Friday, August 7, 2009

Have A Sweet Weekend!!!

JT and I were heading to a doctor's appointment this morning when we bumped into a huge car accident. The traffic was horrendous because of people heading to work and the accident happened right off the highway exit. We're running late to our appointments, but accident is accident, there was nothing we could do, but wait for the traffic to clear. I called the doctor's office and they knew about the accident, so they told us not to worry, no rush, just get to the office safely.

Once we passed the accident site, JT and I were talking and cruising along listening to Jack Johnson. JT tried to change the lane when we heard this huge honk behind us. We looked back and this girl in a blue Crossfire flipping bird to us. We're not so sure why she were so mad, but I guess we cut her in. When two lanes opened to three lanes, the same girl gave us another finger as she speds away. I was totally in disbrief. She could be in her late teens ~ early twenties. I understand the accident had caused many people to be late for work or to place they needed to get to, but I didn't need anyone to give us a finger, twice for a minor mistake in a pleasant morning. I was getting real annoyed.

Now, we let her go and minding our own business, we saw that blue Crossfire again in front of us because traffic was slow going and we had caugh up to her. She was speeding so much that she almost hit a car driving in front her because the car slowed down for a red light. She was giving another finger to the black car. I've never seen anything like it. She was honestly VERY unhappy person - I think we all have some sort of road rage quality in us, but it was very uncomfortable watching a person acts like the way she did. She almost ruined my morning, but JT soon changed that by buying me an Iced Grande Latte from Starbucks.

Seriously though, everybody; don't get so upset and angry when you're driving. Nothing good comes out when you road rage. I bet the girl will end up causing an accident someday - if anything, she would be the one to hurt someone and she would have no scratch. I know it.

So let's be happy and drive safely. BTW, what is your plan for this weekend? Anything exciting?

Have a sweet weekend!!!



The Rambler said...

I agree!!


vsm/whirling dirvish photography said...


nada much here... finally layin' it low.

Hey hit my email up on my profile about Florida. I'm totally stoked!! Maegan said...

oh it's so true. I have such road rage in the mornings in LA traffic ...oooh, by the time I get to work I want to blow my head off!! But it's true ...I should learn to be a little more patient though ...I'm glad you weren't in the accident!
Happy Weekend!

Dionne said...

Road Rage is the worst! I can be so dangerous!

I think that driving in traffic can bring out the worst in people. Mainly because they feel like they can act however they want - yell and cuss and give the bird because they will never see these people again. They would never act like that in a meeting at work with their coworkers or people they think they will see again, but that moment in traffic they don't care - she knows she will probably never see you guys again. But that is no excuse!

Dionne said...

'it' can be dangerous, not 'i'. Oops!

Kristin said...

Seriously, life is too short to be flippin' everyone the bird.

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

I concur! I need to take that advice myself. Sometimes I get a but road ragey! Happy Saturday Sharefest!

Ann said...

Hi Maki :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the nice words. Yup, the wish jar is super sweet! I plan on making one tomorrow. Love your blog!!!

Grand Pooba said...

Yeah usually if you get the bird while you're driving it's because someone is having a bad day. Why does driving bring out the worst in people?

Bayjb said...

I won't lie, I have some road rage but I would not give the bird, I mean people make mistakes. This girl sounds like se was just a little wound up. Hope you had a good weekend!

Dorkys Ramos said...

So annoying! But for some weird reason, people like that make me laugh because they themselves can't see how ridiculous they're acting.

I'm sure I would've gotten the bird if I sat there laughing at her though :)

And I had a lovely weekend (pictures are up on my blog) and I hope you did too!

I also have my Monday Giveaway up if you'd like to enter!

Maki said...

The Rambler: Yay!! xoxo

vsm/whiriling: Oh yes, I'll definitely send you an email - it would be awesome if we can get together!!!

Maegan: Well, if you're in LA traffic, I can kinda understand the road rage thing. I'm sure it's crazy there!!!

Dionne: Honey, you're the farthest person I could imagine road raging!! But so true! Driving can bring out the worst in people - I don't know why. I think it's a control issue. You think you can control the sitaution when you're driving...

Kristin: Exactly!!!

MochaTrina: I get angry while driving too!!! xoxo

Ann: I really do adore that post you did! So cute!

Pooba: Right? I don't know why.. I don't know why... LOL

Bayjb: I was raised my parents to act like a lady. I don't flip it either. Show some class people!

Dorkys: I totally agree!! They should see themselves how they act in the mirror. It's pretty embarrassing and disturbinbng! I'll try to enter and hope it's not too late!

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