so needed to post the closeup photo - serious! But thank you so much:)

Franco: Thank you my friend - I think you should try Karaoke. It's fun!!!

Paige: Yes, I think she's pretty awesome too!

Maegan: Thanks so much sexy!

vsm/whiring: Thank you girl!!!

The Eadle Family: My thought exactly!! I think our generation had pretty awesome choice in music..

Poetica: Oh my goodness, hello beautiful!! It's so nice to hear from you!!

The Mommy: Thank you soooo much!

kendrasue: I know right? I have no shame.. LOL

Diva Ma: You're so right!!! Thank you:)

Laura: Aw honey, thank you~~.. I say she got it from her dada. lol

Nicole Marie: You might faint when you see my face closely.. lol. Thank you beautiful! xo

colby: yeeeesss, my hair was dirty. It smelled a bit too.. (i kid i kid) lol.... I love you.

Kaitlyn: Yes, I know - You can say guts, I say shameless. lol.

Bayjb: Yes, Underneath It All is my favorite actually... Thank you Jess! xoxo

Elizabeth Marie said...

Ohhh we would rock out some "Don't Speak"

WOMAN you look amazing without any makeup!!! What the heck are you talking about?

Look at your cheekbones, you're a makeup artists dream!! Le sigh...

Oh and "A" is a great letter! I keep thinking of things haha.

Maki said...

Elizabeth Marie: Aw that would be awesome!!!

I used to hate my cheekbones, but now I accept that fact that they are part of me. Thanks gorgeous. Oh, I'm glad you like the letter "A".. We'll see what you're going to come up with.. xoxo

Ronnica said...

I've seen several of these pictures of people, and each one is so beautiful!

Oh, and I enjoy No Doubt, too. Just fun, ya know?

Mommynightowl said...

I love no doubt. I just dont sing her songs in public cause i cant carry a tune

Smittenly Written said...

Most Excellent Choices!!! :) My one and only karaoke experience was a No Doubt song too...Simple Kind of Life.

Mama Kat said...

You're beautiful!

Next time post a video of YOU singing karaoke!! I bet you're great. :)

Muppet Soul said...

Oh sweet Jesus, honey, I WISH I looked that good without make-up on, lol.

Yay for No Doubt! Listening to them completely puts me in driving-to-high-school-sneaking-in-cigarettes mode.

Riff Dog said...

You look great, with or without makeup!

I'm a big No Doubt fan as well . . . although I don't get off as much on the "surrounded by guys" part. ;-)

Maki said...

Ronnica: Oh yes, I've seen the other people's photos, too! They're so naturally beautiful:)

Mommynightowl: I am a night owl, too!!! xoxo

Smittenly Written: Seriously No Doubt is one of the best!!! I can't wait for their long awaited new album!

Kathy: Well, you're the best looking mama on the planet! Thanks so much:)

Muppet Soul: LOL.. Funny! But I totally know what you're saying..

Riff Dog: Why not, surrouded by the guys is the best part!!! lol.. That would be my dream - singing in the boy's band, like Paramore.

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