Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Honestly, it was 20 times better than Matrix.
The story sounded so complicated, and yet it totally made sense!
The visual and sound effects were stunning and storyline was so clever.
It was unbelieveable!!
And seeing it in IMAX made the whole experience so much better, too.
I'm usually not a big fan of SciFi films, but this one, I give two thumbs up plus toes up!
BTW, I have tried to post an entry which I talked about my husband and Bachelorette, but it keeps giving me error, so I decided to write about this movie.
Oh man, I want to see it again!!!
Have you seen it?
Anyway, I know I have been pretty awful about posting - and I figured out why.
1. My husband being here made it difficult.
2. Kids are out of school = summer. I thought kids being home would make it easy for me to blog, but I was wrong. I think I feel bad about not paying attention to my girls and facing the computer all the time. But when I try to blog after the girls go to bed, I must say, I'm usually exhausted.
I sit down in front of my computer, but the idea of having to type, upload pics or vids and write a post kind of stress me out. I tell myself, I'll finish it tomorrow and 6 days go by. Not good.
3. Work - I only work twice a week now, but my work wouldn't let me go online, so I can never post while I'm there at the salon. Oh yes, I'm trying to quit and will need your advise on it, too.
Miss you all so much..


Kristin said...

I liked Inception too! I have a mad crush on JGL.

stylebyrachael said...

It was amazing, and no comparison to the matrix!

eri said...

i think i may be the only person in the world that hasn't seen inception....and don't hate me, but i have no desire to! can you believe it?!?! i don't know what's come over me but the past 2 years i just want to watch movies that are fun, silly, and easy. i have no idea. not too much thinking or crying. just laughing. i don't know why or when that happend. what's wrong with me?!?! hahaaha.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

I saw this movie the weekend it opened and it was AMAZING. I am obsessed. I LOVED it so much more than Matrix, like not even comparable. I loved this so much, Leo and Joseph were incredible

Maki said...

Kristin: Yes, Joseph was incredible - I mean, he was sooo good and sexy!

rachel: Honestly, it was beyond good and it makes Matrix look like a comic.

eri: I am the same way lately, that I only want to see happy movies. I may be getting old, but I don't like dark films (well sometimes) - but this one, it's so worth it. Seriously so good!!

Jess: Do you remember when Joseph was on 3rd Rock from the Sun? That skinny kid with the long hair was so sexy and good - I mean, I couldn't stop thinking about how good he was in it!!!!!

Dionne said...

I loved it too! Leo did a great job, and so did all the supporting actors. I wouldn't mind seeing this in the theatre again either!

Salma said...

Maki, I have missed you so much.
How are the girls? I have to read when I'm not at work, lol.

Gotta catch up.

Saw Inception...liked it, and it freaks me out now...is this reality or not etc etc.

I moved, you can find me here

Maki said...

Dionne: I know! All the supporting actors including Japanese own Ken did an awesome job!

Salma: Aw sweetie, I've missed you too!!!! I'll visit you at your new blog:) xoxox

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