Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Price of Beauty

This is how I look (my body) minus the face.

I just finished watching Jessica Simpson's "The Price of Beauty" on Vh1. She travels around the world to see what is considered "beautiful" in different cultures. I'm not a big fan of Jessica Simpson, but I also feel horrible about the way she was treated by media about her weight a while back - and I think she's trying to prove the world that beautiy comes from the inside and not on the outside...

So what is beauty? What do you consider "beautiful"? Some people may call me crazy (including my husband), but I have struggled with my own body image for the longest time. I've always been thin and that has been part of my insecurities since I moved to the U.S. I hate my arms and my friends say I'm thin like a tooth pick - I hate it. I want to have a curvy body - but no matter how hard I work out, I will never get those curvy body :( If anything my body totally resembles of Posh Spice/VB's body. You know how people talk about her - how skinny she is or she must not eat any food or looks like anorexic... I agree, if you see her pic of years and years ago, she does look like she has some weight on her compare to now. If you look at my high school pictures, I have a bit more round face (meat on my cheek) - but the whole body frame hasn't changed a lot. My trainer at the gym is build like me - very slender and you wouldn't think she's a trainer. She's told me many many times before that I need to embrace my body frame because it won't change no matter what I did.. I do love certain parts of my body though, especailly my butt.

With that said, I love the bodies of these three actresses. They are not curvy like Scarlett Johansson or Penelope Cruz, but their bodies are beautiful! I go to gym and work out hoping to achieve healthy looking body like theirs..

Cameron Diaz

Jennifer Aniston

Kate Beckinsale

So, what defines "beauty" in your dictionary???


Carrin said...

OMG! I would love to have any of these lovely ladies bodies. Kate Bekensale is absolutely breathtaking!

Turbo said...

So funny. My wife was actually watching that show yesterday morning while I was getting ready for work. We basically had the same discussion about Jessica. She may not be amazingly intelligent, But she has to be in the top 1% of the most beautiful people. And seriously, even when she was "big," I'm certain that she was no bigger than ScarJo, on a normal day. But she caught so much grief. Although to ScarJo's credit, she definitely knows how do dress for her shape, better than Jessica (i.e. no mom jeans).

eri said...

i think jennifer aniston has an amazing body! i'm not disciplined enough to attain that. hahaha.

how was jessica simpson's show. i was wondering if it would come off silly or serious.

Kris said...

It's such a touchy subject. I'm a curvy girl who wishes she were tighter in a lot of areas!

Curious... did you like The Price of Beauty? I'm a promo producer at Vh1. I didn't work on the show or promotion for it, but just wondering what you thought! Thanks!

Kristin said...

Motherhood has made me feel a whole lot more beautiful. The hubs helps with that too. : )

Laura said...

All of those ladies are gorgeous, but I think the inside counts for a lot as well. You are beautiful Maki...many people would kill to be called a toothpick!

Maki said...

Carrin: I know!! I love Kate Beckinsale too - she's stunning:)

Turbo: Yeah I agree! I think the difference between JS and SJ is that Scarlett J knows how to dress how curvy figure - knows where to enhance and not to enhance. Did your wife enjoy the show?

eri: Jennifer Aniston has an awesome body for her age! I mean she's in her 40's and still got it. That's cool..

Kris: Oh cool!! Yes, I liked the show - I have a feeling that it gets better as she travles different part of the world.. I'm excited!

Kristin: I can not agree more - the motherhood totally changed so many things that I never realized possible.. It's a blessing!

Mara: Yes, Victoria is really thin and that's why I've been working out to have a healthy looking body. It takes time I know, but I'm getting there.

Laura: Aw you're sweet - thank you.. That's right, inside counts more than outside! Love you!

Lulu said...

i agree with your trainer that you need to embrace who you are...but all my life i was, if anything, smaller than the toothpick you're describing. most of had to do with genetics, but a lot of it had to to with my nerves, which were getting in the way of my eating properly as i was always queasy. i'm finally back up to my normal weight (the weight i've been a total of maybe a year in my whole life) and i want it to stay that way. as far as celebrities go, i probably look kind of like Liv Tyler. i'm only a size 6, but it's the biggest i've ever been. so, since i've always been a 0 or so, curvy is also desirable and beautiful to me. but i think as long as you're happy with your body and you respect it that you're good to go. =]

Dionne said...

I agree, these actresses are gorgeous. I like all different body types. I think a happy woman is usually the most beautiful, because it radiates from within.

Islandia Lane said...

oooh - great blog! and I love these lovely ladies. I am more on the curvy side and at times I so wish I could be thin with a different body type... the grass is always greener, huh? ;-)

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