Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Am Sorry...

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I am a slacker... I am supposed to post some stuff on my blog for the past few weeks: I've been tagged by Taraand I've wanted to play this game that LBluca was doing and she even has given me the instruction. I also have been given two awards by BakerGirl and freeTEYme and yet to post them. I'm doing it, but it's been a very slow process. I know, I know, I'm a loser... But, I am tired! I am exhausted.... I am sooooo a zombie right now.

My dear friends - Please help me? What would you do to break from a blogging funk and non-stop exhaustion?


michelle said...

...ahhh the blogging seems to be going around...:) maybe it is the weather...haha you can tell I am from Canada we blame everything on the weather!!
don't beat yourself up'll come back!!


Rachel said...

Take a sick day from work and stay home like I did today; kids at school, hubby at work and silence in the house.

Laura said...

I hope you come back soon. I've been having a hard time keeping up with everything too. I feel so behind on everyone's blogs. Once you think of a topic you want to write about, I'm sure you'll be right back at it!

Dionne said...

I think you should go out and explore your town. That always gets me inspired when I am in a funk. I'll either go into the city and try a new coffee shop, or go to one of those streets with a bunch of cool old houses. Discovering new things always inspires me.

Reluctant Housewife said...

Hey it happens to everyone... Don't beat yourself up over it. I've always found that blogging is easy and fun again when I stop pressuring myself about it.

Carrin said...

oh poor Maki's in a bloggy funk! I think sometimes blogging is pretty overwhelming. There are sooo many good ones to read and games to play along with. Sometimes you have to pick and choose and then just write whatever you want when you want!
You'll snap out of it!

<3 <3 <3

Needsleepy said...

Awwww Maki I hear you hun. You'll snap out of it eventually.
BTW, I gave you an award on my page. You don't have to do anything for, just wanted to show my appreciation! Check out my post for details.

Maricris Zen Mama said...

Been there, done that. Sometimes, it is very frustrating but we go through this phases. It's harder when you work full time which kinda rubs all that spare time allotted to blogging but, you'll get spurts of inspiration and it will come back for sure. Take it easy.

LBluca77 said...

You don't need to say sorry, we all get busy or to tired to blog sometimes. Sometimes blogging has to take a back seat to everything else.

Don't worry we will all still be here when you are up and blogging at full speed.

Kaitlyn said...

That blogging funk is hard to kick, I know! I'd suggest taking a day to unwind, to go to bed early, to do something that relaxes you. Take time off, and then take time to come back. Read interesting posts, look up news articles that you like, and get your brain flowing again :)

Riff Dog said...

Sounds like a vacation to Los Angeles is in order! ;-)

Bayjb said...

Awww blogging funk. That is tough. I will write down some post ideas and then leave them alone for a day or two. And for exhaustion. Well I got nothing there. Sorry.

Nicole Marie said...

aww maki i'm sorry for the slump. I know the feeling. jump in bed with the girls and husband and eat candy and watch movies!!

BakerGirl said...

It's okay to be in a funk every once in awhile!

I'm in one right now... mainly bc I feel like if I write about what I want to write about, I may jinx my chance of getting in. I know, I'm retardely superstitious.

I'm also beyond broke so my life is still the same!

hmm... maybe we should win the lottery and quit our day jobs!

Maki said...

michelle: Yes, let's blame it on the weather!!! Well, it's kinda hard to do if you live in FL, but heck, why not?? LOL. Thank you:)

Rachel: I think I should try that - good thought!

Laura: Once you start to slack it, it's hard to catch up, right? But I'm trying to bring myself back up.. Thanks honey:)

Dionne: You know what? That's what I am going to do this weekend!! There are not many cute cafe's around here, but I'm trying to find one in downtown - thank you!!

Reluctant Housewife: You are sooo right!! I should enjoy it. Thank you!

Carrin: My dear girlfriend.. Thanks so much - you always make me smile:)

Needsleepy: Aw Sweetness, thanks sooo much - I really appreciate it and I will heart it. Thanks!! xoxo

Maricris: I know, I know... I will try not to put too much pressure anymore. Thank you!

LBluca77: Aw you make me cry. Yes, blogging has to take the back seat to everything else.. Thanks gorgeous:)

Kaitlyn: You know, you're a lot younger than me, but more mature than I am... LOL. Gosh, you're so smart.. Thanks honey.

Riff Dog: You think so?? Maybe Disneyland? LOL

Bayjb: Good thinking! That's always great to have some ideas before hand... Clever:)

Nicole Marie: I think that is it! Enjoy your weekend - I can't wait for your report on the wedding!

Maki said...

BakerGirl: Yes, I know, right? One of the client almost won $6 millions past Wednesday. She got five numbers, but the last digit was way off, hense she got $6000.. Well, I could totally be happy with $6000.. LOL Love ya!

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