Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beach, Frozen Yogurt & Rainbow...

{Image By Soapy}

Well, it's already Wednesday, but I hope you all had a great Lobor Day weekend! Did you guys do anything special - or did you go any place special???

My weekend with the girls was just laid back - nothing crazy, but really good one. Thank you very much. I took the girls to our favorite Lido Beach and also we celebrated the Grand Opening of our favorite yogurt joint "White Berry" that came really close to our home. The original store is in downtown which is about 20 minutes drive and the new store is a lot closer and it takes less than 10 minutes:)

While the store guy R prepares the yummy yogurt for us, Soapy looks up like a little girl - she looks like a big girl, but I think she looks like a two year old from looking at this photo. So cute. She couldn't wait for him to make her yogurt:)

I got the Original flavor with Kiwi and Ju Ju and Soapy got their favorite Green Tea flovor with Mochi and Chocolate Chip. Seriously, they are yummy.

Somehow, Soapy in this picture is ready to snort yogurt out of spoon. Funny. This was just a random picture and I didn't set her up to this.

Now that looks better Soapy!

Julia and Soapy love these canisters full of Fruit Loops & Trix.

{Image By Ju Ju}

I must admit, my girls are really cute!

The same day afternoon before yogurt, I took the girls to our favorite Lido beach. It was a perfect beach day because the beach was not crowded and it was really quiet. I hate when there are too many people and no parking. I was a bit surprised becausse it was Labor Day weekend afterall, but I guess we just picked the right day because my friend who went to the same beach the next day told me the beach was packed Zoo. Thank goodness, it wouldn't be as fun if we're there on Sunday instead of Saturday..

I feel tremendous happiness when I'm at the beach - it doesn't matter where or which one, I just feel at home. Maybe because I grew up in Hawaii surrounded by the ocean, but I can't think of my life without beach.....
It's surreal to know that the BP oil spill has stopped. Yes, the cleanup effort still continues and it will stay that way for many years to come, and I get nervous when I think of the effect of the spill, but I think we cleared the first obstacle to contain the oil. I was really nervous at first that we'd lose our beautiful beach. I'm so glad that we don't need to see tar-balls washing ashore, but I wonder if all the marine lives and eco-system will ever be the same. I just don't know..

Often times when I look at my girls, as much as hard to grasp the thoughts, I realize that my life is not my life anymore. My life is for my daughters - I live my life for them. I need to think of their life first before I think of mine. It's not an easy tast at times because I consider myself a free sprited individual who has done many selfish things. But we all need to grow up sometimes, right? And when I look at their smiles, it's all worth it.

By the way, I ran to "white berry" again during a lunch break yesterday. I got Green Tea with Blackberries. It was soo declious - I can honestly have this frozen yogurt every single day.

After I finished working, I went to pick up my daughters at their grandparents house. My boss and his wife are in Seattle for a mini vacay, so I had to close the salon which was my first experience. I got to be the boss for the day which was not bad, but three more weeks, and I'm free!
On the way home from my in laws, I spotted a rainbown - We get ton of afternoon-evening thunderstorms and this happened right before the storm. Can you see the blue sky and the rain clouds next to each other? I had to stop and take pictures because it's so unusual to see a rainbow. It was really pretty!

I often dream of walking over a rainbow - how fun and beautiful experience would that be???


Kristin - Miss Glasses said...

Yum! In L.A. we have Pinkberry and Yogurt Land (I've never been there, I moved to Tokyo before it opened!) but in Tokyo we only have poor imitations of that type of fro yo. I am so excited to move to back to America and get some! I enjoy when you guys go to the yogurt shop :D

Looks like you girls had a great Labor Day weekend together!

Anonymous said...

omg, love all those pics! you guys (girls) are such a cute family! and i love that all three of you are taking turns being photographer!:)
i just had frozen yogurt last night!!! i too could eat it everyday!

Dionne said...

Yummy! I LOVE fro-yo! And your girls look like they had a blast at the beach. What a nice weekend you had!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

What a great weekend! That yogurt looks so tasty too! I love mochi, I have it on my frozen yogurt all the time. I love your photos too, you all look gorgeous

photojoy said...

Hi! Ohisaaaaa! I've updated my blog yatto:)
You all look just gorgeous. Happy daughters and happy mother! I love every photos. Makes me happy too.
Thanks God It's Friday!!! (correct?)

ThiliBlooms said...

I love frozen yogurt as well, and I miss pinkberry so much.. here in miami I havent found a good one :(
I could have one now..

Your daughters are so pretty!

Have a lovely day!
xo, Thili

Maki said...

Girls: This is so overdue, but I feel so healthy when I eat frozen yogurt. But do you think they are high calories???

Joseph Carr said...

Getting froyo is a good way to celebrate any holiday. And with a froyo store close-by, it's understandable if you'd drop there every day to try out every flavor available. But sometimes, we all have our favorites that we stick by for comfort, instead of trying out something new. Have you tried making your own froyo?

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