Wednesday, March 10, 2010

V-cast : "One Fine Day"

It's been forever since the weather here in FL got warm up in the 70's. We got to wear short sleeves dresses today and we decided to drive down to downtown and walk around the streets. I had my Flipcam with me, so here are some of the video clips - visiting our favorite yogurt store "White Berry" -> beach "Lido Beach" -> our favorite Italian restaurant "Epicure". We didn't get to do this for awhile (that's how much the weather has been chilly in FL) - so I decided to do everything all at once... I think it's okay to have a nice day like this sometimes, right? I was very happy to spend the carefree evening with my daughters.. :)

Enjoy the videos!


tristan said...

i can't see your videos. :( it sounds like you had an incredible day though. it rained in georgia. boo.

Dionne said...

Awwww.... love the vids! I loved haring your voice and seeing your pretty face. And as always, your girls are gorgeous!

I loved the meal you ordered - seafood linguine, mmmmm... I love mussels with spaghetti. Yum!

MoonNStarMommy said...

I have to leave your blog up and watch the videos later... :) My headphones are plugged in and I'm not putting them on until the babies are down for naps/rest time... LOL

Andy Quirks said...

Hi maki! told you i'll check you out here!

come join my giveaway!


Bayjb said...

What great videos! Your daughters are gorgeous. The resolution on those videos are really amazing too!

Maki said...

Girlies: Thanks so much for your comment - tristan, sorry you couldn't view the vids:(

Dionne: Oh yes, you never heard my voice before.. I'm glad you got to see me moving and talking! haha. xoxo

MoonNstarMommy: Yeah I hope you got to see the vids after getting your baby to sleep:)

Andy: Hello - thanks so much for coming here - great seeing you! xoxo

Bayjb: Aw, thanks!!! This flip thingy takes good images! xoxo

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