Monday, August 10, 2009

Target Knows the Right Button to Push!

I had to fill some RX's last week. JT and I usually get our medecines at Walgreen, but JT told me that I should try fill it at Target because he got a letter from our insurance that it might be cheaper. When it comes to prescription, I get very paranoid and nervous, so I told JT, I don't want anything cheap, I want the best ones because I don't want to get sick. He said, "Whether it's Walgreen or Target, they usually give us generic ones, just try it."

So, I went to Target. An hour later, I got the bag and I looked inside.. I must admit, I love the package. They look so cute in the red bottles, much better than the ones JT has from Walgreen, the orange ones. Hehehe.

Really, they are very cute to look at. The description card for the medicine is inserted in between the sticker and the bottle which adds another cute factor. Very creative!

So far, the meds are working fine. I've been feeling nauseated, but that's because I take medicines without food sometimes... When I feel sick, one thing that I want to eat is chilled Cantaloupe. I can eat a whole cantaloupe - juicy slices, so yummy. I'm eating cantaloupe right now as I type this post.

What do you crave for when you're feeling sick?

BTW, I love this song Carpenter's "Close to you" covered by Josefine Cronholm. However, getting this song is impossible. I'm very disappointed about this because it's really pretty....

I hope you are having a great Monday!!!



Dionne said...

Hahahaha - that's funny that you like the new meds because the bottle is cute, tehehehee.

I have never seen this ad - this version of the song is beautiful.

Kristin said...

I have been meaning to try Target for medications but the pharmacy never seems to be open when I need a refill (I usually remember at 11pm) Gotta stick with my 24 hour Walgreen's pharmacy. I do agree that the bottles are way cuter.

Kaitlyn said...

Rx's are Rx's... the same ingredients are in them, no matter what pharmacy you choose!

Bayjb said...

Oh man that packaging is really nice. I heard Target is doing great stuff with the packaging to keep from Rx mistakes. Good to know!

Ben said...

I want nothing but carbs and cheese when I'm sickish.

And when I'm healthy.

Maki said...

Dionne: Yes, it's all about the bottle! LOL

Kristin: I know, Target pharmacy close pretty early!! But bottle is so tempting, isn't it?

Kaitlyn: Yes, maa'am!

Bayjb: It's really nice, isn't it? It makes you wanna go and get it - LOL.

Ben: Carb and cheese?? Really??? Gosh, that would be the last thing I wanna eat except, Japanese noodles (udon/ramen). No sushi for me! LOL

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