Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hey, What Is Your Favortie Digital Camera? Plus the worst film I ever saw

I've been shopping around for a new digital camera. My Olympus is getting old and I need to replace it for a better looking one. I've owned PowerShot, CyberShot and Olympus' water registance digital camera.

So, question for you today is, what kind of digital camera are you using, my dearly? Canon, SONY, Nikon or Olympus? I really like Ashton's COOLPIX Touch from Nikon, but it only has 10 mega mix. Then, my cousin just bought a SONY CyberShot Touch. The color was shocking pink and it was really cute! But I found SONY camera has very harsh flush lighting. Canon has great cameras, but not touch screen. I'm just sucker when it comes to gadgets. I can't choose. So I need your help!!! Share you thoughts on your digital camera. What should I get?

Oh by the way, I jsut saw one of the worst films of my life last night.

"Surveillance" it is.

JT had been wanting to see this movie on Demand for the past month or so, because the preview did look interesting. So, we decided to see it (or should I say JT decided). And my verdict - It SUCKED!!! We paid $7 and I want my money back.

There were some parts that were suspenseful and I must admit I got really scared, but plot line was terrible. TERRIBLE.

I think I am getting old, so I don't want to see anything that could cause damage to my heart (like brutal murder scenes and blood ) - and this movie was all about that.

The whole movie didn't make any sense. I hated it. So, if you ever wanted to see this film, don't do it. Wait until it comes on HBO or something for free. This film is not worth a penny. However, this film got 60% (Fresh!) on Rotten Tomatoes which I don't know why... The only thing I learned from this movie is that there are many crazy people out there, so lock your house door and have something close to your bed to protect yourself, just in case. (JT has a bat hidden under the bed.)

On the other hand, JT and I have been watching Jamie Fox's "THE KINGDOM" over and over again for the past few weeks since we saw it for the first time. It is ficitional of course, but I really love this film.

Especially, the actor named Ashraf Barhom who plays Saudi's police/national guard who helps FBI to catch the bad guys was excellent. His acting was better than Jamie Fox. He was truly awesome and he made the film 100 times better.

Jason Bateman Pictures, Images and Photos

Also Jennifer Garner was good in it, too. The FBI agent she played was strong - I like strong woman in movies. And Jason Bateman was funny as always. The style of this movie was very casual. Subject is serious, but the movie follows characters like it's following their normal life. It didn't make me feel like watching a Hollywood movie. So, if you don't mind some actions and a little bit of thriller, then watch "The Kingdom" And DO NOT pay to watch "Surveillance" - you'll regret it if you do!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!



Dionne said...

I use a Canon. I LOVE Canon. I had one of their Film SLR cameras back in the day, and I swore I would never go digital, because I liked having control of the apperture, shutter speed, etc., but then when I started dating Brian he told me that Canon had some great Digital SLR cameras. I wasn't convinced, but then he bought me one as a gift, and I LOVE it. I can use my film camera lenses on my digital one, so it's awesome.

I have never seen this movie you hate so much, lol. But I have seen The Kingdom and really enjoyed it.

Bayjb said...

I have a Canon camera and I really like it. It's tempermental on a few things but overall I really like it. Oh and the Kingdom is a great movie. What I love the most about it is that Peter Berg, the director, cast many of his FNL stars in it. So awesome. Love that show.

Brown Girl said...

I love my little digital camera but I want to upgrade to a Digital SLR cannon. I thought about a Nikon but I think Cannon is better. Good luck whatever you decide!

Savvy Mode SG said...

that pink sony is so cute. i am using RICOH.

Elizabeth Marie said...

I just got a new Canon...I like it so far but I'm not a camera pro so I don't really know about all the bells and whistles!

I miss are you?! XO

Kristin said...

I was pretty entertained the The Kingdom too! I'm shopping for a new digital. Lost my cybershot and didn't want to get that again.

Ms. Salti said...

I've decided I'm not a Sony fan anymore after so many problems have occurred with products in my family. Saying that, I do have a Sony camera that I love. I also have an Olympus that I love. Just do your research and buy what you want!

LadyStyx said...

I'm loving my Canon PowerShot A590IS. Granted, it only has 8.0 mega pixels and a 4X optical zoom, BUT it's twice as good as my last camera and takes fabulous shots (check out the Flickr link on my blog!). Best of all, it was a really reasonable price. I didn't want to be paying more thatn $150 or so on a camera that was going to more than likely be "outta date" by the time I got it (we all know how fast tech things do that!!). I really wanted one that was 10-12 mega pixels but it meant more than $200...

Maki said...

Dionne: Thanks for the tip and don't see Surveillance with Brian.

Bayjb: Another Canon lady:) Hey I know Peter Berg was in it and directing the movie. I used to love to watch him in Chicago Hope. I'm amazed how a fantastic director he's become:)

Brown Girl: Another Canon! Yes, Nikon is another choice of mine... It's so hard!

Savvy Mode: RICOH huh? That's another good choice..

Elizabeth: You got a new Canon? Canon is so popular! I know I miss you too and sorry for being so out of touch. I'm so bad.. xoxo

Kristin: Yep, the movie was darn good. Let me know when you get the camera...

Ms. Salti: Actually, you're correct. SONY tends to have ton of problems with their products. Olympus is cool, too... Decision decision..

LadyStyx: Yeah, I know. The one I want from Nikon, touchscreen only comes with 10 meg pix. I want 12... I'm having tough time, girlfriend!!!

KitKat AKA Katz said...

I'm convinced that Canon has the best cameras. I'm in need of a new camera as well (yes, want 12megapixels now, presently I have 8) and everyone I've asked says Canon is the one to go for. So far I've had 3 Canon's over the years and I don't think I would go for anything else easily.

Maya said...

My first digital camera was Canon. And currently we have Canon EOS1000D which I can recommend!

I have The Kingdom also, it was quite good when we watched it. I've never heard of the other movie, lucky me! :D

Kristin said...

Hey there. We ended up getting the Canon Powershot SD780. Did you choose one yet?

Maki said...

kitKat: Yes, Canon is great. I've owned three cameras from Canon.. I guess I just want to try a new thing.

Maya: I really don't know what's my infatuation with The Kingdom, but I really love it. I think the style the way they film the movie totally interest me.

Kristin: No, I haven't gotten yet, but I may be getting Panasonic Lumix. My sister has it and it takes such beautiful photos...

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