Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Is Here...

It was gorgeous day in Florida today... So I decided to go for a run with my girls pushing the stroller. I do it once a week when the weather is nice and run for 3 miles with my girls; from our house to a nearest shopping plaza and back.

Usually, my oldest Ju Ju rides her bicycle (and she has no training wheels now) and Soapy is in her stroller as I push and run, except Ju Ju's toe was hurt, she couldn't pedal today. So I had to push two girls in the stroller which was rough!!! I couldn't believe how easy it is when Ju Ju rides her own bicycle.


As we were running the street, we realized the sprinkler was going full force in front of us. Bunch of sprinklers were spraying water and the girls and I were laughing so hard as we ran through it... The girls were screaming for joy and oh, it was really cute.

They said, "Mommy, one more time!" - Of course I said no...

But, because it was soooo hot when we got to the plaza, I decided to take the girls to Rita's to have some Italian ice. We got two chocolate ice. Ju Ju and I shared a cup and Soapy? She finished the whole thing all by herself!!! She was soo proud and her mommy? Not so much because it was very sweet and all the sugar she ate made her mommy nervous. But we had a very nice time... This is when I feel the happiest.

Oh by the way, we were able to run through the sprinklers again on the way back. Yay! LOL

Aw spring time is here, at least here in Florida..

I hope spring is coming to your way very soon, too, and warm your heart...

Mommy, this ice is so good...

I don't even know why I took this photo.
I guess I just wanted to show you how long (short) my legs are.. LOL


The Rambler said...

Maki....LOVED the photo at the end of your feet.

Me and the kid took some the other day when we were just chilling at the park on our favorite bench.

Farrielle Design and Fashionista said...

Love the pics, I can see you guys had a great time, I love Rita it just opened not so far from here.

BakerGirl said...

So cute! I hate storllers so I can only imagine the pain in the arse it would be to push two kids in one, while running! Your pictures are super cute, as usual!

I love doing the fun things with kids, like getting out of the house and getting ice cream. Anything that spoils them just a little bit! :-)

Dionne said...

What lovely mother-daughter bonding time. Who knows, maybe this will be one of those memories that Soap has when she grows up, she'll say "I vaguely remember one time when I was little - we ran through sprinklers and had ices."

So precious.

Lalapoo said...

Maki you are so lucky! it's still winter here and it will be until april..urg!

michelle said...

ahh it looks like you had wonderful day! The weather sounds amazing.....we had a little bit of springish weather a few days ago but did wake up to some white stuff this morning, but it won't be here for long....spring is on its way I am sure of it!

how awesome that you can spend that time with your girls enjoying the outdoors and each other!!!

m :)

Jen Cohen said...

Thanks for posting about Rita's! I am glad you enjoyed your visit :)

Make sure you come back on March 20th for our Free Italian Ice Giveaway!

Ice. Custard. Happiness.

Rita's Social Networking Coordinator

The Blonde Duck said...

Man I really want ice cream now... Maegan said...

so adorable! I can't wait to have babies!

Kaitlyn said...

So jealous of your warm weather, beautiful children, and icees :)

Nicole Marie said...

how precious!!! those memories they will remember forever and look back and tell their kids about the time their mom ran through sprinklers with them!!

its sunny here but still cold! sned some warm air this way!!

Bayjb said...

OMG I love running through a sprinkler! Your girls are so gorgeous, what fun.

Franco said...

I love ritas!!!
and yes srping! wooohooo.

freeTEYme said...

i love our weather - just perfect! what a perfect way to end a jog with your kids =)

MJ said...

Ah - I love spring. But as you well know, spring for us in the South only lasts about two weeks before the blistering heat of summer.

Break out the bikini!

LadyStyx said...

Great share. Looks like all had a wonderful time. Mmmmm Italian ice!

Laura said...

I love the shoes picture. You all look so happy and enjoying Florida. My Canadian family is all there hibernating from the horrible winter. Have a great weekend.

Maki said...

The Rambler: Aw isn't it the best thing ever, chilling at the park with your child???

Farrielle D&F: Yes, Rita's good, right??

BakerGirl: Oh believe me, I hate stroller, too, especially when you have to push two kids. Heavy!

Dionne: Yes, that would be nice that my girls remember those moments when they grow up.

Lalapoo: I know, it's still cold up there, right? Hang in there, sweetie!

michelle: You know, you'll wake up to the spring morning before you know it! xoxo

Jen Cohen: Wow.. We love your sweet stuff. We had twiters last night:)

The Blond Duck: Yes, I know!

Maegan: I can't wait for you to have babies, too!!!

Kaitlyn: Thanks honey - you'll have warm weather soon:)

Nicole: I know, I'm sending it to your way!!! And thank you, I hope they'll remember it too.

Bayjb: Yes, I enjoy running through it when it's hot out!

Franco: Woo Hoo, too for spring!!

freeTEYme: The weather has been so dandy - gorgeous right? I Love it!

MJ: I know, MJ!!!! That's why I'm trying to enjoy these beautiful weather right now because it's goning to be SOOO HOT!

LadyStyx: I LOVE ITALIAN ICE - lemon is my favorite especially when it's really hot

Laura: Thanks so much - your family must be enjoying the weather here because it's been so beautiful!!!

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