Friday, April 2, 2010

Beautiful Girls, Have a Lovely Weekend!!!

So what's your plan for the weekend? I'm taking my girls to the egg hunt at my BFF K's church and having the Easter Dinner with my family on Sunday.

Here's to you, my beautiful bloggy friends - "Nothing on You" by B.o.B featuring Bruno Mark Covers. I fell in love with this song a minute I heard it on iTunes and it's been one of my "it" song right now (and my call back ringer on my cell. shhh. lol). This song definitely makes me feel pretty inside and I hope you're with someone who makes you feel beautiful and special!!!

Have a fun and lovely weekend!!


photojoy said...

I hope you feel the same way as well over this weekend! Happy Easter! Cherry blossoms are in full bloom this weekend. i can't wait to go to "Ohanami". Oh, this time with whom I should go? My husband is away from home in India on business. Anyway, let's have fun!

eri said...

hope you have fun w/your girls on easter!!!

that song is my bf's ring tone. i told him that song didn't seem like a song he'd use for his ring tone. but then he asked if i listened to the words and he said that it reminded him of me. AWWWWWW! i about died.

Dionne said...

LOVE that song too! SOoo catchy!

Have fun on the Easter Egg hunt, sounds like happy times!

Jasara said...

You have a great weekend Maki!!! Hopefully you have the sun since we over here have the rain lol

ps. love that song!!!

Writing Without Periods! said...

thanks for the good wishes for the weekend. Right back at ya'.

Punctuation Mark said...

I plan to detach myself from all forms of work and enjoy the time off with friends... have a lovely weekend!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Happy Easter! I hope you and the girls had a fun day and the Easter Bunny was extra good to them!

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