Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What Would You Do?

My husband and I watch ABC's What Would You Do? togehter every week. The program is to show how peoeple react to certain situations that are endangering other's safety; will people step in to help or walk away???

And I must tell you, this program has made me cry many times. It's maybe easier to say than done, but many people do walk away when they see people needing their help.

One of the segments tonight, they showed three guys lynching a Hispanic guy (thank god, they are all actors) on the street corner. They filmed the incident two days period and more than 90 people passed by. 15 people called police and only 4 people stepped in to break up the lynch. Two of them were female. They were so courageous.

When I see the program, I always ask the same question to myself: What would I do if I see someone getting hurt or in trouble??? And I thought about one incident that I actually helped a girl when I was in Tokyo, Japan.

I was 19 years old and visiting my parents in Tokyo for the summer. I went out with my friend for lunch in Shinjuku district. Shinjuku is where I grew up before moving to Hawaii and has plenty of fun things to do, but is also known to have red light district.

Anyway, I was standing on the street corner waiting for the light to turn green when I spotted a girl (probablly about the same age as me at the time) who was picked up by this scary looking man who was holding flyers to a brothel. He could totally be a soldier for Yakuza (japanese mafia) - he was grabbing her arm and trying to take her to the red light district.

I couldn't take my eyes off her even though the light turned green and it was time for me to walk across the street. My friend asked me, "what's wrong?" and I told her the girl was in trouble. I didn't know what to do, but I could see that she needed a help. Othewise, what's going to happen to her? My friend kept telling me not to do anything. I'm going to get hurt, but I told her, "I am going in..." and I heard her saying, "Stop, don't!!" to my back.

Now, I didn't know exactly what to do or how to defuse the situation, but once I got to where the girl was, the guy looked at me like, "What do you want?"

Me: (to the girl) Hey, so sorry, I was late... (with a huge smile and grabbed her arm)
The guy: What?
Me: Excuse me, she is my friend. She was waiting for me.
The guy: Don't lie (and looked at the girl who's almost in tears)
Me: No, really. Sorry, sir, but I need her back now...
The guy: Are you sure, you know her?
Me: Of course, she is my friend. We're going to have lunch. Are you okay? (to the girl)
The guy: Damn it, then go on..

My heart was pounding fast and I still remember holding the girl's arm so tightly - I was scared to death, too!!!! When I saw my friend looking on, I ran and told her, "walk fast with us and smile!!!!"

Now the girl, me and my friend ran across the street hand in hand until we couldn't see the guy. When we realized it was safe for us, I looked at my friend and the girl. And I said, "well, we're all safe now!" - the girl thanked me like million times and we said goodbye. My friend was pissed though. She told me I did the right thing, but I was stupid to even putting myself in the situation that I could easily get myself either hurt or killed.

Many people may not know this, but there are many bad people who think hurting innocent people are nothing. And messing with Yakuza or their soldiers is the last thing you want to do in Japan.... I told my mom about what happened when I went home and oh my god, she was livid. She taught me and my sister to be kind to others and help people in need, but it was definitely one of those things she would never want her daughters to get themselves involved.

When I helped the girl, I didn't do it to be famous or because I wanted to be a heroine. It was something that I thought I had to do without thinking about the consequences. I might have been naive or clueless with reality, but when you see something like that, you just couldn't live with yourself if you didn't do anything to help.

Thanks God, I haven't encountered another situation like that since then, but I would probablly do the same again.

So, what about you ladies? Have you ever done anything to help someone in trouble or has some stranger helped you when you're in trouble??

clicke here to see "What Would You Do?"

17 comments: Maegan said...

it really upsets me to watch that show ...but when I ponder my own life, I'm sure someone has asked for my help on the street before and I have brushed them off out of fear. It's not too the same extent but it's not exactly nice either. :)

The Rambler said...

Awww Maki...I think that when you did what you did with no thought but to help, it was YOUR right thing to do. Know what I mean?

We all have our moments that is presented to us to make that kind of choice. It comes natural I think. When it's our time to step in and help a stranger. Because it's the right thing to do.

I'm sorry I've been absent in the comment love. I've been reading you, but your word verification wasn't working with me (and others blogs boohoo) but I'm back :)

Miss you!

The Eadle Family said...

wow, kudos to you!

Dionne said...

Brian and I were actually talking about this kind of thing a few nights ago. We were Flight of the Conchords, and two of the guys were getting chased by muggers, and one of them got caught on a fence, and his friend didn't stop to help him, he kept running. I know FOTC is a comedy, but after that we had a serious discussion about what we would do in that situation. It's so easy to SAY you would stop and help, but when you are actually in that situation, that's when your character shines through. I hope to have as much character as you showed if I was ever in that situation.

Carrin said...

I guess you will never know what to do until you're in that situation. I hope I would be that person to help and do the right thing. It's too bad the world has turned into an untusting place.

Nicole Marie said...

wow thats an incredible story. I've never been in a situation as dangerous as that but a few months ago a women came up to me while i was walking my dog. She was almost crying and asked me if i knew anyone who was driving outside of the city. i told her no and she started walking away. I asked if she was ok and she said no. That her husband is getting out of jail. she had put him there for beating her and now he was getting out and she was scared for her life and her babies life. She had to get to a womens shelter in san jose but she had no money to take a cab. I literally had not a penny, my checkbook or debit card on me. she walked away, i went home grabbed my atm card and walked around the streets for like an hour looking for her. i still think about her a lot. i wonder if she was serious and in serious danger or if it was a god scam.

Kira said...

I have seen the show & I as many wonder what I would do. There are some situations that I know I would step in but then there are some that I wonder because I see the whole story when in real life you don't. I do not think that I have ever been in a position to step in but if I were & it were safe, I know I would help someone.

Riff Dog said...

I'm proud of you Maki!

Once, late at night, I was in a Jack-in-the-Box and out the window, I saw a bunch of guys chasing a guy and tackling him to the ground. I was in my early 20's. I'm a big guy and in pretty good shape, so I had the stupid idea I could kick anyone's ass. But this was three or four guys.

But adrenaline and my insane ego made me run over and try to break it up. Luckily it was a bunch of undercover cops arresting some guy. Otherwise, I think I probably would have received an ass-kicking! ;)

freeTEYme said...

Not a lot of people are like you and I admire you for that! I do hope that when I get into that situation or a similar one that I'd make the right choice. And hopefully, other people would help me too if I'm the one in trouble.

Maki said...

Maegan: I know it really upsets me, too!!! We all have fear of helping other when we weigh our own safety...

The Rambler: Hey girlfriend! No worries about commenting. I've always loved to get a comment from you just because you're my girl and your comment makes me so happy.. Thanks girl:)

The Eadle Family: Thanks honey!

Dionne: You're so right, Dionne. It's easy to say that you'd want to help, but often times, your guts instinct tell you the other.. You and your husband are good people:)

Carrin: You're so right, Carrin. You have to be in the situation for you to act on it...

Nicole: Oh no, that is such a sad and heartbreaking story... You're such a sweetheart to even go back out trying to find her. I hope that she wasn't a scam and she found a place to be safe...

Kira: I feel exact the same way!! There are certain situation that are easy to step in and the others are not... Let's hope we can all do the right thing:)

Riff Dog: This is why I love you. LOL I'm glad that they were undercover cops. I wouldn't want you to get your ass kicked!

freeTEYme: Thank you sweetie... I hope that you do the right thing for your own right... xoxo

Miss Eve Bognar said...

Saying hello from SITS! Have a great day!

Sarah said...

Wow - that is quite a story and I'm glad you are still here to tell it. That girl will probably thank you for the rest of her life! Just popping in from SITS.

The Blonde Duck said...

That's seriously cool what you did. I don't think I've ever done anything like that.

LBluca77 said...

I have never even heard of this show. Sounds kinda depressing though. I will have to give it a look.

Kaitlyn said...

I continually get myself into awkward situations because of my large sense of personal responsibility. I'm totally impressed by how brave you are-- it's further affirmation that you have a great spirit!

Bayjb said...

I'm always tempted to watch that show but I don't think I could. I know I would get very upset by some of the situations.

becky @ misspriss said...

Even if your mom & friend got mad at you, that girl is probably forever grateful to you. That was a courageous thing you did.

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