Monday, March 9, 2009

Hey Jason Look Out! Your Ex-Fiance Is Back w/ Vengeance & Full of Grace...

Dancing with the Stars Pictures, Images and Photos

One of my favorite TV series premiered tonight with a big surprise!!!

I love {Dancing with the Stars} because I love to dance and it always makes me want to become a professional ball dancer even though it will never happen. It amazes me how those dancers can move their bodies and how fit they are. My daughters and I gather in front of the TV every week and dance together as we watch the contestants compete. I love the music they play during the show, too.

So, two of the original contestants, Jewel and Nancy O'Dell has fallen out from the contest and my favorite girl Melissa from the infamous Bachelor has taken Nancy O'Dell's spot. I didn't know about this until the TV host mentioned her name and I looked up, there she was in the beautiful costume!!

Apparently, she decided to join the team and just started the training past Saturday which gave her and her partner Tony Dovolani only two days to get it together. And they did a wonderful job. It's silly, but actually, I cried a it because I know all the things she had gone through for the past few months.

I must admit it was a great show tonight.. Do you watch the show, my dears?

Here are my 3 favorite pick.


He has been trying to lead a better life after all the craziness. He says he is sober now which is a great thing and he didn't fool around a bit while he performed. I give him a ton of credit for trying and I hope he can continue on. And I loved the fact that his friends Johnny Knoxville was there to cheer on; like a father who was so nervous to see his son perform. lol.

Chuck WicksI'm not a big fan of Country music except some love songs. But he is cute. That's the only reason why I'm rootin for him. I know that's bad.. but really, he was cute!

I don't believe she will be the champion, but I think she may stay in the heat for a long time and I hope she does. She looked really pretty in the blue dress while she danced. She truly deserves all the happiness and I am very excited that she is in the show. Go Melissa!!!

And Jason. He is a real Douche - I'm telling you. I used to like him and rooting for him because of what happened to him on the Bachelorette, but after what he did to Melissa, more I see him on TV smiling, it makes me gag. I can't stand him.

I am totally rooting for this girl. Going through such an embarrassing breakup on national tv, and yet she still knows how to smile. She is so cute!!!


Nicole Marie said...

i just caught the end of it when she danced! i can't wait for So You THink You Can Dance too!!

and that's really cute that you watch it with your girls!

LadyStyx said...

How sweet that you and the girls share an interest. I never could get into this show...

The Blonde Duck said...

That's so cute! My mom and sister love this show!

BakerGirl said...

That show is awesome! I love the new layout colors also! Your blog jsut keeps getting cuter!

Carrin said...

I love Melissa! She was really pretty good last night on DWTS! For only having 2 days to practice she did great.
I can't stand to see Jason's face anymore. What a slime!

Dionne said...

I LOVE Melissa. I am so excited she's in it. Hooray!

colbymarshall said...

Love the show, mostly just to watch the pros dance just because I'm a dancer myself. I haven't watched last nght yet-it's on the Tivo though!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I cried when Melissa danced! Am I lame? I just like seeing people who deserve it come out on top!

Love you mama how are you? xoxo

Bayjb said...

I need to start watching this show. I stopped for a few seasons and now I need to get back into it I guess!

Kaitlyn said...

As much as I try not to let it, I really do like DWTS :)

{Diamond} said...

You always have such GREAT photos in your posts! Following you on Twitter :-).

freeTEYme said...

i watched the finale too and it was so mean of jason to do that. I missed her dance but will search for it in youtube!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I don't know mama! It freaked me out...and we all know the ending, which actually was the creepiest part. But it's like a can't pull yourself away.

I miss you! How are you?? xoxo

The Eadle Family said...

Do you like So you think you can dance? That is pretty good too!

I'm so happy she has found another guy. Jason is an ass!

Maki said...

Nicole: Oh "So You Think You Can Dance" is anothe good show... Yes, I have been brain washing them to watch the show with me. LOL

LadyStyx: Aw why not??? It's so much fun. You should watch it, girlfriend!

The Blonde Duck: But you don't watch it??? I know you love to dance.

BakerGirl: Aw sweetheart, thanks so much for saying that. And yes, the show is awesome!

Carrin: I know right? She danced well.. And Jason, what a loser. I'm so disappointed in him, not because he called off the engagement, but how he did it. Poop!

Dionne: Yes, girlfriend! Hooray!

colby: So, you did Tivoed it - did you get to watch? Gosh, I love the show!

Elizabeth: No, you're not lame cuz I cried too!!! She showed the world nothing will stop her. The best revenge to Jason:)
Love you too sweet pie!

Bayjb: Jess, you have never seen it? You HAVE to start watching it - starting next week. You'll be hooked!

Kaitlyn: I know, it's hard to deny the attraction:)

{Diamond}: Aw honey, thanks so much:) And thanks for following. I will follow you too!

Elizabeth: See.. I like happy ending, not creepy ending. So should I watch it. Were you really scared? I'm doing good. Kind of busy and still overwhelmed at times, but good. Miss you too!

The Eadle Family: Yes, that show is pretty good, too. And YES he is a real ass - thank you very much for sharing the same opinion:)

Anonymous said...


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