Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Goodbye Summer... {Super Harvest Moon}

{Image By Me}

Hello my loves!!!! I hope all of you're doing well and happy. This sounds like a broken record, but I've been CRAZY busy for the past two wAlign Lefteeks, I barely sat in front of the computer.

Both of my daughters are in school now that I thought having all morning to myself would give me the freedom to blog all I want, but actually I have been busier than ever. Driving them to school, doing errands, picking them up and taking them to afterschool activities - oh my gosh I wish I could clone myself!!!!

My husband JT was home last week, so we're running around and doing all sorts of stuff together with the girls. Good news is that my husband will be able to commute between FL and NJ every two weeks now and he'll be going back and forth every weekend starting Christmas. We're very excited that he'll be part of our lives again very soon...

Today is the offical last day of Summer and the beginning of Fall. Also we're celebrating Super Harvest Moon. Apparently we don't get to see this beautiful phenomenon for years and years, so we all should go outside around 11pm and look at the moon. You can see Jupiter right below it. I did take a photo and can you see a tiny tiny dot - that's Jupiter...

I love space and looking at starts and moon. I talk about it time to time how looking at the sky makes me feel - it's like all the darkness and brights spots cleanse my body. There are so many possibilities out there in the space and I feel like I'm such a tiny existance... It totally amazes me.
Florida is still super HOT and I don't feel like Summer is fully gone, but I do feel the difference in the morning - air is cooler. I love summer and I'm a bit sad that Fall is arriving, but all the festivities are around the corner.... AND I have two more shifts left for my departure from work and my birthday soon. I'm very excited!!!
I can't wait to catch up with all of your blog!! xoxo


Kristin - Miss Glasses said...

Sounds like your husband's schedule is going to be hectic but that is such exciting news! Enjoy spending more time with your husband!

Dionne said...

That is great that you get to spend more time with your man!

And Houston is still hot too, but yup, the mornings are cooler, so the colder weather is slowly moving it's way in.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Glad to hear all is well and that it's still hot in Florida! It's not warm here ;) And I'm glad to hear your hubby will be around more too, that is great news!

ThiliBlooms said...

it`s great to hear that all is well with your family and your husband is visiting more often!! I`m also sad that summer is over :(
I have a giveaway this week, so please come and visit me alright?
Have a lovely week!
xo, Thili

Salma said...

It's great that JT will be coming back more often. More family time is wonderful.

Kristin said...

I'm ready for this weather to cool down. How about you?

Maki said...

Girls: Thank you!! JT was just home this weekend too! xoxo

Kristin: Oh yes, did you feel this morning? It was 65 degree - woo hoo!!!

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