Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Relax - Beach & Gelish...

{Image by Ju Ju}

Hello!! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and havig a great week! My weekend was filled with fun activities - one of them was to go to our favorite Lido beach with my girls and friends. As you can see, my new photographer Ju Ju snapped me while I was slaving myself, carrying all kinds of stuff to the beach. Funny thing is that we all smile for camera, yes?

You may not see it in this photo, but I was carrying a beach bag on my shoulder stuffed with towels, magazines and makeup bag as well as a cooler bag (green one that you see in the pic), two goza mats and a starbucks. Mom is strong when she has to carry stuff for her kids.

What I am truly grateful is that the BP oil spill is finally contained and we can now focus on clean up. It will take years and years, but our Gulf will be back. I know it.

{Image By Me}

Also, I work Monday and Tuesday every week (remember, I haven't given my boss two weeks notice!) Last week, my salon got this new Soak Off Gel called Gelish. It is a new type of polish for people who don't wear artificial nail. I have never worn artificial nail, thank goodness, the trait that I got from my mom's beautiful hands that my nails are thick and healthy and long.... The only problem that I had was that I use my hands so much that my color does't last three days even if I get a great manicure by my boss - it started to chip immediately. But this new Soak Off Gell is not acrylic, so it's easy on my nail bed just like I use regular polish, but it stays put like gel. If what they promise is true, this color is supposed to stay without chipping for two weeks. So, I can't wait to see if my color lasts longer than a week.

As much as I get depressed with my work, I can't stop staring at my nails every time my boss works on my hands. He's so great! I guess, getting free manicure is not bad after all!

Every Mom deserves a nice time like going to beach and getting pedicure/manicure:)



Kristin said...

Your nails look great! It'll be interesting to see if the color stays on! I am fidgety and I chip my color off myself. I really like getting acrylic french tips but they fall off in less than 2 weeks, because of the shape of my nail (I'm told). Once when I paid like ichiman for gel wrap here it came off so fast! So disappointing!

eri said...

love the nails! i think it's similar to something my friend gets called cal-gel? i've been wanting to try it!!!

and i love your photos by ju ju!! so cute!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Ohh I'm curious about this new polish. It looks great! I love the color.

Katz NYC said...

Ooh I just love beach days. And I only had ONE this whole summer. I need to fix that before summer is over. Luckily it's still really warm here.

I need to try that gel polish thing. I also hate when I get a mani it starts chipping just after few days. Not worth the money and time.

Maki said...

Kristin: I can tell you, shape of your nail has nothing to do with breaking the acrylic. We call "Pink and White" here for permanent french, but if it lifts, it's because the tech doesn't aplly them correctly. Trust me on this, if you move back to Cali, you should try it.

eri: My sister in Hawaii has tried Cal-gel too. I think Soak off and Cal gel are similar, but Cal gel are more like in acrylic family. I really love Cal Gel - my sister's nail was soo pretty!

Jess: If you don't like chipping, then you should try! Mine hasn't chipped yet and it's been three days!

Katz: Yes, go and enjoy the sun!!! I agree, mani is so not worth it if it chipps within a few days. Try this soak off - you'll love it.

Jennifer said...

What color is that? I'm starting buy a whole lot of gelish colors!!

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