Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Couldn't Help But....

I am sorry, but I had to post this. Chritian Bale. I know I talk about him way too much of recent. But I can't help it. He is just SOOOOOOOO perfect in my book. These photos come from GQ photo shoot - I bought two June issue of GQ just because he was on the cover. Forgive me, JT..

This face..

This was the cover photo for GQ.

Even when he's not doing anything, he looks sexy. Not fair...

His smile is SOOOOOO cute!


Yeah! I want him to shoot me - aim at my heart.. LOL

Tom cruise Pictures, Images and Photos
And then, I have to wish my first Hollywood love a belated Happy Birthday.
Tom turned "47" past Monday. 47!!! He doesn't look it at all.
Happy Birthday, Tom. I love you!!


freeteyme said...

Oh I had a big crush on Tom Cruise ever since I saw him in Top Gun. And Christian Bale since Little Women =). Gosh they are both gorgeous!

Dionne said...

Hahahaha. You and your CB crush, that's so cute! You bought TWO copies? Hahahaha, you got it bad!!

kendrasue said...

Even though he is full of crazy I still love Tom Cruise!

Kristin said...

Bale is gorgeous with a capital G! And his body in American Psycho...wowza!

LadyStyx said...

What's wrong with a little crush? I mean if my friend can have her Johnny Depp Mondays, then why can't you post the occasional drool session?

Pat said...

Darn, Bale is to fly for words!

Bayjb said...

I love Christian Bale too (not as much as you ;)) but I wish he would maybe just brut or smile in one photo!

Maki said...

freeteyme: Yep, they are both gorgeous. Seriously.

Dionne: I did buy TWO copies indeed. Ahem... I felt like a teenager when I paid for them. LOL

Kendrasue: I don't care if he's crazy or not crazy, I still love Tom, too!!!! :)

Kristin: Oh man, you're correct!

LadyStyx: Thank you, thank you!!!! BTW your friend's Johnny Depp Mndays - priceless!

Pat: Right? Right?

Bayjb: I know you love him! I thought him doing the gun thing in the photo was smiley enough? LOL

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