Wednesday, July 1, 2009

JT At the Airport

There are many stories to share from the vacation in New Jersey. Today, I want to talk about an incident at the airport on the way to NJ.

JT was telling me from the night before our trip that we needed to pack light. If we need something, we can always get it in NJ. And it's true, I always regret packing too many stuff because our luggages get too heavy even before getting to destination and moreover, we ususally end up not using half of the stuff in the suitcase. I tend to buy many things while one vacation, so let's be smart and bring only the necessity. And I really enjoyed packing only the things we need - I realized less is better...

Anyways, when we were about to leave, JT came out from the storage and said, "I'm going to bring this putter," and he held in his hand. "You are not bring the golf bag?" I asked. He said, "No, I have my other sets at dad's." The putter is a gift from my dad and JT cherishes it ever since.

Now, we got to the airport and we were checking in at Continental desk. They charge $15 for first luggage and $25 for the second. Gosh, it was free until last year... Anyway, as we're checking in our luggage and kids' car seats, there were three agents saw that JT had the putter in his hand. But they didn't say anything when we walked away from the counter to heading to the gate.

At Tampa International, we need to use monorail to get to terminal/gate. When we showed the tickets to the security, the lady said, "Sir, I don't think you can bring your golf club..." Now to our drama that lasted 40 minutes begins...

JT: "What?"
Lady: "It is a prohibited item. They wouldn't let you bring it in.."
JT: "But, the ticketing agents saw me holding this putter the whole time I was downstairs."
Lady: "Well.."
JT: "I thought I could bring it because they didn't say anything. Can I at least try to see if I can go through the security?"
Lady: "Prohibited item is prohibited, but you can try. I think you will have to turn around and back though.."
JT: "Okay, that's fine. Thanks."

Now, JT and I were getting annoyed. We both knew that those agents saw him holding the club. They didn't even ask us whether we're checking in the putter. I mean, come on, what did they think it was that JT was holding? A crutch?

After the monorail, we were at the security check point. First guy who saw us with the girls directed us to where no one was waiting in line - it's good to have little ones. LOL. As we tried to put the stuff on the belt, the guy security officer said.... "Excuse me, you can't bring that in though. They won't let you bring it in on the plane."

Here we go again. Sometimes, my husband amazes me...

JT (in a very calm manner) : "Well, none of the ticketing agents told me I can't bring this on the plane. They saw me carrying it the whole time I was checking in. Why didn't they say anything to me?"

guy: "I don't know. But I don't think they will let you bring it on the plane."

JT: "I don't need to bring this on the plane with me. Do you think I can leave it by the gate enterance with my kid's stroller? They can take it with the stroller to the cargo and bring it back when we land in NJ.."

guy: "I don't know.. I don't think you can, but let me ask.." (security asks his superior officer..)

Boss Security: "Sir, I'm sorry, but you can't bring that. It's a prohibited item."

JT: "I understand now that my PUTTER is a prohibited item. But why on Earth no one at the ticket counter told me I couldn't bring this? It's really frustrating. "

Now Maki felt that she needed to back her husband up although there is no winning in sight.

Maki: "Seriously, they all saw him carrying this putter. It's their job to make sure that he to check in the patter. It's not right that they just let him go without saying anything and knowing he's going to get in to trouble. It's a little embarrasing too." (my face was turning red!)

Boss Security: "I don't know what else to say. I can escort you back to the ticket counter...."

JT" "Okay, let's go. (he turns to me) Now, you go with the girls and wait for me at Starbucks."

After 30 minutes waiting for JT at the Starbucks, he finally showed up with frustration. He said the same agents were there when he went back. When JT complained why none of them had asked nor told him to check in the putter, they said they didn't see he had it. Bull Shit!!!! Can you believe it? We only use Continental and we love flying with them. But, I was very upset with their "Oh, we didn't see it" comment. Some people were just lazy. Plain lazy. However, they only charge JT for the box to put the putter in because of the misunderstanding, they said.

It was very frstrating, but at the same time it was kind of funny to see my husband trying from every different angle to see if he can bend the rule. I knew and he knew it wouldn't be possible, but I thought for a minute, maybe he could make those security guys say "yes.." He has that charm. LOL. I am sure he would haved tossed that putter if it hadn't been from my dad's.

So, do you have any bad experience at the airport? Have you seen any annoying passenger like JT who wouldn't take "No" for answer?


Dionne said...

How FRUSTRATING! I would be so mad at them! Situations like this bother me to no end! But you guys handled it well, it sounds.

When Brian and I went to the Greek Islands, we stopped off in France for refueling, and this lady came on with her laptop. We were sitting in the emergency exit seats, and when sitting there, you can't have any personal items with you, because there's no seat in front to stow them under, so she just held it in her lap. Before taking off again, the stewardess asked her to put it in the overhead compartment, but she refused. They argued for a few minutes and the stewardess said that she could move seats to one with a seat in front that she could put the laptop under, but the lady still refused.

Another two stewards ended up coming and talking with her, and then finally she decided to move. But your situation is not like hers, you two were clearly in the right to believe you could take the putter on board since the check-in staff saw you and didn't stop you from bringing the putter. How annoying!

Ms. Salti said...

So frustrating. I haven't had any problems that I can think of, but my parents got stuck in Frankfurt because Delta/Lufthansa had "lost" their reservations from Germany to Jordan. They had to pay upwards of $7,000 for round-trip, first-class tickets (because that's all that was available) to get out of Germany. They still had the reservation for the return flight from Jordan but had to buy round-trip anyway!

LadyStyx said...

geez. You had to figure they were gonna lie to cover their butts though.

FrancoB. said...

omg that so fucking frustrating, once my dad got his really expensive laptop stolen in the airport, he turned around for 2 seconds and BOOM it was gone.
My only bad airplane experience was when i was 9, we were flying from peru to miami, I went to airplane bathroom and forgot to switch the tag from free to occupied, so there I was taking a shit when all the sudden the door opens and this lady is like oh, I'm sorry!
and when i got out of the bathroom i had to walk all the way to my sit in front of all those people knowing the lady that saw me was sitting there somewhere!
so embarrassing!

Kristin said...

One time when we flying out of there we saw a HAMMERED lady make it all the way on to the plane despite the fact that numerous people complained. There were kids around and she was chatting up everyone who around her about her sex life in graphic detail. She didn't get kicked out until we were about to take off ant which point she through a fit which held up the flight. Common sense people.

kendrasue said...

We were flying to Miami from Kansas to board a cruise ship right after 9/11 and at every stop to and fro they stopped my dad to "check him." Not that there is a specific look to a terroist but he was/is far from it. He looks like a farmer. He was very ticked to say the least. Hopefully the rest of your trip was uneventful!

Bayjb said...

Holy cow that is UNBELIEVABLE. I give him credit for keeping calm because I would have started losing it. How are they that threatened by a PUTTER?

Kaitlyn said...

Airports suck. They are just horrible places to go. That is a perfect example of why I hate taking a plane. Sigh.

(My dad lives in MI, my mom used to live in NC. I've done my fair share of traveling. My worst experience was when I had to walk a mile back through security and down to the check out because I refused to throw out my perfume. It's the silly stuff that really bugs me.)

The Blonde Duck said...

I would have been beyond mad.

Nicole Marie said...

hahah oh man! frustrating but now that you look back its kind of funny.

airports can be so frustrating. i wont fly delta anymore because of how rude a manager was to be. southwest all the way. they are the best and always so nice!

Maki said...

Dionne: Oh I was mad, but try not to show too much because of the girls.. There are certain situations that worth arguing or fighting for, but the lady with laptop is so annoying? I mean, I would not hesitate to listen to flight crew because I don't want to embarrass myself!

Ms. Salti: That is ridiculous! Airline businesses need to come up with better emergency solution. $7000 is not cheap!!!!

LadyStick: Yep, you're right! We knew that's what they're gonna say.

Franco: Aww Franco.. I know it was traumatizing experience, but I must say, cute!!! I'm sorry about your dad's laptop - that must have sucked!! :(

Kristin: Oh my god, that lady needed to kicked off asap!!! I would have totally freaked and definitely told her face to shut her mouth.. Geeeez. Gross.

kendrasue: How upsetting is that! That is called misuse of profiling. 9/11 totally changed the way we fly. It sucks!!!!

Bayjb: Seriously, Jess. It's a Putter. JT was close to losing it, but thank god we had our girls with us - he couldn't be angry in front of them in public.

Kaitlyn: Gosh, don't you hate that??? Perfume is perfume, you don't want to waste it especially if it's brandnew one.

The Blond Duck: I still wish I had complained more.. I was pissed!

Nicole: Yes, it's funny looking back. I've never flown with Southwest.. Is Southwest the one that has a reality show????

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